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Online Club was formed and founded D. 12 September 2007 – The purpose of the club is to create a gathering place for all who play some games on the web. We have room for everyone, so are you and your friends and need a room in Teamspeak, are very welcome to contact us and we quickly create a space for you. We try wherever possible to constantly be at the forefront, and update regularly our website and Facebook with different news, but you stand and have a great idea for Online Club, we hear as much know.

As our logo says At Online Club – We play pretty much EVERYTHING –
– Its 100% FREE to be a member of the Online Club and it will continue to be.

Chummy Club greetings
Online Club

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ValkyrieCraft Towny is a server dedicated to its players. We have a friendly staff that will answer any of your questions, and help you get started. We have a wide variety of plugins that will keep you having fun for days. We constantly come out with new “updates” for the server to keep it interesting. Our main plugins include: Towny, mcMMO, Jobs, and DiabloDrops. We have many more plugins and we promote PvP. Come give us a try!

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GetWrecked is not an ordinary server. This server has been designed to be enjoyed by anyone who strives to be the best. With our competitive community and very balanced economy, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience. We take pride in knowing that we’ve been the first to design and use some of the most popular plugins used throughout the Minecraft community. is not only run by the staff team, but it is run by a group of experienced players that know what the community really wants for the server. We’re dedicated to bring you the most enjoyable Minecraft experience as possible and we hope you would join us.

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Hello lads and lasses.
We are a very calm and gracious server lucky enough to have Pixelmon 3.0.1 (The latest update) Installed on to our server.

We host a fine spawn, habit some awesome staff and right now we are going to be doing a Gym Leader/Elite 4 Ranking system!

If you could be so kind as to give up 5 minutes of your time just to check out our server. We would be eternally grateful and happy to know you have had some form of experience. 😛

Thank you. 😀

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CraftBros 3.4.0 Pixelmon Server

CraftBros is a new up and coming pixelmon server

With currently a small but friendly community that awaits to grow!

We have a easy ready to go spawn , portals , Gyms etc

We have decided to choose Users from our community for Gym leaders and there are still many gym positions available , it could be you!
tons of fun random events are taken place all of the time on the server, such as drop parties , Q&A , Tons of Safari games, and alot more.

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Join an epic community dedicated on bringing user enjoyment with a cool and friendly vibe with Prison, KitPvP and an up and coming Minigames server!

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We have a very friendly playing environment, filled with minecrafters who are always willing to help! Join the community today and partake in one of the most advanced economy servers out there! Join or create your very own town and strive to make the most revenue! Will you be the next mayor of a major town? Or the CEO of an amazing business? Find out today!

We provide a gameplay experience like literally no other server can. We, the staff, work for YOU, the player. We strive to do whatever it takes to make that possible. You will meet many new people, make friends, and possibly find some business partners. You have the ability to start your very own company on the server – you can do anything from construction of houses to total destruction of land. Are you prepared to take on the challenge of owning a major business catering to the public? You’ll just have to find out!

Here at LinkyCraft, we provide top-notch features, including professionally hosted SQL and server files. We feature a multi-plugin known as TownyRes, coded by our very own developers. A large amount of our plugins are also custom-made, including horse-locking and easy staff requesting systems, and we are always open to requests for more!

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The Friendly Server

Make new friends and meet our helpful and fun staff as you explore and build on The Friendly Server.

– Make a chest shop and sell your wares to other players.
– Build up your McMMO skills and find riches.
– Create warps to favorite and interesting places.
– Visit some of the other amazing Servers on our Bungee.

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We provide a fun, friendly community and lots of different gametypes for every kind of player.

We offer two Factions/McMMO servers, each with their own unique style of gameplay. Our main Factions server provides a typical gameplay experience that includes McMMO. Factions Hardcore is for the more experienced players, and offers the addition of soup heal to make PvP more interesting.

Battle Royale is a gametype unique to BapCraft. 44-75 players are set to battle to the death, with grenades, bombs, zombies, and much more. The last player standing wins! Get kills and win matches to earn BapCoins, which can be used in the ingame store to buy bonuses and even pets to give your gameplay a boost.

In addition to Factions and Battle Royale, we also have Survival and Creative servers for the more vanilla players. Build whatever you want with friends! Both servers allow you to protect your creations, so griefing is not an issue!

We also have a Skyblock server, a new twist on the classic singleplayer survival map. Grow your island and trade with others to complete challenges to expand your island empire! Our Skyblock server has a fully functioning economy, trade, and auction system as well as a party system that lets you play and have fun with your friends!

In addition to all of our gamemodes above we also have the following:
-Sticks and Stones
-One in the Chamber

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The Minecraft Evolution

VÀlkommen till en server med olika utbud av överlevnad!

Vad betyder det?
Det betyder att Du har möjlighet att vĂ€lja hur Du vill överleva – Antingen sĂ„ vĂ€ljer du en vanligt genererad vĂ€rld, med byar, alla biomes, etc – och lever livet med alla tillhörigheter.
Eller sĂ„ vĂ€ljer du vĂ„r andra vĂ€rld som vi döpt till Aqua. Detta innebĂ€r att denna vĂ€rld innehĂ„ller 75% vatten och Du ska överleva pĂ„ dom hjĂ€lpmedel som Du kan hitta. Överlev genom att byta prylar och block med andra spelare, och kom pĂ„ en strategi för att överleva i denna vattenvĂ€rld.

BÄda servrarna innehÄller; McMMo, PvP (valfritt), Towny, Crates, Tokens, Jobs, och en hel del annat.

The Minecraft Evolution innebĂ€r att vi vill vara ett utav Sveriges bĂ€sta MCMMO-server, med ett tema pĂ„ att överleva i olika situationer – samt att behĂ„lla RPG-kĂ€nslan med hjĂ€lp av Jobs och Towny. Vi vill levererar en kĂ€nsla av verklighet pĂ„ sĂ„ mĂ„nga sĂ€tt som möjligt och dĂ€rför sĂ„ Ă€r denna server stĂ€ndigt under utveckling.

Just nu har vi en vanlig vĂ€rld och en vattenvĂ€rld – och fler situationer kommer att komma. Kanske blir det i ett annat skede att Du fĂ„r överleva i vĂ€rld fylld av lava och nedbrunna skogar? Eller varför inte försöka överleva enbart i Nether och slĂ„ss med Enderman? Vem vet – Vi lĂ„ter spelarna fĂ„ tycka till och hjĂ€lpa till under vĂ„r utveckling.

Vill Du ocksÄ vara med under vÄr utveckling och överleva i svÄra förhÄllanden? Tveka dÄ inte pÄ att joina oss! Du kommer inte att bli besviken.

OBS – Vi söker personal!