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This is a brand new pixelmon server for v9.1.3 with 1.16.5!

In this server you can expect so many things like:
– 👊 We have gyms (with npc where you can get badges!)
– 🤝 Wonder trading and a GTS
– 🛒 Custom shops with so many things
– 🔜 Custom textured Pokemon
-✨Shiny Starters!
– And So Much More!

Awa Away Dates Giveaway Giveaways Growing Gts Gym Gyms Raid Roleplay Roll Scrolls Starter Updates

Tapioca Express

Factions (No Raid) | GTS | Crates | Scrolls | Gyms Friendly Community | Events & Giveaways | Starter Friendly
We are a new and growing community! Join our Discord for server updates!


Economy Gts Gym Hunt Minecraft 1.16 Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmon Server Pixelmonmod Pixelmonreforged Pokehunt Pokemon Reforged Survival Wondertrade

pixel nora

PixelNora is a Pixelmon Server. Join us in the Pokemon Adventure. Create your own story, catch all pokemon, fight gym leaders or fight with real players. Have Fun!

* Version: Minecraft 1.16.5
* IP:
* Pixelmon Reforged
‎‎‎Server Features:
> Wondertrade
> Bingo
> PokeHunt

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Welcome to PixelRoost! BRAND new Pixelmon server being built as we speak! Come be among the first to experience PixelRoost and help us build it from the ground up! We are looking to build an active, fun, friendly community!
Pixelmon 1.12.2 | GTS | Crates | Wondertrade | Weekly Events | Raid Bosses


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The Isaiahman03 Network

This server is not just a smp server we have alot of amazing and fun things such as.
Hub server where you can use cosmetics such as gadgets and play games and do parkour and more. We have alot of things such as mystery boxes.
Minigame events Participate in minigames during events to earn Gems. What are gems for exactly ? Well let me tell you! you can earn gems by playing on the server or participating in our weekly events! you can use those gems to buy ranks which gives you access to more commands and more abilities and more kits
we have claims
we even have a PVP arena
all these things listed ubove are what we have for the SMP survival server to join click the NPC
To buy ranks just do /Points store and click the bedrock and it will take you to the ranks store GUI
We have a Creative CMP server for players who want to play on creative mode
Cracked is off
No Racism/hate/discrimination
No Swearing
No Hacking
No Ban Evasion
No Staff Disrespect/Impersonation/player impersonation/Disrespect
Do Not Ask For Op you will be banned if you do
please read /rules for more info

Port: 58040
Cracked is off
There Is ViaVersion So Dont Worry about Not Bring Able to join!

Don’t worry if you get banned we have a Hacker Jail where wee keep banned players you may appeal on our discord only if you have been falsely or unfairly banned!

1.16.5 Car Cards Crate Crates Cup Fans Gts Hard Pixelmon Pixelmon Server Poke Pokemon Simple Survival


Is a Pixelmon Server v1.16.5 come to have fun!
Survival | GTS | Crates | Pixelmon Cards!
This server is made simple and at the same time how hard for pokemon fans if you like vanilla this is your server!

Ash Battlepass Gts Nintendo Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmonmod Pixelmonreforged Pixelmonserver Pokemon Pokemonscarlet Pokemonserver Pokemonviolet Safari Survival

Pixelmon Community Server

🌜 | Pixelmon Community Server | 🌛
#1 Pixelmon Experience for the Pixelmon Community
Latest Pixelmon Version | Minecraft 1.16.5

☄️Server IP –>

🌟 Discord –>

✨ Classic Pixelmon Survival |
✨ 18 Gyms |
✨ Pokemon Hunts |
✨ Pokemon Bingo |
✨ Warps & Safari |
✨ Events |
✨ Crates |
✨ GTS |
✨ Pokedex Rewards & Ranks |
✨ Bosses |
✨ BattlePass (Basic & Premium) |
✨ Battle Towers |
✨ Economy |
✨ Shop |
✨ Quests |
✨ Adventure Map |
✨ Bosses |
✨ Poke Builder |
✨ Friendly Community |

Backpacks Breeding Economy Gts Magma Pixelmon Pve Raiding Riding Roleplay Survival Tower Turkey Warzone Wondertrade

Magmadex – Pixelmon Server

Welcome to Magmadex!
Note: You need Forge and Pixelmon Mod to play!
A Turkey Pixelmon server online with active staff, daily and weekly event and much more!
Magmadex is always updated to the latest version of Pixelmon to take full advantage of the mod! You can start playing and become a Gym Leader.
Some of our features:
– Warzone – Battle Tower – Teams – Quests – Nether and End ACTIVE
– Backpacks – EVs muscle area – Wondertrade – GTS
– Legendary spawn ACTIVE – Breeding ACTIVE – Riding ACTIVE
– Ultra space AKTİF
Turkish Pixelmon Server

Aquaskills Battlepass Biomesoplenty Crates Customtexturepack Dynamax Freeranks Globaltradesystem Gts Gyms Keepinventoryon New Pixelmmo Pixelmon Pixelmonmod Pixelmonreforged Playergym Playergyms Pokedesigner Pokemon Raids Safari Seasonpass Shinystarters Skills Smallcommunity Wondertrade

NitroMon [Fresh Map]

NitroMon is a unique world within Pixelmon. Bringing Pokémon to Minecraft using the modpack Pixelmon Reforged. Using this pack we have poured our soul into building and developing a unique experience for you to explore and find hidden secrets throughout the world while having fun and making friends along the way. Some notable features we have include Custom Textures, Safari zones, Player/NPC gyms, Events, Crates, and Pokedesigner/Pokebuilder. Join us today and become a NitroMon Master!

Requires Pixelmon v9.0.11 and Oh the biomes you’ll go!

Curseforge Economy Eevee Elite Elite4 Gts Gym Gyms Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Playtime Pve Reforged Textures Universal

Eeveelutions World

Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2

Biomes o Plenty 1.12.2- needed:

Poke Builder/ GTS/ Gyms/ Elite4/ Kits/ Playtime Rewards and so much more come join us!

Tons of free rewards and even more Custom textures!.