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The Quiet Cave – 1.18.2 No Resets


Welcome to The Quiet Cave! TQC is a newly established server with big plans for a bright future. We are looking for some new players to check us out! As long as you don’t mind a few hiccups here and there, our community is looking for mature players who enjoy playing for the long haul, and having fun with the game while being respectful to others. Our goal is to not only create an active Minecraft server, but an active community and group of friends as well. Our map will never reset, and we plan to keep it that way. We are big on rules and one of our biggest rules is no griefing. So we use anti-griefing tools like GriefPrevention and WorldGuard to help keep your builds safe! Claiming land is easy and you can even let other people you trust build with you too. Use /kit starter to receive goodies and claim tools! We hope to see you online!


TQC offers many quality of life improvements such as…= Slimefun = Nether Portal Coords = Cauldron Concrete = Durability Ping = Custom NetherPortals = Double Shulker Shells = More Mob Heads = Chest Sort= SilkSpawners = UltimateTimber = VeinMiner = McMMO = Jobs = PhantomX – No MorePhantoms! = BBeeKeeper = AreaShop = Plus more!

Want to check us out? Here is some useful links!

+ IP:

+ Dynamap:

+ Discord:


Rules=No hacking or griefing of any sort.

No hate speech, flaming, or unkind language

All unclaimed land is available, but do not use claims to grief.

Keep the overworld clean. Do not make purposefully trashy or inappropriate builds.

No spamming.

Exploits, glitches, duping, and xray texture packs are NOT allowed.

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Yesta SMP [1.18.2 – Crossplay SMP] [Lore, McMMo, Custom Enchants] [Medieval Fantasy Roleplay] LGBTQ Safespace

Currently in Closed Beta!

Release soon!

This is Yesta SMP!
Short YSMP, a public and very QUEER Survival Multiplayer Server for you to enjoy!
With multiple LGBTQIA+ TwitchStreamers all around the globe, we made this possible.