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The Realms of Mezarias

Welcome to the realms of Mezarias!

Mezarias is an 1.15.2 custom SURVIVAL server, with many surprises :

– Custom Mobs AI
– Custom Crafting recipes and enchantments

– The Nether and End are modified!
– There’s a hidden dimension in a gigantic construction!
– Seasons and body temperature are real in this server!
– Magic crates scattered all around the place!
– Caverns offers something new!
– A texture pack in development for custom items and sounds! (Require Optifine!)
> And more!

Do you have what it takes to be there?

We’re waiting you here! :

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Welcome to MCBT!

MCBT is a custom survival server with a terrific staff team who take pride in their work. Speaking of pride, we’re LGBTQ+ friendly! We take feedback on everything on our discord (discord) Just to show we’re willing to do anything for you, we’ve written a poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
come join us
we love you

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us today!

(p.s we have a dynmap [dynmap link]

Customsurvival Hentai Minecraftsurvival Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplayingserver Roleplayserver Roleplaysurvival Seriousroleplay Sex Sexy

Hentai Roleplay Server

Kawaii Gang live

Felicity pretends to be a slutty low-class house maid in Minecraft so the other women can feel better about themselves. The world is generally a deeply misogynistic place, but if you are playing with in party with Felicity, you need to try and create the impression that women are the evil, powerful ones.

Powerful girls actions are sanctioned by a system that treats them as bitches. So by portraying all women as prostitutes, you present women as victims who deserve to be fucked by their masters.

That kind of roleplay makes her pussy feel really good. She loves listening to dirty stories as well as being on the receiving end. She’s kind of shy at first but as you go on she gets into the roleplay. It’s really cool.

Felicity teasing gamers at spawn in Minecraft server trying to roleplay.

The truth is that I am smitten by Felicity. But I am not too smitten with her ways of Minecraft PvP if you know what I mean. Cute girls need to use more items than just a dragon head. I have to search my heart to see if I’m truly smitten. I think I’m attracted to the woman in the photo (Felicity do you love me?) but my heart doesn’t want her so it’s actually causing me pain.

Maybe it’s my psychic abilities? Maybe I’m getting psychic too. This whole thing has been very confusing. I’ve always been a natural nymphomaniac but I never thought I’d be with someone as much as now.

Felicity likes to take off her white bra and pulling down her panties. My eyes bugged when she first did that and I couldn’t help but drool all over her.

Felicity is showing off, Steve can't resist her sexy maid cosplay.

Each cock craves to reach and maintain the arousal in sight of her.

If I had to describe her pussy  I’d say it’s clean and smells sweet and fresh as the morning sun. I’m just about ready to take her bareback when it hits me. The most extreme thing I could do in bed is shove her up against a wall, and she’ll probably scream and yell at me for having her up against a wall. While I might enjoy her beauty, her hatred of me will be a huge turn-on.

Felicity exhales and moans softly, as she prepares to absorb the delicious white juices that are about to be within her grasp.

Felicity's pretty face looking at Steve with memorizing gaze.
Kawaii Gang live
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BangAverage 1.15.2 Survival || Custom Coded Items || Challenges || Daily Lotto || Weekly Events

Server IP:
1.15.2 PLAY 2 WIN
Survival Server Features:

Advanced Challenges

Vote Crates – 32% Chance Each Vote

Custom Coded Items/Rares

Grief Prevention – Land Claim


Referral System (get rewarded for inviting your friends)


Daily Lotto

If you are searching for a Server that is different from others you’re in the right place! The Goal of BangAverage is to bring back classic Minecraft Survival with a few special twists such as Challenges, Custom Coded Rares and Weekly Events made by the Players for the Players.

Customsurvival Friendly Furries Furry Furryfandom Furryserver Fursuit Hardcore Hentai Minecraft Online Roleplay RP Survival Yiff

Minecraft RP Furry Server

Kawaii Gang live

My Minecraft teacher was a cute swedish furry doggy who explained to me how to use my computer to play games and check my email. She wanted me to think that I had invented Minecraft. She was very furry and very goofy.

She was also nice enough to tell me how to mine the Nether and become a happy miner (do you know how long it takes to mine a block? How long does it take to make blocks? Haha this was priceless) and I went to school everyday, fascinated by how I could be the very best miner in the world. I eventually left school and organized a secret group named “Furries in the Nether” with the goal of helping other furs learn to mine properly.

Everything in my life would be impossible without my favorite swedish furry doggo. She’s so sweet!

Furries teaching Steve how to play Minecraft properly.

Furries are really nice and are misunderstood for a lot of reasons. But sometimes the world is cruel and just needs to make an example of a poor furry. One way it is treating furries is by putting down our furry friends. For example, we hear stories of furry fans being harassed or being fired or banned from a convention, and we’ve noticed that people of other religions and races have had similar experiences. I am sure these stories are heartbreaking and we would never want to do anything to bring on more problems in the furry community, but let’s be honest; it doesn’t help when furry fans start trying to tell us we are lying about what a furry is.

Happy Minecraft furry after teaching the art of Minecraft.

My best friend is also a furry and she has very big breasts. I told her I like big girls and she says she doesn’t care about her breasts. I asked her what kind of girl she wanted to be and she said she was a pupper. I guess they aren’t too long and they’re really perky or something.

One day I will get enough courage to ask her out and say it in front of the class, but not right now. Right now I just want to study, sit, and stand, and wait for my chance. Maybe I can study and also work at the same time, like one would work at a store. Some small tidbit of Minecraft PvP knowledge is good enough to have while you wait.

Kawaii Gang live

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