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Welcome to ErouCraft we are exited you are here we have the closet server to the real hermitcraft same seed and same datapacks hope you enjoy your time at our server

Welcome to the server


No hacking or cheating

No stealing items from other people

No grieving or destroying peoples property unless its a prank or joke and you help clean up after

Respect people and treat people how you want to be treated


Hermitcraft Hermitcraftfanserver Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftserver Hermitcraftsmp Hermitcraftstyle Shoppingdistrict Smp Survival

GrindCraft [Season 1] Starting Very Soon

Welcome to GrindCraft We are exited you are thinking about joining! We are looking for some new players who are good at minecraft we also have the closet server to hermitcraft we have all the same datapacks!

We hope you join us and our community



No hacking or cheating

No stealing items from other people

No grieving or destroying peoples property unless its a prank or joke and you help clean up after

Respect people and treat people how you want to be treated


Hermitcarft Hermitcraftfanserver Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftstyle Survival

beecraft (whitelist)


welkom to my server.
this is a hermit like server with a already kind comunity.
it isnt a complytly vanila server and there are some plugins.
if you would like to join this is the disord and pls leave a aplaction and then i will add you to the white list.

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The UnderRealms

Just a simple mostly SMP server, looking for players who are extremely community oriented, or even willing to be. The idea is to have a similar environment as the HermitCraft SMP server, but I really have no major inspiration from that other than community oriented building and interacting. If this sounds like your cup of tea, JOIN THIS DISCORD ( AND TYPE %APPLY. Before any player will be allowed to join, they will need to have their application reviewed by my staff but that doesn’t take very long at all if you are accepted. 🙂 Other than that, you will have free survival reign over the world as you would in a single player world. Just BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER PLAYERS ALWAYS and TRY TO MAKE THINGS LOOK GOOD; THE BEST YOU CAN. Also, part of the server was done in creative for new player ease and all member updates are on my Discord channel.

The Previous Season is Always Hosted As A Creative Test World For Builds 🙂


PC Only. We are based in Java Edition

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Welcome to Toxicraft! We’re a non-pvp, mostly vanilla, whitelisted server modelled after Hermitcraft.

We’re looking for chill, fun players (preferably 18+ but we do on occasion accept over 16s) who are fans of Hermitcraft and what it stands for.

If you’re interested in joining, complete an application here: Toxicraft Application Form
(these are voted on by the staff team and can take a few days to process)

If you would like to chat to our current players, see screenshots of what we’re currently creating or find out if your application was accepted, head over to our discord sever:

Building Datapacks Hermitcraft Hermitcraftfanserver Hermitcraftlike Nogriefing Nostealing Pve Pvesurvival Shoppingdistrict Survival Towny Townysurvival


Welcome to TriumviSnap!

TriumvSnap is branch of Triumvirate minecraft server, heavily Based on youtube show called Hermitcraft, running on minecraft snapshots. Our server was created for people who like building, expressing themselves and making a lot of new friends.

We offer:

– the server on newest version of minecraft

– friendly and active community, with that characteristic hermitcraft vibe

– quality of life datapacks, from website

– wasteland world, getting more and more destroyed, the closer you get to 0,0 of the size over 20k x 20k blocks (spawn is outside of that, in normal 1.16 terrain)

– stable 20 TPS

– friendly and active staff, always ready to solve your issues

To join the server, you’ll first need to join our Discord (link below) and introduce yourself to the rest of players. After that, if you meet all of the requirements listed in Disclaimer below, you’ll most likely be accepted as the member of our community, and added to the whitelist

Disclaimer: There are three requirements you have to meet if you want to join our community:
1. Be an active and dedicated player. If you want to join, play for hour and leave forever – this is not a place for you
2. You need to know what hermitcraft is (if you are watching it/ have watched in past, it’s even better)
3. As of now we are pointing towards getting players, who have outstanding building abilities (When you join the discord, prepare to show us some of your creations). If we consider your skills as good enough, you’ll become our member. As of now, we are not letting any more players that are into redstone, since we have too many of them

We know that these requirements (especially the last one) can make us look as not welcoming, and hostile community but don’t worry. As soon as you’ll join, you’ll realise that we are in fact bunch of friendly and dedicated players ^^

Our Discord

If you are friendly, cooperative player, familiar with Hermitcraft series, consider joining us! We guarantee you’ll not regret it!

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