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Maple’s Server / Semi-Vanilla Survival / TPA & SetHome & RTP


This is my server “Maple’s Server.” It’s a semi-vanilla server where the only plugins are TPA, RTP (Random Teleport), and SetHome. Otherwise it’s completely vanilla! (aside from our anti-cheat of course.)

We don’t have any annoying chatbots, no nosey staff members, or anything of the sort. Just a small, chill community of players 🙂

We also have a discord in the works! Ill post it here once it’s open.

But anyways, like I said… This is a vanilla server. You’re gonna get what you expect; No more no less.

We just ask that you be kind to other players. Hopefully once we have a good community, we can whitelist the server, and only add cool folks B)

If that’s cool with you, please join!!
baby boy

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Minecraft is good for your brain?! Well, at least according to Google.

The search engine giant recently posted a short video on YouTube called ‘Why You Should Play Minecraft’.

It goes through some of the research behind the game, which claims that it is one of the best ways to improve your brain function.

Here’s how it breaks it down:

The game’s ‘interactive nature’ allows people to interact with the world in different ways. It encourages children to interact with their environment, as it’s filled with colourful elements, allowing your brain to grow very fast.

You can solve problems and learn things without thinking about them.

It’s also a creative environment, which can have a positive impact on your mood and creativity.

So there you have it. While the game isn’t designed to be cognitively challenging, it’s definitely a game that’ll keep you interested for a long time.

Auto Cheese Colour Colourful Escape Eset Fit Give Immersive Para Paradise Rad Silly Sol Vis


Wanna escape and join a paradise filled with cheeses? Well, you’ve come to the right server. Cheesey MC offers players an immersive gaming experience of colourful visuals and silly quirks so you can fit right in. It’s absolutely cheesetastic, give it a go!

Arcade Colour Colourful Developed Growing Mini Games Origin Original Rod Spawner Spawners Spleef Tnt TNT Run Twist

The Mandex

Enjoy a growing arcade of games being developed every day. Includes a unique take on Spleef where shovels spawn on intervals at spawners, introducing many more tactics to the original game. Also TNT Run is another big game on our server with a colourful twist. More Minigames Come Out frequently

Colour Colourful Competitive Design Economy Eldar Fun Humour Meme Memes Pixelmon Reforged Progression Reforged Tour Tournaments

PixelDark – Pixelmon Reforged

PixelDark is a dark, and gritty Pixelmon Reforged server full of memes, tropes, dark humour, and life. We have a colourful community of really good people. People that just want to have fun, play pixelmon together, and enjoy themselves.

We host regular tournaments and designed our server economy and progression to make competitive play more accessible and enjoyable. Content is not gated behind time or money on our server, and we want everyone to be able to play the game they want.

Active Age Class Colourful Community Create Creativity Eco Economy Experience Fantasy Fresh Google Hey King Lit Lore Mage Magic Mature Medieval Merchant Play Player Players Plugin Plugins Pve Quality Ring Rol Role Roleplay Server Sign Special

Lords Cove

Lords Cove is a medieval fantasy roleplay server founded in 2019, designed and created for a quality roleplay experience. Lords Cove specialises it’s self with player creativity, allowing any player to become as they desire: a king, merchant or even a magic mage. It’s solely achievable on Lords Cove. We enhance your experience by delivering a fully written server lore, wondrous plugins and a colourful community. Our aim is to deliver a roleplay experience for fresh and mature roleplayers.

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Chronicles of Nyrheim | Hardcore Roleplay | Dungeons and Dragons | LAUNCH JUNE 13th

Are you a roleplay focused player? Do you enjoy the process of weaving your character’s story throughout that of several others, telling a saga of adventure, intrigue, wealth, friendship and rivalry? Does the experience of Dungeons & Dragons go beyond the dice, for you, and into the realm of an author’s playground, where the story is written by hundreds all with their own complex, personal drive?
A world where the story is not one-note, but an intricate canvas of overlapping stories and events, inextricably linked to the broader life of your character. A vast web of loyalties and rivalries, the state of the world changing at any given moment, with you clinging on for dear life – or, perhaps, at the wheel of change.
Chronicles of Nyrheim is a collaborative, roleplay-focused persistent world campaign designed to tell a tale of untold proportions, combining the greatest elements of D&D’s rich adventure system with the more typical freeform roleplay experience. All using Minecraft as a base.
You may hear ‘Minecraft’ and imagine ‘colourful block game’, but this is where the platform shines. An infinite sandbox, more flexible than any other medium, with stunning representations of the world around you and the people within it powered by a highly-detailed medieval texture pack.
Here, you can not only create your legacy, but see it.
Nyrheim is a public closed campaign, allowing only those that meet our requirements for enthusiasm and quality. You may find more information about our application process on the website, under ‘Whitelisting Application’.
Chronicles of Nyrheim is a whitelisted server, requiring a brief application to display your understanding of the server’s core mechanics. Check here for our application format, which you may post in this thread!
Chronicles of Nyrheim will be releasing Saturday, June 13th at 2:00PM EST.

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[1.15.2] [CUSTOM PLUGINS] Survival of the Clans – Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

🐾 Welcome to Survival of the Clans! 🐾


IP Address:

Version: Minecraft 1.15.2

Have you ever wanted to live life as a warrior, medicine cat, or leader? Survival of the Clans lets you do just that!

Leap into a friendly community where you get to experience the true Warriors experience. Live around the lake and battle for your life against the Clans around you. Experience warrior duties, like hunting and patrolling. Become a medicine cat and heal the diseases and injuries that your Clanmates might have. With other unique items and features, there’s always something to do!

By joining our Minecraft server, you will get…

» Upgradeable abilities that can make you faster and stronger in battle!

» Fun items to collect and show friends!

» A functional herb and sickness system that allows medicine cats to collect and apply herbs to cure Clanmates!

» The ability to leap over tall objects or into battle!

» Hunt down powerful creatures, like badgers and dogs, to upgrade your claws!

» A crafting interface that allows you to upgrade common items that are found around the map and turn them into useful, valuable items!

» Actually be able to disguise as cats!

» A character system that allows you to customize and display your cat’s pelt color/patterns, eye color, etc!

» A chance to live and grow in a tight-knit Clan where you can climb the ranks and prove your loyalty!

» Colourful names!

The Survival of the Clans community also extends outside of our Minecraft server! Our Discord (link found above) is available to those who wish to share artwork, tell stories, post memes, chat with friends, and receive notifications on upcoming events/updates. Our website ( also allows players without Discord access to keep tabs on important announcements.

These aren’t even half of the features that you will find on Survival of the Clans! There is still so much left for you to explore if you only join in on the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Join us now on to start your own Warriors adventure.

Capturetheflag Colourful Community Creative Economy Freebuild Friendly Intelligent Mature Minecon Minigames Play Spleef Survival Welcoming

[SoupCraft] Survival / Freebuild / Minigames / Economy / FRIENDLY COMMUNITY! [Since 2010!]


We’re a Minecraft Network for sexy & intelligent people, that welcomes all abilities!
We previously catered for approximately 2000 players, with virtual economies, Zombies, TeamDeathmatch and Capture the Flag arenas, SurvivalGames, Play for free ranks, Forums, and so much more. All ran on our own software or custumized plugins! As a Network we’ve been alive for 10 years with kind staff who will welcome and assist players as you explore our Network! At present, the server is making a come back and this is a great time to get involved with the community 😀

You will definitely want to pay us a visit, meet the community and join in the adventures! 🙂