Chaotic Newserver Survival

Stranded SMP

Well, Thou adventurous soul!

You have reached far and wide to find a place where to settle
But the limits of this barren world won´t let you!

Stranded SMP is a survival vanilla Minecraft server with plugins where the world border is pretty limiting.
The older the server gets, the more it will expand.

what will be of peace when resources are this scarce?

Love, hate
Fight, persevere.
The island is open for all your bidding!

Another two upcoming servers, the modded version and the roleplay server, are on their way too.
Stay tuned!

Anarchic Anarchy AOT Chaotic Creativity Explore Famous Freedom Hey Magi Takes TERA They Vanilla Weve


2craft2freedom is an anarchic Minecraft server, where there are no rules or centralized governance. Players are free to build, explore and interact with each other however they choose. This server is not very famous, but it offers a unique experience for those looking for a real sense of freedom and creativity. Join this chaotic world and see where your imagination takes you!

AOT Berry Chaotic Creative Economy Him Mcmmo Noi Pizza Pizza Tower Roleplay Skyblock Survival Tower Towny

Woag World

Woag World is a Pizza Tower Style Minecraft server, all based around the Noise and him converting the server into his own chaotic rule. Join us and play with us, and interact with our community!

Our discord

Ace Anything AOT Channel Chaotic Faction Pvp Factions Factionsurvival Limits Lord Minecraft Smp Survival Youtube Zen Zenith


A minecraft smp… without limits… on anything.
like I said there are no limits on this server.
my youtube channels:

AOT Chaotic Conquest Earth Economy Empires Greatest Horizon Impossible Nre Pve Pvp Raiding Survival Unreal

In a reshaped and unrealistic world, ripe for conquest, a new horizon appears.
A unique individual, who never expected to receive someone so special.
That reshaped all the foundations of the new world.
That individual is you! The most special! Most important of all! The one who made the impossible, possible.
And with his power and his intellect he showed everyone his wisdom
The one who built the most and most shook the empires.
He who won the most and squandered the greatest fortunes
The one who most showed his influence in this chaotic world
You! The great legend.

23w13a Or B AOT April April Fools Changes Chaotic Mojang Popular Sport Survival Unhinged Vote Vote Update Votecraft Voting


Welcome to Votecraft!
This server’s sporting Mojang’s latest (and best) idea of making everything a vote in game. Vote for many probably chaotic changes around the world whenever your want! We’ll be here for today so stop by anytime (or longer if voting ends up being that popular!)

Oh yea and happy April 1st (no reason)

AOT Apps Bax Chaotic Chill Fake Lifesteal Minecraft Positive Powers Private Pvp Server Smp Stratégie

Theos SMP (Applications Open)

(The ip is fake, we use a paid host 16gb. to join apply!)

Welcome to Theos Smp!
Our Smp is chaotic because it has two unique plugins, The Theos plugin, And the LifeSteal Plugin.
Theos plugin explanation: At the beginning of the server, each member receives a God role with a special potion effect/ability. Upon killing a player, they will drop a Theos token, which can be used to create Theos Might, which has a further positive effect and will get you on the next stage. Stage 4 has the best abilities.You got to be strategic with your choice of God roles, and think of how to combine them with your teammates powers for powerful combinations and strategies.
When you die to a player you lose a stage.There is a maximum of four stages that can be obtained.
To apply, join this discord server and make a 30 second to 2 minute app, or fill in the google app form.

1 20 April Chaotic Fps Kindness Minecraft Newer Qol Retro Server Smp Streaming Survival Trove Vanilla

RetroVerse (Java & bedrock Vanilla Server) (1.12-1.19) (Whitelisted)

Hey there fellow Minecraft enthusiasts!

Are you tired of the same old server experience with overbearing admins and unnecessary plugins, chaotic unorganized player base ruining the fun? Are you looking for a close-knit, mature community to play Minecraft with? Are you unable to play minecraft cause your FPS dips in 1 19? Look no further than RetroVerse, where we value a completely vanilla experience with only a few QoL datapacks.

Our community is completely driven by the players, with no admins telling you what to do and what not to do. We are a friendly and diverse group of players from all around the world, in our 20s and 30s. We aim to maintain the pace of the game without requiring specific playtimes or skill levels, so you can play at your own pace.

We are inspired by Hermitcraft, but we’re not trying to be a rip-off or a hardcore version of it, meaning our server is entirely community driven. what the playerbase says, goes. We are looking for players who share our values of kindness, common sense, and a love for Minecraft.

If you are interested in joining our server, please reach out to us on Discord at RETRO#6228 for more information on the application process. We’re not a huge server, and we’re looking for a few more players to join our close-knit community. Don’t be a jerk and show us you’re a good human being, and you’ll fit right in!

*the server will be 24/7 with good hardware specs

When is the server starting?

The server is set to start in the first week of april.

What version will the server be on?

the server will be starting with 1 19 4 and soon updated to 1 20 when it comes out but you can join from ANY VERSION of your choice meaning you don’t have to worry too much about your fps being too low in the newer versions

Is it a long term server?

yes it absolutely is! we’re not hoping to reset anytime soon so this isn’t a 1 off server.

Can i stream on the server?

Yes absolutely, you can! Being a full time streamer myself i would absolutely cherish content creation to its best and i will be streaming on the server aswell!

here is my discord info again : RETRO#6228 also drop an upvote , it will help us reach more people who wish for such a server

Anarchy AOT Challenging Chaotic Creation Creations Design Elves Entertainment Fru Replica Stealing Survival Upset Wtf

2D.WTF is an anarchy Minecraft server that operates with no rules or restrictions. As a result, players are free to do whatever they want, including stealing, griefing, and even cheating. This makes the gameplay on the server incredibly unpredictable and chaotic.

The server has been designed to replicate the original Minecraft experience, where players start with nothing and must gather resources, build shelters, and survive in a hostile world. However, on, players must also be prepared to defend themselves against other players who may attempt to steal their resources or destroy their creations.

Because of the lack of rules, the server is not recommended for players who are easily frustrated or upset by griefing and theft. However, for those who enjoy a more challenging and unpredictable Minecraft experience, can provide hours of entertainment and excitement.


AOT Ban System Bans Borders Challenging Chaotic Défi Hardcore Mode Hearts Intense One Life Permanent Stratégie Strategy Survival

Life Steal 2b2t is an exciting new Minecraft server that takes the popular game mode of 2b2t and adds a unique twist: lifesteal. In this server, when a player kills another player, they steal a heart, which can be used to heal themselves. This feature adds a new layer of strategy and gameplay to the already chaotic and challenging world of 2b2t.

The server operates on a heart-based death ban system, which means that when a player runs out of hearts, they are banned from the server for a certain period of time, depending on the severity of their death. This adds a high-stakes element to the gameplay, as players must be careful not to die and lose all their progress on the server. However, with lifesteal in the mix, players have an extra chance to recover hearts and stay alive, making the game even more challenging and exciting.

It’s important to note that death bans get reset on the first of every month, giving players a fresh start and a chance to jump back into the game. There are also no world borders on the server, allowing players to explore and build to their heart’s content.

The server is set to hardcore mode, where players only have one life, and if they run out of hearts, they are permanently banned from the server. This adds an extra level of difficulty and makes every decision and action in the game incredibly important. is a competitive and challenging server that will put players’ skills and strategies to the test. If you’re looking for a thrilling and intense Minecraft experience, this server is definitely worth checking out.