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SOND is a survival Minecraft server. We put our community first and aim to keep it simple with engaging and entertaining updates and events for all players. Our goal is to deliver an enjoyable Minecraft experience to everyone who plays on the server.


SOND is a survival server, but with a slight twist. The server features a large amount of fully customised plugins such as a unique lands claiming system, corporations, a job based economy, parkour, events, a custom ranking system, and so much more. Play with friends, play alone, or create a thriving city joined by dozens of players. Your fate is entirely up to you!

We are also working on our very own PVP server! Stay tuned for more info!

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CobbleSMP [Vanilla] {1.16 PRE-2} {Whitelist} {SMP} {HermitCraft Inspired} {18+ Members Only} (SEASON TWO)


Hey there, welcome to CobbleSMP! Cobblestone SMP, is a fairly new server. This server is season based, meaning after 4-5 months we will reset the map and the season will change to season 3 (I will say this once, we haven’t figured out the exact date the season will last! I just gave an example) our server as a whole decides when we feel like we’ve done all we can on the server. We will let you decide the date. Anyways, we are currently looking for mature 18+ members, which are respectful to all players and which are dedicated and won’t just leave after a week. We provide a data pack which is not a big change to the server (its just small little tweaks), as we want the server to be pretty vanilla. It includes, player heads, multiplayer sleep, more mob heads, double shulker shells, and plenty more.

Applying To Join CobbleSMP
To apply for Cobblestone SMP you must complete a quick simple form asking some questions on you and your intentions within the server, once completed the form we will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours of submission.

Apply Here :

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XCraft Survival

XCraft Survival seeks to create and form new experiences for fans of old-school Minecraft. Our mission is to bring Minecraft servers back to their roots, with the classic Survival Gamemode. We strive to create an open and welcoming community so that all members can have an enjoyable experience. Many things are familiar, including McMMO, Economy, and Land Claiming; however, we have implemented brand new content that we like to call Vanilla+. Vanilla+ introduces Custom Dungeons, Enchantments, Utility Items, as well as a few quality of life changes!

Join our Discord for updates!:

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MystiKraft Network| Towny Survival| Skyblock| 1.15.2|

Come join the MystiKraft Network!

Active and friendly playerbase.
We have:

mcMMO, Towny Survival with an Economy

Quests, Island upgrades, co-op

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Palterra is a friendly pve vanillaesk bucket server. This server has everything from basic minecraft survival to spleef, pvp arenas and so much more. Palterra is a fledgling small but friendly community. This server is one that supports its players to the end of the earth and even further. We are always looking to expand our community so why don’t you jump on Palterra and check it out. Hope to see you there. You won’t regret it.

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Chelacraft is a survival server with a focus on community. Chelacraft has been around since September of 2016. We run in the current version of the game, 1.15.2 with the goal to restart and update to 1.16 once a full release is out. We have few plugins that we use to keep the game running such as landclaims, player homes, player warps, etc. We run both a survival world and a creative plot world for those who want to practice their building before setting off into the game. Come check out of server if you’re interested!

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BangAverage 1.15.2 Survival || Custom Coded Items || Challenges || Daily Lotto || Weekly Events

Server IP:
1.15.2 PLAY 2 WIN
Survival Server Features:

Advanced Challenges

Vote Crates – 32% Chance Each Vote

Custom Coded Items/Rares

Grief Prevention – Land Claim


Referral System (get rewarded for inviting your friends)


Daily Lotto

If you are searching for a Server that is different from others you’re in the right place! The Goal of BangAverage is to bring back classic Minecraft Survival with a few special twists such as Challenges, Custom Coded Rares and Weekly Events made by the Players for the Players.

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Komatia-sr | Towny | Survival | (:

Komtia is a kingdom inside this server. The server is towny-based in a fictional minecraft-world based on fantasy crap. If you enjoy survival, come join. We will add a parkour place soon.

Our discord is

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Nations: Pure Vanilla Survival (Friendly + Safe Community) 24/7 Whitelisted Server | No Griefing / Stealing


This is a relatively new server (started on 23/3/2020). Our primary rule is to interact with good intentions and respect for one another. We currently have 11 players in the community.
With a player cap of 35, we intend to remain as true as possible to the gameplay of Minecraft.
We have some datapacks (quality of life) and a few plugins just for moderation purposes. We are based in the U.K.
Although we have just performed a full reset with big plans for the new world, the Overworld is likely not to be reset until players desire it to be.
Our list of rules can be read on the discord server.

In order to become whitelisted, follow the instructions to write an application on our discord server here.

Key Features
• Players lose XP on death but keep their items.
• At least 50% of the server must sleep to skip the night.
• The staff team is can review block logs and roll back grief or stealing.
• Players drop their own head upon death to another player.
• Mobs have chances to drop heads.
• We arrange server events.

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Minecraft Bee Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or perhaps even just even look like a douchebag. They’re slow to adapt to new situations, have a bad attitude and will make you feel bad even if you’re not really a bad apple. Staying on the safe side and trying to get to know bees before making a move will definitely give you a head start in getting friendly with those cute insects.

Minecraft queen bee explaining to Steve how bees work in this update.

I was very close with the bees and I wanted to be with them as they continued to move up the ranks of the Long-Live-Honey program as they grew more skilled with each player they stung to death. As they became more popular, I would give them matching outfits, creating a bee paradise that would cause them to find witch girls. It’s a part of the history that my bees will buzz about from now on.

Witch girl preparing to tame a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

You might not know this, but bees will do anything to win a witch girl over.

Because bees are socialized to feel inadequate and to not talk about anything with our bodies, it’s easy to be paralyzed with doubt when we talk about body image. It works like that because of the way bees sting.

It is my obligation as a witch mother to help my daughter take control of her body and stop internalizing social norms that mean she is not supposed to be her own person.

Witch girls can do whatever they want with their own bodies, whether that’s wearing a revealing witch robe or in an all-girl-mob panel show. They can do whatever they want and have fun with it. However, in the case of young people whose preoccupation is having a baby, it is very damaging and important that the genders be portrayed in ways that are acceptable for everyone.

Witch girl successfully tamed a bee from the beehive nearby in Minecraft.

Remember that bees are dangerous despite their cute looks and bubble gum face. It takes a lot of strength and concentration to avoid getting stung by them, but some bees can go a long way towards building up immunity against bee stings.

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