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Notable Features:

– Fantasy Role Play

– Spells

– Towny

– SignShops


Anivaria is a brand new Minecraft Fantasy Role Play Server. The Sol storm swept across the land, changing the entire known world as we know it. This catastophic event has introduced a new near-magical substance called “Sol.” It’s mysterious and invaluable properties make it into the global coined currency used by all civilizations in the land. The Sol storm has been on a decline and has left new areas of the world livable again and available for resettlement. “Koth” is one such place, and is the focal point of the server.


MC Version: 1.16.3

Anivaria Awaits!

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We are a Minecraft Towny server set on a massive amazing looking map with many plugins and a growing community! We try to be better than any other Towny with a focus for less rules more fun! Hope to see you on the server!

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Servidor del juego Minecraft con temática mexicana, atrévete a emprender una gran aventura y conoce la grandeza cultural de México

Server of the game Minecraft with Mexican theme, dare to undertake a great adventure and know the cultural greatness of Mexico


SERVIDOR DE MINECRAFT: JAVA EDITION 1.16.2La Comarca MX es un servidor que esta inspirado en todas las culturas de México.

MINECRAFT SERVER: JAVA EDITION 1.16.2La Comarca MX is a server that is inspired by all the cultures of Mexico.


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    Vanilla Survival Server with the latest updates. Was closed for the first few months and then edited to be public-friendly. (Respawned the Ender Dragon, tidied up some destroyed areas, etc.)

    Rule are no hacks or cracked clients of any kind. Be respectful, and no intentional griefing.

    Looting in most cases is okay. If someone is actively playing don’t loot from them.

    Lots of easter eggs within 1000 blocks of spawn.

    World was started purely survival but since making this public the owners have tweaked some things using creative mode.

    Hacking, botting, or griefing can result in immediate ban.

    At this time, alt accounts are allowed.

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    DavillaMC – Survival Vanilla – 1.16.1 – Family Friend – PVE – NO PVP – Anti-Grief – Land Claiming –

    Server Info:

    Name: DavillaMC
    Version: 1.16.1

    This is a small community server inspired by the Hermitcraft community. It was released 8/1/2020. We plan to have a generally mature, but very friendly and helpful player base and ways to block grief, hacks, and harassment. The whole point of DavillaMC’s creation was to give Minecraft players the chance to survive, grind, and just interact with MANY other players. We hope to see mega projects, users with hundreds of hours into the server.

    About our server:

    Our server strives to keep the “Vanilla” aspect of the game within boundaries! We offer very few plugins, and Data Packs such as Anti-Enderman/Ghast/Creeper grief, and double shulkers!


    Our server does not offer your average economy. We’re going with an item based economy. All of this shall be determined by the players.

    Land Protection:

    We offer our players the ability to claim their land! The claim tools are a Golden Shovel, and a stick. The golden shovel is used to create a claimed square. Your claim can be as big as you can afford! You may use a stick in order to see if a block, or an area, is claimed! You may view /help claiming in-game for more help!


    The staff team of DavillaMC has multiple abilities and options to view logs of players. If you happen to have items stole, or your unclaimed land got griefed, staff can roll the area back and punish the offenders!


    Donating is never needed… though DavillaMC is hoping to be community funded with time. Any donation will help towards that. You may view the monthly donation goal over on our store!

    We guarantee the following:
    +Player security – We, the staff team, the current community, will treat you as you deserve to be treated!
    Anyone who is caught not following our rules will be punished!
    +Protection from grief – If you claim your land properly, it’s nearly impossible to have your claim griefed. It something slips up, make a support ticket over on our discord!
    +Friendly, helpful, and fair staff – The owner of DavillaMC, me, promises to have only the perfect staff for our server. We will choose our staff with precision!
    +Absolutely no unfair/balance-breaking – Our staff has 0 commands/abilities that grant them any special game-play. Our donator perks consist of almost all cosmetic features!
    +Absolutely no p2w elements – The whole server is run by our good community members. If something seems unfair, talk it over with our staff team over on our discord!

    +Fair and thoroughly thought out rules – Our rules are made to make sure everything runs smoothly. We make it quick and easy to read so that you don’t spend time reading examples, but spend time reading what the exact rule is. If you feel a rule should be implemented, changed, or even removed, you may talk it over with our staff team within a ticket over on our discord.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, or even joining to check out our server! I cannot wait to welcome you all to our lovely server. – UwuItsDavid

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    🪐Saturno Survival🪐

    Únete ahora a la comunidad mas refachera del mundo, servidor survival para minecraft 1.16x!

    VERSION: 1.16

    Recompensas diarias GRATIS!
    Configuraciones económicas personalizadas y funciones divertidas!
    Mecánica de juego simple y fácil de entender.

    Únete al discord:

    116server 116survival Cracked Economy Espanol Espaol Menu Minecraft Minecraft116 Minecraftserver Netherupdate Nopremium Pirata Premium Protectionstones Servidordeminecraft Survival

    Dream And Destroy – Minecraft Server [Survival 1.8-1.16]

    Soporta versiones: 1.4 – 1.16 (Todas las versiones)
    – Bloques de protección: /ps
    – Casa de subastas: /ah
    – Tienda móvil: /shop
    – Menú de apoyo: /menu
    – Tpea a tus amigos a ti: /tpahere
    – Vuelve a donde falleciste: /back
    – Anuncia tu ausencia: /afk
    – Compara tu fortuna: /balancetop
    – Ten múltiples casas: /sethome (x3)
    – Disfruta espectaculares kits: /kits
    – Siéntate cuando quieras: /sit
    – Abre crates y sorprendete con sus recompensas
    – Consagrate como [CAMPEON PVP]
    – ¡Disfruta de la experiencia Nether Upgrade con tus amigos y sin lag!


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    This is a 1.16.1 anarchy server, and the more players that join the more f u n the server will become! so join already. please. Also. as a anarchy server, you can not get banned for anything and the only rules that exist only apply to the server owner (Owner not allowed to use admin only commands). Thank you for reading and join today!

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    Craft with Friends [Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelisted} {SMP} {Dynmap} {18+} {1.16.1}

    Imagine Hermitcraft with a few tweaks. That’s Craft with Friends. Many data packs enhancing vanilla gameplay, from Tag , to better dungeons and a few other surprises.

    Just like Hermitcraft, we use a diamond-based economy.

    We’ve recently updated to 1.16.1 and look forward to starting a new adventure with new friends!

    Rules are as follows:

  • Be respectful.
  • Use common sense, if it feels wrong, it probably is.
  • Stealing will NOT be tolerated and will result in a ban.
  • Griefing will also result in a ban.
  • Please keep builds at least 250 blocks away from other player builds unless agreed upon in advance.
  • No xraying or other client-side mods allowing an unfair advantage
  • Cursing is allowed in moderation, however, racial slurs and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • We hope you’ll join us. Any interested parties should reply here or dm me on discord at SimplySnoopy#4106

    Dutch English Nether Netherupdate Survival


    The 1.16 blockycraft survial is here!

    We have a claim system.
    We have a gold balance system.
    We have a custom spawn.
    We have custom plugins.
    And even more to come!

    Join now!

    Server IP >>

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