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🦜 OnePiece MC 🦜

Welcome pirate! OnePiece MC is a portuguese Minecraft server based on multiplayer survival. It’s a themed server, with full Minecraft Vanilla gameplay adjacent to amazing mobs, quests, items and customizable new features. The server aims to create a pirate roleplay by diversifying the gameplay across the entire map!

Modded Onepiece Survival

One Piece: Seeker

Server Status:

Closed for Beta, Opening soon!

Beta Testers

Welcome to One Piece: Seeker, a Survival Modded Minecraft server inspired by the anime/manga series One Piece! We are currently in beta and are looking for testers to help us fine-tune the server before our official launch. If you are a fan of One Piece and are interested in helping us out, please fill out and post the form in our discord. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to see you on the server soon!

The Legend Of The One Piece

One day, a group of pirates set out on a great adventure to find the fabled One Piece. After weeks of sailing, they finally arrived at an island where the treasure was said to be hidden. They scoured the island for any clues, but they were all met with dead ends. Frustrated and tired, the pirates decided to take a break.

As they rested, one of the pirates, a young man named Johnson, heard a strange noise. He followed the noise and it led him to a cave. He went inside and found a chest filled with treasure. He yelled to the others and they all ran over.

As they looked at the treasure, they all agreed that it was surely the One Piece. They all cheered and hugged each other, relieved that their long journey had finally come to an end.

But as they were about to leave, they heard more noise coming from deeper inside the cave. They cautiously went further in and found a group of hostile monsters.

The monsters were no match for the pirates and they were quickly defeated. However, during the fight, the cave began to collapse. The pirates barely made it out alive and lost the fabled One Piece

As they walked back to their ship, they all agreed that it was a great adventure and that they would never forget their time spent together.

Server Description

In a world of cubic blocks and pixelated textures, there exists a server called One Piece: Seeker. This server is a survival & semi role-playing server based on the popular manga and anime series, One Piece. Players can create their own characters and embark on adventures in the vast world of One Piece.

The server is constantly expanding, with new areas to explore and new quests to undertake. There are also regular events held, where players can compete for prizes. The community on One Piece: Seeker is friendly and welcoming, and always ready to help new players.

If you’re looking for an immersive and exciting Minecraft experience, then look no further than One Piece: Seeker.

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window SMP [Whitelisted]

Ventarra is a small 18+ server of about 20 active players, a handful of who streams. We have a permanent survival world (with a few changes),
but we also like to spice things up with special events, big and small, as well as minigames and challenges.
These tend to include non-vanilla elements and a lot is created from the ground up.

Feel free to message with any questions – no obligations.

Apply here!

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[RU] ShinobiLife RP | Naruto Role Play Server

[​AP] ShinobiLife RP BETA | NarutoCraft – Server minecraft on the theme of the anime “Naruto”.
Do you want to become a real ninja? Then you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself!
Choose your village and the clan you want to be in. Evolve as a ninja, become a Chunin, Jonuin, Kage of the village, or follow the path of Nukenin.
Don’t forget Roleplay! Create your character’s story, choose a specialization, and more!

Social networks:

Start playing

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Allied’s One Piece

One Piece modded server, that includes loads of community loved mods, with a newly popular One Piece mod, that brings One Piece into Minecraft.

Explore the world of Allied’s One Piece and choose between becoming a Marine, Bounty Hunter, Revolutionary or a Pirate! You can also complete quests, aim to become the pirate lord, gain money by participating in the server’s activities and earn your title!

The server includes famous places from the anime, like the Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Baratie and more!

– Story and side quests
– Events
– Custom Items
– Economy
– Survival

Download our modpack here!:

Server IP:

Anime Faction Pvp Minecraft Mmo Mmorpg Onepiece Onepieceserver Pve Rpg Server

One Piece | New Era

Come join us at One Piece: NewEra. Join a world with 30+ One Piece islands with a quest line that immerses you in the One Piece world. Join a crew or make your own and rank up. Become a Yonko or an Admiral. Go into a faction world and build to your hearts content. Battle with other Pirates, Marines, Samurais, Bounty Hunters or Revolutionaries trying to make a name for themselves!

Disclaimer: This mod pack requires Premium Minecraft to play.

How To Join:

  • Download the 64 bit Technic Launcher.
  • Open the Technic Launcher and search “New Era | One Piece” on the mod pack page and install it.
  • Make sure to click on Launcher Options and allocate at least 2 GB of RAM to the Technic Launcher!
  • 1. Click play and join in on the fun!




    Luffy Onepiece Pirates Roleplay

    One Piece Nation

    Brand New One Piece Server 1.7.10 !
    Check out our Modpack or Launcher to play!
    RPG style with amazing Quests and Systems!

    All welcome!


    Link1 do Launcher 64 Bits:
    Link2 do Launcher 64 Bits:

    Link do Launcher 32 Bits (experimental):

    Note: Your Windows or Antivirus may complain with this file, it is completely normal, as the Launcher does not have a signature recognized by companies. If you have any fears, just scan with your favorite antivirus before opening. OK?
    Note2: Works normally for Pirates and Originals. To log in Pirate, just enter Nick and leave the password blank. Original, login normally with email and password.

    Anime Modded Naruto Onepiece Roleplay Rpg

    Naruto Shinobi Reborn

    Naruto Shinobi Reborn

      Embark on the ultimate adventure through the Naruto Universe. Travel through the Shinobi world and explore every location from the Naruto anime. With a custom hero and rogue storyline spanning the whole Naruto series, more than 20 mods, an innovative live rank up exams, opportunities to become a Kage or join the Akatsuki, And many more ranks! Villages with 70+ quests, and a faction world, there are endless possibilites! Join now and make your mark on the Ninja world

    Step 1: Go to and download the technic launcher.

    Step 2: Once downloaded, Open the technic launcher and search “Naruto Shinobi Reborn” or put in the search bar and click download!

    Step 3: Click play, and join the fun!