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[1.15.2] [CUSTOM PLUGINS] Survival of the Clans – Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

🐾 Welcome to Survival of the Clans! 🐾


IP Address:

Version: Minecraft 1.15.2

Have you ever wanted to live life as a warrior, medicine cat, or leader? Survival of the Clans lets you do just that!

Leap into a friendly community where you get to experience the true Warriors experience. Live around the lake and battle for your life against the Clans around you. Experience warrior duties, like hunting and patrolling. Become a medicine cat and heal the diseases and injuries that your Clanmates might have. With other unique items and features, there’s always something to do!

By joining our Minecraft server, you will get…

» Upgradeable abilities that can make you faster and stronger in battle!

» Fun items to collect and show friends!

» A functional herb and sickness system that allows medicine cats to collect and apply herbs to cure Clanmates!

» The ability to leap over tall objects or into battle!

» Hunt down powerful creatures, like badgers and dogs, to upgrade your claws!

» A crafting interface that allows you to upgrade common items that are found around the map and turn them into useful, valuable items!

» Actually be able to disguise as cats!

» A character system that allows you to customize and display your cat’s pelt color/patterns, eye color, etc!

» A chance to live and grow in a tight-knit Clan where you can climb the ranks and prove your loyalty!

» Colourful names!

The Survival of the Clans community also extends outside of our Minecraft server! Our Discord (link found above) is available to those who wish to share artwork, tell stories, post memes, chat with friends, and receive notifications on upcoming events/updates. Our website ( also allows players without Discord access to keep tabs on important announcements.

These aren’t even half of the features that you will find on Survival of the Clans! There is still so much left for you to explore if you only join in on the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Join us now on to start your own Warriors adventure.