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xDx3 – [1.20.1] – The Ultimate Survival Experience

Welcome to the Ultimate Survival Experience at xDx3!
  We are a survival, economy, RPG, PvP server
  set to always be a very hard difficulty, no matter
  how stacked you are. You will most likely die a lot.
 Some features include:

  •   Leveled Mobs
  •   Realistic Survival(inspired by RLcraft)
  •   Blood Moons
  •   Magic Baubles
  •   Armor, weapons, and tools beyond vanilla
  •   Nerfed Villagers
  •   Seasons
  •   Disasters
  •   Custom mobs
  •   Silk touch spawners
  •   GriefPrevention(Claims!)
  •   Emerald economy
  •   Custom Enchants
  •   Player Auctions
  •   No keepInv
  •   Special Ender dragons
  •   Free Cosmetics and Pets
  •   In-game voice chat
  •   Battle pass
  •   Vote rewards and piñata
  •   Teams
  •   Jobs
  •   PvP almost everywhere
  •   Discord Server
  •   And much more!
  • * We are currently in early access testing, please be patient with some things 🙂