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🌟 Eventful 🌟 | Survival | Laid back fun |

It’s Playtime!

Eventful is a Survival Minecraft server dedicated to hosting a welcoming player experience.
Courteous staff and friendly players provide laid back gaming sessions that reminisce of simpler times. Event is in our name as holiday celebrations, Festivals, and weekend parties are happening all the time!
Come experience playtime!

+ Land Claim
+ Jobs
+ Player Shops
+ Player Warps
+ 3 Set Homes
+ /back
+ Not P2W

Join now –
Version: 1.18.1

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γ€Ž vibe central smp 』٩(Λ˜β—‘Λ˜)ΫΆ 1.17[.1] – weekly giveaways !

we’re on 1.17.1! but, you can join from mc 1.9 and newer (new 1.17 blocks and mobs will be substituted for your game)

about us
community based – open world survival – immersive features – creative with worldedit – parkour courses – not p2w – friendly – lagless – 1.8 pvp

vibe central is a server with a personality. packed with custom-made plugins and features, we deliver a familiar yet unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. we cater a friendly community of people who love mc, and are always happy to see new members around!

our staff genuinely care about players and love to see others thriving in the community


our main attraction is our survival, which features no-grief, season-based survival with economy, fun quests and challenges, player markets, personal & community waypoints, mob heads, utility /fly for builds or travelling, particle trails/wings, and a ton more awesome stuff

our survival has been super fine tuned with immersive enhancements that just feel right; play with extra game sounds, block & entity visualizers, and more with no mods or resource packs needed!

in addition to our main survival mode, we offer a shared creative world made of designated plots of building space use unlimited worldedit for easy creation of large structures, and other tools made to bring your ideas to life without hassle. get more plots as needed, and build whatever you’d like

need a break from the core modes? we also have plenty of custom built parkour courses with timed leaderboards, a kit pvp arena with pvp streaks and other fun additions, a classic spleef arena, and more

our promise

our goal and promise is to provide an ever-evolving, polished and fine tuned safe space for people and players of all kinds. we are dedicated to giving players the best multiplayer experience possible without any annoying disruptions or unfair advantages, period.

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EnlightenCraft | Semi-Vanilla | SMP | 1.17 | No P2W | Discord | SlimeFun | +MORE!


Welcome to π”Όπ•Ÿπ•π•šπ•˜π•™π•₯π•–π•Ÿβ„‚π•£π•’π•—π•₯!

We are a small, semi-vanilla Survival Multi-player with plugins that make the game better.

chat Discord!
We have a discord server! JOIN HERE

  It’s getting harder and harder every day to find good, loving, caring, and joyful Minecraft servers. Each one is more toxic than the other. Here at EnlightenCraft, we have a wonderful, helpful community that loves new people and loves helping out and assisting players.

Mobs have random health amounts, making them harder to kill.

Stop pesky griefers. Gain claim blocks by voting!

Set up to 12 homes, allowing you to go back to any of them with unlimited uses!

Play on the server, get cool rank rewards!

Use the /menu to get detailed, but brief overview of the server features.

Make shops for players to buy and sell stuff from!

Works great with chest shops, allowing you to make warps to your shops.

Make really cool and useful machines and items!

Get cool upgrades on just about anything!

Sync your In-Game rank with Discord using the command /discord link in-game!

More info on the Website Below!

See you there!
  -EnlightenCraft Team

Communitysurvival Easygoing Laidback Survival Vanilla

RareFeline’s Easy Going Survival Server.

RareFeline’s Survival Server:
We are looking for player’s to come have a fun but relaxed time on our server. It’s a small community but we are all pretty close.
We are always open for suggestions from everybody and like to help out with everything we can.

A vanilla survival server running on 1.16.4 Java Edition of Minecraft.
No mods are added but there are some basic plugins such as anti grief/land claim and /sethome.
Nether and The End are reset frequently (we usually work together to defeat the Ender Dragon)

No heavy rules implied (hence the ‘easy going’)
Do not grief other people’s work or creations
Be respectful to other players. No racism, homophobia, name calling etc. etc.
PVP is allowed but it will not work on claimed land
No game breaking mechanics
No spamming chat
No harassing or griefing new players whether it be constantly killing them, give them a chance to get settled.


Faction Pvp Factions Jobs Laidback Mcmmo Mcmmofactions New Oldschool Pvp Survival

Vector Factions [No Donor Ranks][Brand New]

Welcome to Vector Factions!

-This is a laid back, old-scool, streamlined Factions PVP Server

-In order to prevent players from having an unfair and game-breaking advantage we don’t take donations or offer donor ranks. Instead, all server benefits can be achieved using in-game currency

-The server map is brand new with a 20,000 block radius!

-Nether and The End are both accessible with very large borders

-We have McMMO and Jobs plugins to allow players to specialize in certain skills


Bukkit Chill Laidback Nopvp Semivanilla Survival Timber


Brand new chill server to play survival with your friends and hang out. Laid back rules and cool staff. Handful of plug-ins to improve game play.

Griefprevention Laidback Mature Pvp Vanilla

BuildMC [1.16.1] | Vanilla | PvP | GriefPrevention

BuildMC is a PvP Minecraft Server that aims to provide a MOSTLY Vanilla Minecraft experience to mature players.

Limited Plugins:
– GriefPrevention
– NoCheatPlus
– AntiXRay

– Since there are no teleport or /home commands, a mini-map mod like VoxelMap is highly recommended:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the 1.16 Nether Update, we have reset JUST The Nether. This will ensure that new features in the update are available to players.

All builds/items in The Nether were RESET/DESTROYED. Your existing claims should remain, but the claimed land has been RESET.

More info on 1.16 can be found here:

The Overworld was NOT affected, only The Nether.

Adults Laidback Nogriefing Nohacks Nostealing Smpdatapacks Survival Whitelisted

Chaotic Order

Welcome to Chaotic Order! This server is for 18+ only.

We started this server from being inspired by the hermits. The server is vanilla survival with vanilla tweaks data packs and crafting packs added. if you would like to join please join the discord server and fill out the white list application. (Waiting list for whitelist right now)

We are also using the scavenger hunt created by _BOBE.

We have a shopping district, the living button, sethome commands, and a lot more. come join and have fun. we are a really chill community.


Spigot 1.15.2 with antigreifing plugins.

Vanillatweaks datapacks and crafting packs

Anticreeper plugin that allows player damage but no block damage

Community Economy Laidback Plugins Ranks Semivanilla Simple Small Smp Spigot Survival


Welcome to Aegea!

We are a new Spigot SMP server with a few plugins for fun gameplay, simple economy and ranks.

“My best memories of Minecraft are of servers with close-knit communities. Meeting friends from all over the world and building something over time… I think its what the Internet is all about. Lets build something.”
– ArrowJ123


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Z Server SMP

General Info

Online since May, 14, 2011.

Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close active community. We are a amazing server with a nice community and awesome looking map. If you have any other questions ask.

All the useful info is on the website.