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Valiant SMP (Whitelisted)

Casual Vanilla SMP (Java Edition)

Note: You must join the discord provided below in order to get whitelisted into the server

I recently started a Java Minecraft SMP with a few friends and randoms and would like more people. I am looking to have an always expanding player base to interact with one another and make the server feel alive. I’ve had issues in the past with greifers and speedrunners and am looking for casual players. The server is very community centered, with almost all players living around spawn, making shops, and interacting. As of now, we have around 7 active players, and at any given time there’s 2 people online. I would love to bump those numbers up so I can put on server wide events and competitions. If you’re interested please join the discord with the link provided so I can get you whitelisted

I hope to see you on the server.


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Townstone — Kingdoms · Survival · Custom Items · Economy · War

Townstone's Server Logo

“Where civilizations are crafted by imagination and all are given an opportunity for greatness.”

Townstone is an economy and kingdom roleplay server. At Townstone you have the opportunity to start civilizations, commit crimes, fight in wars, and much much more. Townstone uses a wide variety of plugins and addons to make your experience as fun as possible, including custom items and a custom texture pack.

You can:
🔸 Create your own business and show your competition who’s the best entrepreneur!
🔸 Create your own country and conquer the world!
🔸 Make money by selling products and items!
🔸 Advocate for others and spread your ideas as a politician!
🔸 Find and sell precious minerals and stones!
🔸 Build city structures and design new frontiers!

You shape your destiny…

The possibilities are endless and you decide what happens next! Will you rise and become our next monarch? Or will you crumble under the weight of the world?


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Cube Survival Multi-player [1.17.1 Java] – Regular Updates

Cube Survival Multi-player!

Why should you play at The Cube SMP? Simple, with a dedicated team and player base it is the most laid back and hassle-free experience on Minecraft!

Bringing the old times to the current, Minecraft how it should be played. Join The Cube to experience the old-school feeling of Minecraft and a prodigious community feel as you work your way up in the server and become the richest of the rich!

● Invite your friends and watch your community grow. Choose to turn on or off PvP to spice things up. Look forward to frequent changes, upgrades and updates to always keep you on your blocks. Keep an eye out for our discord to get the first look on the behind the scenes and an open channel for suggestions or tips.

● Set new goals and limits with our vanilla game style so you can experience Minecrafts newest features with us! We look forward to building with you.

The Cube SMP offers things such as;

Toggle PvP,
Central shop,
Memories & a land claim, grief free experience.

Join The Cube SMP today!

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Mirai.Red | HarderMC | Free | Fun

We are Mirai.Red a new server that brings you a harder, and more interesting Minecraft experience!

Come check out our modified combat system, healing campfires, falling trees, and customized End Dimension. With obviously much more to come.

Oh and before you ask: Yes, we do allow PVP, and base raiding!

On Mirai.Red you will find that when you die you drop a head, player items are stored in heads so they will never despawn! However only the latest head will contain items. A player can also use heads to craft lives for the lives system on our server.

Tree logs will fall like sand when they are broken thus making them easier to break, and saving you precious time!

Beds are your respawn points and sleeping in them makes time go by faster on the whole server, watch as night turns into day!

Mobs do more damage, and player health doesn’t automatically refill. You need to make a campfire!

Player attacks are more lenient with attack speed you don’t have to wait for your attack meter to fill up before trying to attack a mob to do full damage.

Make sure to have a torch handy at all times since the darkness here makes you paranoid, and after a while you’ll start taking damage. Stay in the light, or carry a torch in hand to be safe.

The Rules…

  • No hacking or cheating.
  • Do not advertise without permission.
  • Do not cause direct or indirect damage to the server.
  • And also don’t forget to have fun and make new friends… or foes.

    The Texture Pack used in the screenshots is a modified version of Mad Pixels!

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    Komatia-sr | Towny | Survival | (:

    Komtia is a kingdom inside this server. The server is towny-based in a fictional minecraft-world based on fantasy crap. If you enjoy survival, come join. We will add a parkour place soon.

    Our discord is

    1152server 115server 115servers 115survival 115x Community Creative Creativeplots Discord Events Minechat Minecraft New Newserver Other Polls Reddit Skyblock Smp Survival Unitedstates Voting Zuligen

    Zuligen [1.15.2] – Survival | Skyblock | Creative | Events

    it’s hard to make an accurate description of what a player will experience on a Minecraft server, because everyone experiences things differently. So why don’t you come join us and stay a while (don’t just join for a few minutes) and see what happens. I’m sure you will like the Zuligen experience on Survival, Creative, Skyblock, or our Events / Minigames server!

    Zuligen is a friendly Minecraft server, with fun community driven ideas where anyone can suggest new features and ideas. We are updated to 1.15.2

    Here is some initial information about us:

  • Chat is linked between all game modes for easy communication and /msg’s
  • The tablist is linked across all game modes so you know who is online
  • Ranks sync across all game modes
  • All game modes are all using 1.15.2
  • Chat is linked to a discord channel so you can talk to people while out on the go
  • Custom server builds (we don’t download builds or worlds from the internet and make everything custom)
  • Of course this post does not list a full list of our features, there are too many to list in a single post
  • Important Zuligen links:

  • Website:
  • Sub-Reddit:
  • Discord:
  • IP:
  • Our statistics:
  • Staff application:
  • Details about each gamemode:

    The reason we have all of these gamemodes is that our players requested them. We have chat and the tablist connected between all game modes to keep the community together.


  • Easy and / or Hard difficulties for you to choose to play on
  • Shops at the spawn of each difficulty
  • Limited homes so you can teleport, just not everywhere
  • Land protection so you don’t need to deal with annoying griefers
  • McMMO so you can hone your skills and get rewarded
  • Money can be earned from many sources
  • Creative

  • Massive 150 x 150 plots
  • Limited WorldEdit access for all members (donors get more access because WorldEdit stresses the server)
  • Custom heads that can be used to decorate any build
  • Custom armor stands
  • Some awesome builds made by other players that you can explore
  • Skyblock

  • 3 types of islands to choose from (2 are custom and one is the original L shaped Skyblock island)
  • Shops at the spawn for common items like cobblestone and various foods
  • Custom cobblestone generator so you at least have the slight possibility to get ores (most blocks are still cobblestone)
  • Quick leaf breaking so you don’t need to wait a year to get your first saplings
    Phantoms are disabled for this gamemode but membranes can be bought in the shop
  • Events / Minigames

  • Current event: Build Competition 2
  • Theme: Something from your favorite video game
  • Time to create: 2 weeks
  • There will be other events and minigames hosted in the future
  • All official server builds are custom built by members of our community:
    (we don’t download cookie cutter builds from external websites)

  • Creative Spawn: Esper_Osis
  • Hub spawn: stw222, kaasudo, ruinstar, UpstartN00b13
  • Easy Survival Spawn: Inkwork, stw222, Kaasudo, kasigi
  • Hard Survival Spawn: stw222, kaasudo, LadyEllesmere, KnightWalker49 (MIA)
  • Skyblock Spawn: Ruinstar, stw222, LadyEllesmere, Kaasudo