Best Of Colour Colours How To Get Kens Levelling Minigame Server Pride Serious Survival Token Tokens Trial Trials Updating – Classic Bedwars is a unique bedwars minigame server. has a feature rich experience for all players of any skill level. You can easily take part in challenges, quests, statistics and more just by playing and enjoying the game like any other person.

We have a unique shop system that users can interact with while playing our servers. You are able to play the game, earn tokens and use those tokens in our shop, you are able to purchase cosmetics, chat colours, pets, trials and more.

We also have a top of the line anti cheat that looks after our servers. We are constantly updating this and are happy to deal with any reports if a cheater is in our game. We have the obligation to protect our servers and we have the know-how to get it done right.

Here is more about our server.


1. Levelling System
2. Custom Economy
3. Pets
4. Cosmetics
5. Quests
6. Crazy Maps
7. Challenges
8. Frequent Updates
9. Advanced Anti Cheat
10. Active Staff
11. And lots more.

Our Mission:

We want to give the best possible experience when it comes to the beloved gamemode Bedwars. We want nothing but the best ofr our players and the community we have built surrounding our game server. We are aiming to acheive a fair, balanced gamemode that all players can enjoy.

With fairness, balanced maps and features that we need to stay on top of we are constantly busy with new ideas and creating new maps for our users to enjoy. We take pride in doing our part in the community to ensure there is a top of the line classic bedwars server for all to enjoy.

We promise we will not dissapoint so please give us a try.


We would love to hear feedback from the community. We are here for you guys and we take what you guys say seriously. We are here to listen and help where possible. If you have any questions, ideas or anything else that you want us to hear. Please don’t be afraid to reach out. We have a community discord server where users are able to chat with daily and have fun. You are more than welcome to join us over there and reach out via our ticket system.

500x 500x500 Ancient City Chats Collecting Colour Frog Froglight Guardian No swearing Perms Shows Survival Vcs Warden

The Experiment – Season 1 [500×500]

Welcome to The Experiment!

Here is the basic premise:
This is not just your normal everyday SMP, the world border is only 500×500, There is one end portal, but it is inside the Ancient city, and is next to a Warden Spawner.

The Goal:
Be the first player to get the “With Our Powers Combined” achievement (by collecting all 3 of the froglights from the 3 froglight dungeons.
A new minecraft account
(After someone has achieved the goal the server can carry on as a semi-normal SMP, (until season 2))

1. No Xraying, Texture or otherwise
2. No Swearing
3. Don’t make loud noises on VCs
4. Whilst playing only be on this server’s VCs
5. No Hacking
6. Found froglights can only be kept in your inventory or placed on the ground
7. Froglights are not allowed to be in ender chests!
8. No Bullying
9. Make sure it stays friendly (No broken Friendships) (If you have to pick between staying friends or winning, pick friends)
10. Have fun!

DM me for perms to turn on the server

The server has a connected Discord server that shows all of the activity in the server chats!

Here are a few things that may help you
1. Diamonds generate more frequently near the Ancient City
2. Ores and lights of the same colour spawn near each other
3. There are warden guardians near the froglights

Assassin Assassins Bounty Colour Curseforge Factions Hunter Merchant Modded Modpacks Origins Origins Smp Sins Smp Survival

Matrix Origins SMP [SMP] {Java 1.18.2} {Any Age} {Semi-Multiplayer Sleep} {New-Server}

Welcome To A New SMP!

The Matrix Origins SMP Is A Mix Of Factions, Origins And Normal SMP/Minecraft!

Join The Discord Server For The Rules And All Sorts:

Create A Faction Today! Join The Discord Or Ask The Owner When He Is On To Make You A Faction

Faction Creation Requirements: A Colour, A Name, A Premise (assassins, bounty hunters, merchants ect)

Here Is The Modpack:

Aden Bedwars Chamber Colour Creative Instagram Mini Games Punch Pvp Skyblock Skywars Splegg Sumo TNT Run Turfwars


We’re a Minecraft Java Server with a large variety of fun minigames to play! Our goal is to bring the best experience to players, which is why we really want to hear your feedback for us to improve! Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@SkyBladeNetwork) to stay up-to-date!

To summarise, here’s a LARGE list of things that we offer:
– SkyWars, BedWars, The Bridge, TNT Run, TurfWars, Colour Shuffle (Block Party Equivalent), Spleef, Drop, ZAP (Splegg Equivalent), One in the Chamber, Punch (Sumo Equivalent), 1v1 Duels, Free-Build Creative, SkyBlock + so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get playin’!
We can’t wait to see you online! 🙂

Accepting Africa Bully Colour Country Datapacks Diverse Javaedition Midnight Positive Relationship Ships South Southafrica Survival

The Midnight Club (1.19, JAVA, Datapacks, Discord)

Hi everyone! We are looking for some people to join our server, we all chat/speak in Discord.

We are all based in South Africa (GMT +2) and would like to find some active players. JAVA EDITION.

Each person can choose a race, it has no gameplay effect, we just change your name’s colour in chat.We would like community-driven people that are kind and want to build relationships for future servers, as well as create a positive environment on the server.

The obvious rules apply, there will be no tolerance for any harmful activity or bullying. We are a diverse group looking for people that are accepting of everyone and their differences.

If you are interested, please leave your name, IGN, Discord and maybe just a small message about why you would like to join the server (feel free to share photos of a build you’re proud of).

I will contact you via Discord if we would like you to join.

Thank you!

Template —-IGN:
How active are you usually (no pressure):
Why would you like to join?:

1.19 Alia Aust Australia Australian Calm Colour Dsmp Heads Navi Optional Signs Sleep Sounds Survival

Warped SMP || 1.19 || Optional Lore || Vanilla || JOIN THE DISCORD

Welcome to Warped SMP.

We are a new Australian-Based 1.19 Minecraft Server with many features to make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Our features include:
Multiplayer Sleep
Armour Stand Editor
Set homes + Warps
Coloured Signs
Player heads upon death
Optional Lore
We also have moderation features to ensure you don’t lose your stuff unrightfully!

Warped SMP was originally created in 2020 where we built a friendly community of people that are eager for this reset. We need people like you, who are looking for a new community to join us and expand our player-base.

We also have hard-working staff to ensure that your experience with us is calm and enjoyable.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to join our discord where our main communications take place. If you have any questions, navigate your way to #questions on the discord or leave a comment below. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Alia Aust Australia Australian Calm Colour Death Dsmp Heads Navi Optional Signs Sleep Sounds Survival

Warped SMP || 1.18.2 || Friendly Community || Optional Lore

Welcome to Warped SMP.

We are a new Australian-Based 1.18.2 Minecraft Server with many features to make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Our features include:
Multiplayer Sleep
Armour Stand Editor
Coloured Signs
Player heads upon death
Optional Lore
And more to come in the future!

Warped SMP was originally created in 2020 where we built a friendly community of people that are eager for this reset. We need people like you, who are looking for a new community to join us and expand our player-base.

We also have hard-working staff to ensure that your experience with us is calm and enjoyable.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to join our discord where our main communications take place. If you have any questions, navigate your way to #questions on the discord or leave a comment below. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Colour Colours Display Enderman Euro Europe Hulk Nvme Shockbyte Shulk Shulker Tweak Tweaks Vanilla Vanillatweaks

Flip SMP [Vanilla] [SMP] {Community Oriented} {22w16b}{17+} {Hermitcraft-like} {Whitelist}

About: Flip is a new vanilla Minecraft server with an small community of people who love building, exploring, and mining, automating and playing all styles of Minecraft.

Flip is a non-profit, free to play world where you can play and easily get help from our friendly admin team and other players from all over the world.

Flip is currently in its 1st Season, 25.04.2022 world generated.

Community: We have an Discord server with folks from all over the world discussing all things Minecraft, server events, and sharing humor. Use the link below to join the Discord and request to be whitelisted (added to the list of people allowed to connect).



  • VanillaTweaks Crafting
  • NameColours: Player name color indicates their current dimension and AFK status
  • Anti Enderman Grief: Stops endermen picking up / placing blocks
  • Coordinates Hud: Provides command to display coordinates on your screen above the inventory. Enabled by typing /coordinateshud toggle in game.
  • Double Shulker Shells: Shulkers will always drop 2 shells
  • More Mob Heads: Adds a chance for all mobs to drop a head
  • Player Head Drops: Players drop heads when killed
  • Hosting: Server is on “ShockByte Hosting”, server Location: Europe.


  • Intel Xeon E-2236 @ Max 4.80GHz
  • 6 vCores | NVMe SSDs | 8GB DDR4 RAMM

  • Categories
    500x 500x500 Bronze Cary Colour Enderchest Netherite One Life Sanctuary Shulk Shulker Silver Survival Unforgiving Unregulated

    Hard Home Games

    The Hardhome Games is now officially an ongoing original smp game experiment I am happy to be hosing on my server network sanctuary as a welcome addition to our lineup of servers, this Anarchy-themed Limited Resource Hardcore smp game mode is built to challenge players with a need for more high stakes and unforgiving multiplayer experience. With a small 500×500 map and three lives that reset once a week players are forced to survive in a dangerous and ever changing environment that forces those that return to the games every week to use their ender chest and player backpack as a bank to bring items with them across games giving them powerful advantages over new players in order to survive. like any game it is played for points and at the end of every week the three players with the highest Kill counts (aka lives earned) will be rewarded and added to the leader-boards. Aside from the rules below and general TOS of all platforms and upholding general decency this is intended to be an almost player run game with little input and rules from the outside moderators as possible and there will intentionally never be a pay to win feature for lives, once you are dead for the week you are dead and must wait until the next week to hop back in, the economy along with the bounty system, jobs, and trading that exists within the game is intended to be entirely freeform and player run so there will never be a given value for any item in the game. Have fun and enjoy the games.

    The first Official iteration of the game begins 10/15/2021 00:00est, join now for the open beta.

    Server Ip:


    Official Rules And Premise (10/14/21)

    -500×500 world borders on overworld and nether with a map that resets every Friday morning at 12am est. Your ender chest and backpack are your only safe space for your items and will cary over with you between games as a bank.

    -Once the game starts at 12:00am est every Friday the server is now reset in hardcore with your standard 3 lives, if you kill another player you gain one life point that you can exchange for an additional life and when you loose all your lives you will have to wait till the next week to return to the game and play again.

    -At the end of the week the 3 players with the highest kill counts will be rewarded and all players with positive scores will be added to the high score boards.

    -The economy is to stay fully player run and will be unregulated with in game trading, jobs, quests, and bounties. The value of resources and services is entirely up to the players.

    Rewards: Tier rewards are as follows (These will 100%change with time)


    -Golden Champion role on discord and server for the week following game you won and spot on the golden leaderboard. Free promotion of your projects in the discord server.

    -Former Gold Champion role on discord and server forever, access to the winners circle.

    -One additional Row of storage added to your ender chest and Backpack respectivly, two shulkerboxes of your chosen colour and name, and a Custom Soulbound Netherite tool of your choice with lore about your win.


    -Silver Champion role on discord and server for the week following game you won and spot on the Silver leaderboard.

    -Former Silver Champion role on discord and server forever, access to the winners circle.

    -One row added to either your backpack or enderchest Perminantly, one shulkerbox of the chosen colour and name.


    -Bronze Champion role on discord and server for the week following game you won and spot on the Bronze leaderboard.

    -Former Bronze Champion role on discord and server forever, access to the winners circle.

    -One shulkerbox of the chosen colour and name.

    Avn Border Canvas Colour Colours Draw Mew Parkour Pixel Art Reset Secure Server Ip Space Teleport Writing


    CanvasMC is very new server and is somewhat of a new concept for a Minecraft server. Here’s how it works:

    When you spawn in the hub you can do /canvas to teleport to The Canvas in which you are given serveral colours to chose from that you can draw pixel art and anything really else that you want to with, the canvas will never reset and has a world border at 30Million blocks out so there’s lots of space to draw and make your mark.
    We also have an ID system so you can see what number player you are to join the server, as of writing this the highest ID is 4 so join now to secure a low ID!

    Server version: 1.17
    Server IP:
    Server Discord:

    Mod Modded Origins Originsmod Originsmodded Originssmp Survival Voice Voicechat Voicechatmod Voiceproximitychat

    Slore Middle School

    A welcoming minecraft modded server that includes:

    – Voice chat
    – Origins
    – Alex’s mobs
    – Backpacks


    Be +13
    Be nice and welcoming
    No griefing
    No stealing


    to the basement

    Welcome to the awesome world of Sotora – home to the legendary tales of Alfred and Geir….

    Pve Pvp Survival

    Minecraft Server AcuaCraft Network Review March 2024

    Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – The AcuaCraft Network offers a unique experience with its three different game modes and the promise of more to come. The integration of artificial intelligence is a cool touch that sets this server apart from others.

    – Challenge: 4.0/5.0 – The challenges presented in the Survival mode keep players engaged and on their toes. The BoxPvP mode offers intense battles that test players’ skills. Gens mode adds an extra layer of complexity for those seeking a challenge.

    – Community: 4.0/5.0 – The community on AcuaCraft Network is friendly and welcoming. There are opportunities for collaboration and competition, creating a dynamic social atmosphere that enhances the gameplay experience.

    – Overall Experience: 4.3/5.0 – AcuaCraft Network provides a refreshing and engaging Minecraft experience with its variety of game modes, challenges, and AI integration. The friendly community adds to the overall enjoyment of playing on this server. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to Minecraft, AcuaCraft Network has something to offer for everyone.

    AcuaCraft Network Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What is AcuaCraft Network?
    AcuaCraft Network is a Minecraft server that prioritizes quality and offers an integrated artificial intelligence feature.

    2. What game modes does AcuaCraft Network currently have?
    AcuaCraft Network currently offers three game modes: Survival, BoxPvP, and Gens. They also plan to develop new game modes with more support in the future.

    3. How can I join AcuaCraft Network?
    You can join AcuaCraft Network by visiting or by visiting their Google site at

    4. Why should I choose AcuaCraft Network?
    AcuaCraft Network focuses on providing a high quality gaming experience for players and offers unique features such as integrated artificial intelligence.

    5. Is there a community in AcuaCraft Network?
    Yes, AcuaCraft Network has a community of players who are active on the server. Join now to be a part of the community!


    DementiumCraft 1.20.4

    DementiumCraft 1.20.4
    Survival RPG / Mission / Itemscustom / And More ⚔
    A unique survival RPG with custom items, here you can enjoy a wonderful experience, come and join our community.


    Urucraft Network

    Minecraft Server
    The server is under development and we are configuring the server, this description will be updated soon.

    Bedwars Mini Games Pixelmon Pve Roleplay Skyblock Skywars


    MineEmpire – Play and earn real dollars

    On our server there are payments for time in the game! On the server there are many different mods, modes and mini-games!

    Login is available only from our launcher!

    Pve Pvp

    Minecraft Server SkywalkerMC Review March 2024

    Creativity: 4.5 – SkywalkerMC brings a unique twist to the classic survival server by incorporating Star Wars themes. From building your own Tatooine-style home to battling mobs with lightsabers, the creativity on this server is out of this world!

    Challenge: 3.5 – While the survival aspect offers a decent challenge, the PvP elements could use some improvement to provide more excitement and difficulty for players seeking a competitive edge.

    Community: 4.0 – The community on SkywalkerMC is super friendly and welcoming. Whether you’re a hardcore Star Wars fanatic or just looking to make some new friends, you’ll feel right at home here.

    Overall Experience: 4.0 – SkywalkerMC offers a refreshing take on the survival server experience, with its unique theme and friendly community. While there is room for growth in terms of challenge and PvP, the overall experience is still highly enjoyable. May the blocks be with you!

    SkywalkerMC Minecraft Server FAQ

    Q: What is SkywalkerMC?
    A: SkywalkerMC is a new 24/7 survival server that caters to Star Wars fans.

    Q: What can I do on SkywalkerMC?
    A: You can meet new people, have fun, and engage in PvE and PvP activities on the server.

    Q: Where can I find more information about SkywalkerMC?
    A: You can visit their website at

    Q: How can I join SkywalkerMC?
    A: You can click the link provided in the description to join the server.

    Cross-Play Economy Pve Roleplay Survival Vanilla


    Survival Multiplayer 1.20.4 server, with a ton of features, Graves, Custom World, Realistic Villagers, Claiming, Vanilla Tweaks!, And so much more come check us out or , if the other one isn’t working for whatever reason :D——————————Website:—————————————-Discord:—————————–ServerMap: 24/7 SERVER HOSTED,NEW HARDWARE!

    Cross-Play Survival

    Minecraft Server Hood Irony SMP Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – Hood Irony SMP is like a meme dream come true, with its ironic theme and almost fully vanilla survival gameplay. The server offers a unique twist on the classic Minecraft experience, keeping things fresh and interesting for players looking for something different.

    – Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While the server is mostly vanilla, the community adds a layer of unpredictability that keeps things challenging. From unexpected PvP encounters to hidden traps, Hood Irony SMP keeps players on their toes and makes survival a true test of skill.

    – Community: 4.0/5.0 – The community on Hood Irony SMP is a mix of humor, memes, and discord banter. Players are friendly and welcoming, creating a fun and engaging environment for players to connect and collaborate. Whether you’re looking for new friends or just some good laughs, the community here has got you covered.

    – Overall Experience: 4.0/5.0 – Hood Irony SMP is a refreshing take on the classic Minecraft experience, combining creativity, challenge, and a vibrant community to create a truly unique server. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this server offers something for everyone and is definitely worth checking out. Cheers to the ironic vibes and meme-filled adventures!

    Hood Irony SMP Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What type of server is Hood Irony SMP?
    – Hood Irony SMP is an almost fully vanilla survival multiplayer server.

    2. Is the server compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions?
    – Yes, the server is compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions.

    3. What type of plugins does the server use?
    – The server only uses anti-grief logs and bed plugins.

    4. Is there a whitelist for the server?
    – Yes, there is a whitelist enabled for the server.

    5. How can I join the server?
    – You can join the server by joining the Discord at The server address is or

    Escape Pvp Survival Zombie

    MZS Zombie survival server + escape server

    1.15~ 1.20.4

    CS zombie vs human Server !

    this is korean server

    I can also speak Japanese
    Please come and try it! !

    that’s simple server

    Kitpvp Pvp Survival


    Minigame server on 1.7-1.20. Filled with joy and excitement sitting there and waiting to be played. Great staff and there are staff applications open if you wish to apply.

    Survival Vanilla


    A clone of MC64

    Lifesteal Survival Survival Games

    Minecraft Server Infinity Network Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – This server brings a fresh twist to the typical survival experience with Lifesteal SMP, adding an element of strategy and risk to the gameplay. The paid kits and rewards for voting add an extra layer of excitement and customization to the survival journey.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – The dynamic world and unique gameplay mechanics of Lifesteal SMP provide a good challenge for players looking to test their survival skills. Battling mobs and thriving in the wilderness require strategic thinking and quick decision-making.

    – Community: 4.5 – The vibrant community on Infinity Network adds to the overall experience, with players coming together to share tips, tricks, and adventures. The server is community-driven, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

    – Overall Experience: 4.3 – Infinity Network offers a captivating survival experience with a twist, challenging players to think creatively and work together in a vibrant community. The unique gameplay mechanics and rewards system make for an unforgettable adventure where every decision shapes your destiny.

    Infinity Network Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What is the Infinity Network server all about?
    – The Infinity Network server offers a Survival SMP experience with a twist: Lifesteal SMP. Players can engage in a dynamic world where every action matters, from battling mobs to thriving in the wilderness.

    2. Are there any unique features on the Infinity Network server?
    – Yes, players can enhance their gameplay with paid kits that grant unique advantages to aid their survival journey. Additionally, voting can unlock even more rewards, amplifying the overall experience on this vibrant community-driven server.

    3. How can I join the Infinity Network server?
    – You can join the server by entering the IP address along with the port number 25579.

    4. What game modes are available on the Infinity Network server?
    – The available game modes on the Infinity Network server include LifeStealSurvival and Survival Games. Players can partake in these modes for a challenging and immersive experience in the Minecraft world.

    Economy Survival Vanilla


    Welcome to Sedonia SMP! Dive into an adventure where creativity, exploration, and commerce converge in a dynamic Minecraft world.

    Regular Updates: Enjoy a unique gameplay experience with our regular additions; we build the server around your suggestions.
    Claims: You can protect your structures, griefing and stealing are forbidden, we want a perfectly welcoming game environment
    Dynamic Economy: Test your trading skills and manage your wealth in a vibrant economic system.
    Shop & Playerwarp: Explore shops and player locations, or create your own.
    And many more… !

    Join us today and experience a unique gaming experience in our thriving community of passionate players on Sedonia SMP!

    Cross-Play Survival

    Minecraft Server CloverSMP Review March 2024

    Creativity: 5.0 – CloverSMP really hits the mark with its unique features like the quest system, collectable pets, and world bosses. The custom enchantments and player-built shopping district add a whole new level of depth to the gameplay experience.

    Challenge: 4.0 – The server offers a good balance of challenge without being too overwhelming. The MMO style skills and world bosses provide a good challenge for players looking to test their skills, while the claims system helps protect their progress.

    Community: 4.5 – The server boasts a friendly and active community with players always willing to help out and collaborate. The daily, weekly, and monthly rewards also encourage teamwork and camaraderie among players.

    Overall Experience: 4.5 – CloverSMP offers a truly unique and engaging Minecraft experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more. With its creative features, challenging gameplay, and supportive community, this server is a must-try for any Minecraft enthusiast.

    CloverSMP Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What features does CloverSMP offer?
    – CloverSMP offers a quests system with new quests always being added, collectable pets, MMO style skills with special abilities, world bosses with special loot, player and mob head drops, custom enchantments, gravestone to recover items after death, player built shopping district with customizable shops, claims system for protecting belongings, Java X Bedrock crossplay support, daily, weekly, and monthly rewards, vanilla enhancements like sitting, invis item frames, one player sleep, set home, afk, and consistently updated content.

    2. Is there pay-to-win in CloverSMP?
    – No, there is 0 pay-to-win in CloverSMP.

    3. How can I join CloverSMP?
    – You can join CloverSMP at the following server addresses: or



    a small server i host. feel free to cheat in any way desired but do not grief description might change but i need the 100 character length so drfthuftyhyufgthjiuftyghgfthdghjhgyftgjbhkgyftgjhjgyjfgvbhjgyfhjgfvgbhjgjfvgvhjhiugyftdghjuftydrfghuiftyghjfhtycdfghiudrtfgdrtfghftycdfhgvhgftydrfhghuycdrtfhghgdfxcvghbgcfgvbhjbfgcgvhbjgftcghjbkcfggvbhkjgdfxcgvbhjgftdrcfghjvgyftgvhbjnknghvcfvbhjcfgvbhjfrghdrtfghuftyghjiuftyghuiftyghjghgfdcghjhugyfghjgyfghjhgfghj

    Economy Mcmmo Mini Games Parkour Pve Skyblock Survival

    Minecraft Server MysticCraft Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – MysticCraft truly lives up to its name by offering a mystical and unique Minecraft experience. From the custom mobs to the gear that enhances gameplay, every aspect of this server screams creativity. Not to mention, the weekly boss battles and plethora of quests and jobs add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

    – Challenge: 3.5 – While MysticCraft does offer some challenging aspects like the weekly boss battles and dynamic player-supported ecosystem, it could benefit from ramping up the difficulty in certain areas to keep players on their toes. Overall, it strikes a good balance between fun and challenging gameplay.

    – Community: 4.0 – The community on MysticCraft is vibrant and welcoming, with players supporting each other towards common goals. The server’s emphasis on player interaction and engagement through events like weekly boss battles and mini-games allows for a strong sense of camaraderie among players.

    – Overall Experience: 4.0 – MysticCraft offers a truly immersive and exciting Minecraft experience that is sure to keep players hooked for hours on end. With its creative features, challenging gameplay, and strong community, this server is a must-try for any Minecraft enthusiast looking for a unique and engaging gaming experience.

    MysticCraft Minecraft Server FAQ

    Q: What is Mystic Craft?
    A: Mystic Craft is a custom survival Minecraft server with exclusive features such as custom mobs, gear, player-supported ecosystem, minigames, quests, and weekly boss battles.

    Q: What are some exclusive features of Mystic Craft?
    A: Mystic Craft features awe-inspiring custom mobs, gameplay-elevating gear, dynamic player-supported ecosystem, heart-pounding minigames like paintball, over 1400 meticulously crafted quests and jobs.

    Q: What can players expect from weekly boss battles at Mystic Craft?
    A: Players can compete for in-store prizes and engage in thrilling battles during the weekly boss battles at Mystic Craft.

    Q: What are some of the exciting minigames available at Mystic Craft?
    A: Mystic Craft offers minigames like paintball and MobArena with tons of maps to choose from for players to enjoy.

    Q: How can players join the Mystic Craft server?
    A: Players can join the Mystic Craft server at or by using the IP address

    Economy Kitpvp Survival


    Join ODACRAFT – Where Adventure Awaits!
    Immersive World: Explore lush forests, towering mountains, and mysterious caves in our meticulously crafted world.
    Jobs System: Choose your path with various jobs like mining, building, farming, and more!
    Player-Driven Economy: Engage in a bustling marketplace to trade goods with fellow players without any pay-to-win mechanics.
    Don’t miss out on the excitement! Join ODACRAFT now and let the adventure begin!
    Server IP: IP:


    Tzatziki SMP

    Embark on an exhilarating journey into the boundless realms of our Minecraft server. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the game, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.


    Custom Plugins: Experience Minecraft like never before with our custom plugins designed to enhance your gameplay experience. Discover new features, mechanics, and surprises around every corner.

    Regular Events and Competitions: Stay engaged and entertained with our regular events and competitions. Put your skills to the test, compete against other players, and win fantastic prizes.

    Dedicated Staff Team: Our dedicated staff team is here to ensure that your experience on our server is nothing short of extraordinary. From providing assistance and support to enforcing rules and maintaining order, we’re committed to making your time with us enjoyable and memorable.

    Join Us Today!

    Whether you’re a casual player looking for a place to unwind or a hardcore adventurer seeking new challenges, Tzatziki SMP welcomes you with open arms. Join us today and embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Minecraft’s most captivating realms.

    See you in-game!

    Pve Pvp Survival Survival Games Towny

    Minecraft Server New CardinalBlade World Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 3.5 – New CardinalBlade World offers a unique survival experience that is still under construction, allowing players to see the server evolve over time. The potential for new features and builds adds an element of excitement to the gameplay.

    – Challenge: 3.0 – The server provides a moderate level of challenge, with survival gameplay and the potential for PvP encounters in the future. The under-construction status may present some obstacles for players seeking a fully polished gaming experience.

    – Community: 4.0 – Despite being a new server, the community is welcoming and open to new players. The opportunity to help shape the server’s development can foster a sense of camaraderie among players.

    – Overall Experience: 3.5 – New CardinalBlade World offers a promising experience for players looking for a fresh take on survival gameplay. The evolving nature of the server provides a sense of excitement, while the welcoming community adds to the overall enjoyment of the gaming experience.

    New CardinalBlade World Minecraft Server FAQ

    Q: What is the CardinalBlade World?
    A: The CardinalBlade World is a new survival server currently under construction.

    Q: When will the CardinalBlade World be fully operational?
    A: It is hoped to be fully operational within a month or two.

    Q: Is help needed on the CardinalBlade World?
    A: Yes, help is needed and anyone who is not going to misuse it is welcome to join.

    Q: What game modes are available on the CardinalBlade World?
    A: PvE, PvP, Survival, Survival Games, and Towny are available on the CardinalBlade World.

    Q: How can I join the CardinalBlade World?
    A: You can join at or visit

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