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Call of the Wild – A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

Call of the Wild
(Open since 8th of May, 2018, currently active!)

A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server Based on the Book Series by Erin Hunter!

(Please note – this server is based on the series, do NOT join if you have not read AT LEAST one book from the Warriors series! If you join and are unfamiliar with the series, then you will be asked to leave. This may seem unfriendly, but it’s because we have nothing to offer you! Thank you).

Hexadecimal code nicknames are now available for Ancestors!

Enter Call of the Wild, a warrior cats roleplay server with plenty to offer! Our beginner rank gives you access to five Clans and two character slots!
Join the server and create your first characters! Roleplay as a brave ThunderClan warrior, a swift WindClan runner, a stealthy ShadowClan warrior, a tree-leaping SkyClan cat, or a talented RiverClan fisher!

High Ranks are always open to applications, so don’t hesitate to give us your best shot and become a character who will go down in CoTW’s history!

High Ranks

Leader: Hailstar (CallmePrin)
Deputy: Goldenfire (agaygod)
Medicine Cat: Sparrowflight (frxmthxgxllxws)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Houndpaw (TeenyPuff)

Leader: Rosestar (johncoz97)
Deputy: Weaselfang (Ray_Draws)
Medicine Cat: Willowfrost (aetherskies)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Brokenpaw (MossyRoads)

Leader: Quietstar (TeenyPuff)
Deputy: Cricketsong (aetherskies)
Medicine Cat: Gladewatcher (Ray_Draws)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Ashstar (SalPunk)
Deputy: Antlerstride (bunnykoo)
Medicine Cat: Swiftdawn (agaygod)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Tatteredstar (frxmthxgxllxws)
Deputy: Honeysky (Darkened_heart)
Medicine Cat: Berryblossom (Blobfushi)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: OPEN!

Leader: Whisk (Ray_Draws)
Next-in-Line: OPEN!

Tribe of Rushing Water
Stoneteller: —
To-Be: Holly (aetherskies)

Monarch: OPEN!
Centurion: OPEN!
Serpente: Amberhaze (Kiwi_Rocks)
Serpente Scruffling: OPEN!

Monarch: Goldenroar (bunnykoo)
Centurion: Jasmineleaf (frxmthxgxllxws)
Seeker: Hyenaspirit (TeenyPuff)
Seeker Scruffling: OPEN!

Monarch: Oasisroar (agaygod)
Centurion: Mallowcloud (MossyRoads)
Stargazer: —
Stargazer Scruffling: Gazellescruff (StormpawTC)

Event Info:

A dark cloud of uncertainty is forming over the three Ancestor clans, tension is brewing, so much so that perhaps the only way out will be to unite as a cohesive group against the coming enemies.

Roleplay your character’s path through life, take part in fun, character-developing roleplay events such as battles, Gatherings and even prophecies!

With the purchase of reasonably-priced ranks, players can unlock further groups to roleplay as, including kittypets and strays with the Domesticated rank, rogues and loners with the Untamed rank, fierce BloodClan cats with the Marauder rank, mysterious Tribe cats with the Muddyfurred rank, powerful cats of StarClan and the Dark Forest with the Silverpelt rank, and even monstrous lions, leopards, and tigers with the Ancestor rank!
Other perks such as colour chat, italics and as many colours as you like in your nick, /nick, /hat, /fly, /feed, /editsign, nick rooms, and disguises are also part of different rank purchases! There are more to come as the server develops!

We have an active, friendly Discord server, and hands-down the best people the Warriors community has to offer! Come join us, and make friends that will last for a lifetime! We hope to see you around!

The server version is 1.17.1

Join us on Discord at the link below!
Call of the Wild Discord

If you find yourself having any issues on the server or in the Discord, don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff members listed below!

Owner: Ray_Draws

Admin: frxmthxgxllxws
Moderators: agaygod, CallmePrin
Artist: TeenyPuff
Apprentices: ´╗┐aetherskies, MossyRoads