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BloodKnight SMP

              Welcome to Blood Night SMP
            We are a new and upcoming SMP server,
Here is a few of the things we offer currently, We are looking to expand in the future to more modes.

  • – Lifesteal
  • – Coinshop
  • – Ranks
  • – Pvp arena
  • – Good spawn

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    Welcome to ZoidCraft.
    This is a new server looking to build a strong community of friendly players! We have discord and we host chess nights once a month! The server is also very new so we will do staff applications soon.

    Army Captain Chaos Combat Government Knight Knights Military Nights Politic Pvp Quick Soldier Strike Teams

    The Army Of Chaos

    Website Link: HOME | The Army Of Chaos (

    The Army Of Chaos was founded to strike fear but also Order into the Minecraft Community. The army isn’t some random team of people online trying to take over a server, Its a Military and Government That has teams, team leaders, politicians, tacticians, knights, generals, captains and more.

    With the last Sentence said, your probably thinking “Not another roleplay”, and if so, Your In Luck. This isn’t a group of role-players either, this is a group of combat ready, quick thinking soldiers and generals. And you don’t have to pay a single penny to get in.

    Economy Empires Factions Functional Government Governments Nights Points Raiding Roleplay Roleplay Server Survival Towny Vanilla Warcraft

    Warcraft Empires



    We Warcraft Empires provide a welcoming and kind community that will help you along your way. Our server is a towny server filled with kingdoms and player lead wars and governments. You will be in a Minecraft experience, but treaties and battles will be fought all around you. We are a semi-roleplay server, but we do encourage people to have fun during their time on the server. The server is based during the time of the 2nd century BC. We also host events and game nights as we want you to feel welcomed and a part of our community. Our server also includes a functional economy that players can enjoy, along with a dynmap.
    Key points:
    – A kind and welcoming community
    – Active Staff
    – Towny
    – Semi Roleplay
    – 24/7
    – Events/Game nights
    – Keeps the community informed
    – Economy
    – Dynmap

    Civ Civilization Combat Combatlog Earth Gamenights Gsit Minecraft Smp Night Nights Panda Roleplay Survival Upcoming Vanilla

    State Federation

    State Federation

    State Federaton is a upcoming Minecraft SMP which aims to provide a Civilization Event experience, but vanilla! We are a vanilla server with a few plugins like GSit and CombatLogX to enhance the experience!

    We host gamenights from time to time! We are looking for staff to moderate the SMP.

    Please DM ConfusedPanda#5161 on discord for more information about the server.


    Ages Days Dream Elves Gone Learn Learning New Nights Parkour Pmc Pvp Skyblock Survival Trial


    Owning a Minecraft server, a dream my friend and I have wanted to live out for ages. After years of trial and error, SharpMC was born. Long days and even longer nights have gone into Sharp just to assure it was as we dreamed. With no prior server development experience, we said enough is enough and decided to do this all by ourselves with no outside help, just learning along the way. Go join us and have some fun!

    Anarchysurvival Movie Nights Partner Partners Partnerships Public Minecraft Public Minecraft Server Pvp Semianarchy Setup Ships Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival



    Hello! and welcome to κενός! We are a public Minecraft Server ready and waiting to take on new and eager players wanting to have a good time!!


    In κενός, We strive to provide you with only the best! As such we have come up with… Nothing! Well almost- We want to provide the closest thing to vanilla as possible. With 0 setups required from you other than having Minecraft, Java, and a platform to play from!!


    A few things we offer are:

    Movie Nights!

    And More!


    Hopefully, that was enough to convince you, but if not, don’t worry! You can always hop on and see, to find out for yourself!!

    So? what are you waiting for! Come join us here at Kevoc now!)

    2021 2022 Deaths Elite Genuine Lite Movie Nights Partner Partners Partnerships Ship Ships Survival Vie



    Welcome to the one and only Minecraft server for you! We are a server boasting roughly 200 members and hoping to have you as one of them! We do Minecraft, Community events and more!

    In our server we have done our best to offer the best services and diversity to you to ensure that you can have the best experience possible! We strive to do our best in this so that you and your friends can have a genuine fun time in our server!

    A few things we offer are:

    👥 Partnerships!
    🎮 Movie Nights!
    ⏫ Hierarchy!

    And More!

    We hope that this convinces you, however, if it doesn’t then don’t be afraid to let our Active Community convince you!

    So? what are you waiting for! Come join us here at Death Steal now!)


    1.19.3 Dailyrewards Deathcoordinates Grinders Knight Knights Minecraft 1.19 Minecraft 1.19.2 Moneyfrommobs Nights Rpg Rpgsurvival Smp Survival THC

    Holy Knight’s Lair

    We support Bedrock as well:

    Updated to Minecraft 1.19.2 and compatible with 1.19.3!

    Login and have Fun! We offer a RPG style survival Minecraft experience. We offer land claims as well as mining and mob economy system. We are currently running 1.19.2 and compatible with 1.19.3! Go down to the deepest lows and go up to the highest highs.

    We offer a spawn area with grinders and shops. Set up your own store to get some of that extra points to help you buy items such as enchantment books or even spawners. Even including personal warp support!

    Plugins installed on server: GriefPrevention, FreePRG, MineTweaks, MoneyFromMobs, EconoBlocks, DeathCoordinates, DailyRewards, RTP (Wild)

    1.20 A Game Of Thrones Castle Castles Economy Factions Game Of Thrones Knight Knights Lords Nights Recreate Roleplay Throne Thrones

    Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones Server

    Ice and Fire is a Game of Thrones Roleplay server set in the world of Westeros. Survive, join or create a great house, and be a part of events to determine who sits the Iron Throne.

    The server will use the medieval factions plugin, where players can create their own original Houses or recreate some from the GOT universe. The map is a recreated version of Westeros (Castles in progress). Players are encouraged to join and grow their houses, (PVE), but will be invited to take part in large PVP and PVE events where they can prove themselves and earn higher ranks. (knights and lords etc.).
    Houses will be able to ally with one-another or go to war to put a new king on the Iron Throne. No griefing is allowed, bases will be protected. Wars will be fought over strategic castles around the map for control of each region.