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Sky Horizons {Survival} {1.18.1}

Sky Horizons

1.18.1 – Survival Server

Server IP:

Jump high into the clouds and join us on Sky Horizons! A friendly server with survival and plenty more gamemodes on the way!

Plugins to expect:

– Jobs
– Ranks
– Shop plugin
– Crates
– Pets
– Disguise’s
– Lottery
– And so much more!

So come join us on our discord for all the latest updates and info!

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Warped Craft

Welcome to Warped Craft
Server was created: Feb/04/2013

Description of the server:

  Warped Craft is a crossplay Minecraft server for having fun and chilling out after a long day of work, school, or anything that you need to take a break from. We have a bunch of worlds, minigames, and plugins to help you enjoy this server.

We have support for Java Players VR Players, Bedrock Players, and Console Players.


World List: a total of 12 worlds to check out.

  HUB: This is the main area for when you first spawn into the server, this will let you see the rules and also be able to walk around to any of the portals we have for the worlds.

  3 different Creative worlds: we have a Creative Standard, Creative Flat, and a Plots world. These 3 worlds are different in how the appearance is and you can build to your hearts content with this world choice.
  Survival: If you enjoy massive survival worlds that are endless please join this world and start joining the community. We have Land protection and Nations to build soon when there is enough people we can do a nation war to see who the best players are.

  Pixel art: Pixel art has been a main part of this community for quite a while now and if you would like to enjoy art and possibly build some art please check out this world and get the builder rank.

  6 Minigames: We have a total of 6 minigames worlds. Acid Island, Boxed, Oneblock, Skyblock, Caveblock, and Skygrid.

  A bonus world: The wall of banned players from bad acts.

More worlds will be added at a later time if there is more interests in playing something different.

How to join:



Console Xbox / PS4/5 / Nintendo Switch:

You will need to change your DNS settings on the Xbox. Set DNS primary to=
Set DNS secondary to= or anything you used before. When you have done this go to the server menu in Minecraft on Xbox then Hit any one it will bring up a menu to put in my Minecraft bedrock server information.

If you need easier you can join with BedrockTogether app from the app store link= Apple Link Android Link not available yet.

Rules of the server:

  • Be nice to everyone.
  • Don’t Spam or Ask for items.
  • Don’t ask to become an admin if we haven’t played or hung out.
  • Don’t grief we can reset all you do.
  • No stealing, No lying, No hate.
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Links:
    Bedrock Link:

    1171server 1171smp 1171survival Bedrock Bedrockedition Bedrockserver Faction Faction Pvp Java Javaedition Javaserver Luckyblocks Magic Magicspells Newserver Pve Economy Pvp Pvpenabled Rtp Survival Teams

    The Wolf Den – Custom Biomes for All Worlds | Magic | Factions | Survival Based | Economy

    Welcome to The Wolf Den!

    The Wolf Den is a community based factions server who has just integrated the new 1.18 Caves and Biomes system into our server. Our server still runs on 1.17 so don’t worry, you can experience the newest of minecraft inside of our server, for free!

    Open to all Bedrock and Java players (Bedrock Players use port 19132 to connect)

    Why should you join The Wolf Den?:

    We offer a friendly and inclusive environment, as well as respect players who want their time and space to theirselves. We have tons of fun and useful plugins, such as:
    – Magic
    – AureliumSkills
    – LevelledMobs
    – Factions (Premium)
    – Anti – Cheat / Xray
    – Player Bounties
    – Auction House
    – Economy
    – Shops
    And much more!

    Still not sure? Check out a few of our links to really grasp the server!:

    Website –
    YouTube – The Wolf Den – – OPEN NOW! – YouTube
    Tik Tok –
    Discord –

    Connect to the server using this IP (1.1-1.17) –
    Bedrock users can connect with this port: 19132 (

    Apartments Bedrock Bedrockedition Bedrockeditionserver Bedrockserver Buy Chill Fun Java Javaedition Nogriefing Nohacks Sell Shop Survival Vibes

    Survival Planes Chill Server 1.16.4 java, bedrock edition supported check description

    Join our server on Java edition 1.7 – 1.16.4
    Join our server on Bedrock edition
    PORT: 25565


    Owner Btwmam
    Co_owner Childslayer21
    Co_owener Btwman

    Survival, Shop, Sell, Buy

    Bedrock Bedrockserver Builders Epicworldgenerator Mcmmo Shopkeepers Survival

    ZephCraft // Java & Bedrock Crossplay // Epic World Generator // Family Friendly

    ZephCraft is a family friendly, tight knit community of Minecraft players. We have a custom map that is beautiful and is great for builders. Whether you are an experienced builder, or a newbie, you are welcome in our community.

    JAVA and BEDROCK both supported.
    Server Address:
    Use port 25567 when connecting to bedrock.

    Custom Map – Beautiful terrain with custom biomes
    mcMMO – Train Skills and unlock new abilities
    Graves – When you die, your stuff isn’t! A grave spawns to protect your stuff
    Animated Drawbridges, Castle doors and more – For an immersive building experience!
    Bottle XP – Store your Xp in bottles to sell, or for safe keeping!
    Online Map – See the world online, track your homes and the land you own
    Anti Grief System – Claim land with Golden Shovel to protect it
    Flying in Claims – Unlock flying in claims through tokens or server subscriptions
    Parkour – Need a break from building? Try a parkour course
    Custom Villager Shops – Hire villagers to handle trades for you to other players
    Silk Spawners – Silk Touch Spawners to move them somewhere else
    Disable Mob Spawning – Disable mob spawning in your personal claim with tokens or a server subscription
    Bedrock compatibility – Play from your phone, tablet, windows 10 edition, or PS4


    Click here for the discord.