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Flaxen Survival

Come to Flaxen where we be Flexin. Assume the role of a researcher from the planet BloopBlobclickclack and roam our beautifle world in search for Fauna, Minerals and Plant life and get paid $$$ to return them to spawn. Capture Mobs with snowballs turn them to eggs! its that simple. you can even start a shop, a farm, a town and more all while completing server quests, defeating customized mobs and breeding pets! you know it sounds good so stop by now now now! also Shroselo loves gold. thats definetly worth noting.

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tip:This is a Chinese server.
if you are not living in china you will get a high ping.

below are discription of this server in chinese:
This is a group server born out of love and interest. The server has two types of gameplay: small games and survival. Yuba is currently a middle school student. Since elementary school, he has been researching how to open such a MC server intermittently. He has also cooperated with others and served as the OP of his server… After years of independent exploration, finally released such a server. A normal MC multiplayer server. The server will be released on the bilibili platform in July 2021 and accept the first batch of players. At first, the server only had the only way to play, but it has been continuously improved and expanded since then. It has been officially transformed into a comprehensive server recently and a small game has been added.

Long-standing survival servers, each with an independent world calendar and changing seasons! We have a lot of expanded gameplay, for example, you can left-click on the door and use commands to make actions. Are you still troubled by the fact that two doors cannot be opened at the same time? We solved this problem! When you open a door, the other door connected to it will open at the same time! We’ve also added more Expansion Enchantments!

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Troty Energy Research Facility server

A server with my troty energy research facility map that i created. its mainly for fun but its also for debugging.

The rules are super simple:

dont hack

dont be too annoying

no exploits

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The Minecraft Animals lifesteal smp

A cool lifesteal smp from The Minecraft Animals
We’re going live Discord for the grand opening of the server at 16:30. Be sure to keep that free for more information join our Discord
Be sure to check us out YouTube channel our Instagram in TikTok.

A cool lifesteal smp from The Minecraft AnimalsWe’re going live on Discord for the server’s grand opening at 4:30 PM. Be sure to keep that free for more information, join our Discord Check and our YouTube channel, our Instagram and

I found a new video of the grand opening on the first scientific research on the virus and you have to use 150 words so the first one to find it will get a free loot on the server send a screenshot on Discord via a separate message to bobbibones and i have 49 words to use so i’m going to come up with some more 40 words to go, it all started when i met him we started a youtube channel but actually i want a server so i made a server. 7 more words 5 4 3 2 1 done.

I have found a new video of the grand opening on the first scientific research on the virus and you have to use 150 words so the first one to find this will get you free loot on the server send a screenshot on Discord via a separate message to bobbibones and I still have 49 words to use so I’m going to come up with something
40 words to go, it all started when i got to know him we had started a youtube channel but actually i wanted a server so i made a server. 7 more words 5 4 3 2 1 done.

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Starship Arvia

The Starship Arvia
A Unique Roleplay Experience
  Welcome to the S.S. Arvia! You have just awoken from cryogenic slumber. The S.S. Arvia is the flagship for the Space Colonization Program launched by the Republic of Draea. The mission of this program is to establish new colonies on unexplored planets in our solar system.
  The S.S. Arvia began its journey with 200 active crew members, and over 1,000 cryogenically frozen colonists. The starship was doing a fantastic job, and had already established five colonies on various planets before catastrophe hit.
On the seventh year of its mission, the crew of the starship suddenly found themselves surrounded by complete darkness. They called this phenomenon The Void. Crew members began to go missing the farthest depths of the ship, and search parties were formed. Few members of the search parties returned, and the ones who did needed immediate medical attention. They told tales of of terrifying monsters that took pleasure in killing and consuming their friends and families.
  By the time a fighting squad had been assembled, it was too late to save most of the ship from the infestation. Now the Spawn Hub and Eco Hub are the only remaining spaces that are safe to inhabit. The Alpha Sector that connects the ship has been sealed, and the crew is extremely small.
  The Admiral, in sheer desperation, enacted Operation Failsafe. This program allowed for colonists to be awoken from their cryogenic slumber to become active crew members.
Your job as a crew member is to complete quests, assist in research, and protect the endangered Space Colonization Program.

Complete Quests
Through the use of plugins such as Citizens, Denizen, and Quests, users can experience an immersive RP experience by completing a variety of different types of missions. Of course, the completion of these quests do not go unrewarded.

Fight Monsters
Crew Mates are able to fight custom monsters that have unique drops.

Conquer A Challenging Economy
Our goal is to create an economy where users can set goals, and face the necessary task of budgeting their money. Several NPCs act as shopkeepers, and are spread throughout the ship.

080 Brasil Brasileiro Brazil Brazilian Missions Newserver Pets Promotion Research Rpg Searches Skyblock Survival Vips

Volare Brazil 1.17.1 | SkyBlock | RPG | Missions | PETs | Free VIP

Flying Brasil – 1.17.1

Skyblock | RPG | Missions | PETs | Dungeons | VIPs | Researches

Server is in beta, recently opened.

We are giving away promotional VIPs, enjoy!


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Hellfire War Faction

Hellfire War | Is a amazing Minecraft server to have fun with your friends or with people you meet! Make A Faction or just play alone!
– Java 1.12.2
– Modpack Download:
| Explore |
| Explore it with Friends or Alone or even with your Company! |
| From crystal caves to fallen starship there is everything for everyone to explore |
| Discover secrets from cultists to Dark arts. Everything is a possibility in the Hellfire War |
| Discover the Secrets of Hellfire |
| More than 200+ researches and tasks at release! |
| From exploring to fighting to even war! |
| The tasks are limitless will you be able to Discover and master them all? |

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About FastTech Server
Love technology? Tired of long and tedious smelting ores in the furnace? Do you want to fly? Then our server is for you! You will definitely like a high-quality assembly with many popular mods.

About FastDivineRPG server
This server will amaze you with its beauty, magic and mystery, which is added by the Thaumcraft modification, which changes the principle of the entire evolution of the player’s development. Magnificent magical weapons that shoot lightning or fire, etc. a world saturated with energy, mysterious and secret research. You will also find amazing dungeons with their bosses. Are you ready to plunge into the world of adventure?

About FastTerraFirma server
FastTerraFirma is a Minecraft server with one of the most global modifications for this game – TerraFirmaCraft! With this mod, you will understand that survival and blacksmithing are not as simple things as they seem at first glance. TFC changes the world of Minecraft beyond recognition – you will have to learn how to play again. From now on, everything is serious – the mod brings Minecraft physics closer to the real one, complicating absolutely all aspects of the game. All food now has an expiration date, wood is cut only with an ax, earth and stone crumble, obeying the laws of gravity – and this is only a small fraction of all the changes! Are you ready to take on the challenge? Then welcome to the server!

About FastTechnoMagic server
FastTechnoMagic is a server that combines technology and magic. The most beloved mods have connected with each other and attached the most popular addons to themselves. You have to become not only a good engineer, but also a talented magician!

About FastMagic server
These servers will amaze you with their extraordinary beauty, mystery and magic that Thaumcraft brings, and it, in turn, changes the principle of the entire evolution of the player’s development. Magnificent magical weapons that shoot lightning or fire, a world saturated with energy, mysterious and secret research. Also, amazing dungeons with their bosses are waiting for you. Are you ready to plunge into the world of adventure?

Ae2 Alien Bees Custom Darkness Free Insects Notech Research Skyblock Skyfactory Survival Survive Swamp Wine

GravityCraft⭐1.7.10-1.16.5✅ Mods⭐There was a WIPE⚡ Minecraft server

⚡⚡⚡ GravityCraft – BEST PROJECT WITH QUALITY SERVERS ON 1.7.10 – 1.16.5⚡⚡⚡

✅ 1.7.10 – 1.16.5 and free DONAT for voting

❤️ Daily kits /kit start and /kit food

❤️ Cases for voting

❤️ Free HD skins and HD capes for everyone

❤️ Responsive administration

❤️ Own developers and custom mods

❤️ Powerful servers without lags

⭐ NanoTech 1.16.5:

A server that has the most popular tech mods for 1.16.5 installed: Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, Create, Immersive Engineering, etc.

⭐ Wizard 1.16.5:

A magical themed server where you will travel across different dimensions in search of unique resources, fight bosses, conduct rituals and research spells. And all this on version 1.16.5!

⭐ OneBlock 1.16.5:

Techno-magic assembly in SkyBlock format with the OneBlock mod, which adds a special block, when broken, a new random block will appear, as well as chests and mobs.

⭐UltimateTechnoMagic 1.16.5:

A tech-magical server where you can build amazing gears in Create, conquer high tech with Mekanism, AE2, and Extreme Reactors, collect diamonds from apiaries in ProductiveBees, conquer magic with Botania, Eidolon and ArsNouveau, hunt dragons in DraconicEvolution!

⭐ Pixelmon 1.12.2:

A unique server with a huge modification of the same name that adds several hundred different Pokemon to the world. Travel the world, collect Pokémon, upgrade them, compete in tournaments with other players and become the best Pokémon trainer ever!
⭐Industrial 1.12.2:

A server where almost all the most popular technical mods are installed: Industrial Craft, Mekanism, BuildCraft, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, etc.

⭐ Fantasy 1.12.2:

An amazing world filled with magic and adventure. You will travel through different dimensions, learn the knowledge of druids and wizards, fight ghosts and other hostile mobs.

⭐ SkyFactory 1.12.2:

A server where you have to survive on a floating island. The server has the Garden of Glass modification installed, which beautifully visualizes the world of floating islands, and you will start your survival with the extraction of pebbles and roots.

⭐ DraconicTM 1.12.2:

A server that contains the most interesting technical and magical modifications. You will travel the world in search of spells, build huge reactors, dig with 15×15 pickaxes, build altars for blood magic, fight ghosts and demons, pump dragon armor through the fusion ritual – and all this on version 1.12.2!

⭐ TechnoMagic Lite 1.7.10:

A server with a huge number of modifications, where magic and high technology are mixed together. You have to run around the server with a magic wand, collect excavators for mining, build huge factories, cross bees and trees, fill the 11×11 digging pick with mana, hunt the mighty Chaos dragon, travel around different worlds in search of unique resources and much more!

⭐ TechnoMagic Hard 1.7.10:

A server for those who love complex builds! More than 4,000 new crafts are waiting for you, which intertwine magical and technical mods. You will not find ores in the ordinary world, but you will mine them in the world of Deep Darkness from the Extra Utilities mod. Even crafting an ordinary workbench may not be as easy as we are used to.

⭐ Sky TechnoMagic 1.7.10:

A server where you will have to start survival on a floating island! The Garden of Glass and Iguanas Tinker Tweaks modifications are installed on the server, so you will start development with the extraction of roots and pebbles, and ordinary tools will not work – you will have to craft them through the Tinker’s Construct mod.

⭐ TechnoMagic RPG 1.7.10:

A server with a huge number of mods and an RPG system developed by the project team. You will have to complete quests to open your way to different dimensions, in each of which you will find unique resources necessary for your development.

⭐ Magic 1.7.10:

A server for connoisseurs of magical modifications, on which you will travel across different dimensions in search of rare resources, including the swamp world, the world of insects, the world of elves, etc. And to pump through the unique RPG system from our developer, you will have to fight hostile mobs, of which there are more than three hundred in this assembly!

⭐ HiTech 1.7.10:

A server that will interest those who love exclusively technical builds, not overloaded with other modifications. Mekanism, BuilldCraft, Thermal Expansion and other popular tech mods are here

⭐Galaxy 1.7.10:

A technical server that will interest those who dream of space travel. You are waiting for the construction of rockets, flights to more than a dozen celestial bodies and battles with alien monsters!

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Juicy Middle School

Juicy SMP is a peaceful place where anyone is welcome and with no particular set of tiles rules, but we do expect you to treat all other players nicely, always have consent from a player before battle or war, and please don’t harass/annoy other players because we are all here to relax and enjoy Minecraft. Thanks 🙂

If you’re curious to who Juicy is look no further because he is JuicyFresh. Here is a little background information on who I am and why I host this server. I purchased MInecraft all the way back in early 2012 and fell in love with playing with friends and meeting new people. I have always been fascinated by the owners who ran these very tiny servers because at the time servers didn’t make money besides the money that keeps the server online and servers normally only had 20 to 25 players at most. So as I grew up and the years passed, in the back of my mind I always wanted to start my own little server to try and recreate the feeling I had playing on those servers while meeting new players, seeing the amazing creations that players made. As of late 2019 I started my first server called “chub” and I completely fell in love with the maintenance, research of adding new things or fixing errors to the point where I don’t have any interest in actually playing the game. Long story short, here I am today running Juicy SMP as a non-profit, anti-pay-2-win and peaceful server for people of all kinds from all walks of life. If you read all this, thank you very much. Peace and love <3