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The Sepulcher Smp

You wake up surrounded by white & orange walls laying on a black floor, the bustling sound of villagers flood your ears as you look around. Your surroundings look like a lab but the tourist running around disprove that. You step outside and the only sign of life is the village not to far from the “Lab” and a abandoned windmill type structure. You continue out and start your adventure. . .

WELCOME TO THE SEPULCHRUM SMP, a semi-lore survival vanilla server with datapacks, plugins and a custom survival compatiable map. We have a discord server that explains all the plugins and data packs plus the owner is almost always on to awnser any questions you have.


Discord: ´╗┐

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Welcome to the Roanoke Smp, a Minecraft survival earth map. Join Streamers, YouTubers, Furries, and Vtubers alike in conquering the earth map, building empires, and working together diplomatically. Streaming is welcomed and encouraged as well as recording.

(boi is work in progress lmao)