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🧿 Aurkana | Friendly Survival Realm | 1.16.1 🧿

Welcome to Aurkana, Land of the Auras!

We are a friendly community server with variations of worlds for you to enjoy! We’re always here to help and make your server experience amazing. We have been up and running for 4 months already, and hoping to surpass that! We hope you enjoy your stay on the server, don’t forget to join the discord. [


We currently have:

– Survival Land-Claim
– Mob Arena
– Creative


– RPG with storyline/quests
– Towny
– More mini-games


– Grief Prevention (Land-Claim
– Mcmmo
– Jobs
– Petblock
– UltimateTimber
– PlotSqaured
– PlayerWarps
– ShopGUI

And much more!
Visit our webstore! [

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Spectrum Minecraft

Welcome to Spectrum Minecraft!

Spectrum is a server run by veteran Minecraft players with the goal of offering a professional and enjoyable environment to play in, with a focus on providing an incentive-driven progression of play alongside the sandbox nature of Minecraft. Players on Spectrum MC will experience an enhanced Minecraft experience, with a player-driven economy, McMMO stats and training, community-run shops, farms, and museum exhibits, as well as friendly, active staff whose priority is creating the best player experience possible.

– PvP + PvP Arena
– Economy
– Player Shops
– Housing Plots
– Server Shop
– Museum
– Land Claims
– Natural Rank Progression
– Donor Perks!
– Jobs

We’re a new server, so take the opportunity to become a founding member of the next big Minecraft server! Join Spectrum Minecraft today!