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SpectralMC Skyblock Network

Hello PlanetMinecraft,

´╗┐Welcome to SpectralMC!

A little about us:
SpectralMC Skyblock Network was custom coded and configured by SpectralExotic and his developer who has helped create ViperMC and many other big names in minecraft servers! Our team has put countless hours into the network and we can’t wait for players to enjoy all of our hard work! We call ourself a network because with a little support from donations we will continue to work on and release our very own custom coded Prison server with endless engaging content. Join us today and enjoy the endless fun of SpectralMC Skyblock farming based economy and our wonderful discord community with very friendly and fun members!

Thank you, SpectralExotic




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Malicious Survival

Malicious Survival is a friendly, Unique survival community on 1.15.2+ featuring [Custom Enchants | Economy | Bounties | Casino | Plots | PVP Arena | Consistent updates and much more.] Join Today using ip

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A Custom SkyBlock Experience! Custom Duels, Hoppers, Furnaces, Maps, Starting Islands, Enchantments, and more! We make an effort at AresCube to give you the best possible, custom SkyBlock experience! Join us to play some amazing SkyBlock!