Freeitems Items Survival


Welcome to LLAMACRAFT,

Overiew of the server features:

  • No paid ranks/crate-keys/perks (This can only be unlocked by playing)
  • No server shop, you can only use the marketplace or player-chest-shops
  • Friendly community & staff
  • Protect your land with gold shovel claims
  • Player Obtained Rank System by Voting
  • Free crate keys
  • Claim daily rewards by logging in
  • Complete quests to receive rewards like keys
  • Level up in skills and each skill has abilities/passive perks (not mcmmo)
  • Server is located in EU but very playable from an US connection

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    Komis Custom Pixelmon – Free Items – Start with Diamond tools

    Komishark’s Pixelmon is a pixelmon server with a different goal in mind.

    – Users get access to more commands than the majority of servers, like: creating user buy/sell shops, check stats, check evs, /legend /lastlegend /lastub /back, and keep inventory

    – You start with diamond tools, have access to veinminer, start with ultra balls, dusk balls, timer balls, and quick balls, chisel & bits tools, can get a free legendary of your choice upon request

    – We have Pam’s harvestcraft, flat colored blocks, chisel, chisel & bits, and DexNav

    – Friendly server owner & looking for staff (must be a dedicated player)

    What are you waiting for? Come join!

    Custom Modpack:

    If you have any questions hop on and I will answer them as soon as I can.
    Everyone gets a free shiny legendary when joining. (I have to be online to give it to you.)

    32ks Anarchy Commands Free Freedom Freeitems Freerank Freeranks Grief Griefing Nolag Norules Oppvp Pvp Raiding Survival Survivalvanilla Vanilla


    NoBanMc is a no-rules server thats on hard difficulty with buffed mobs. Getting banned in this server is impossible hence the name NO BAN MC. There are commands available for use to fully maximize your player experience. In addition to a Free Rank and 32k weapons given out on start.

    /Upgrade to enchant weapons all the way up to LV 32767
    /Enchant for vanilla level enchantments
    /Fly for flying on the server
    /Condense to turn ingots into blocks
    Also Chestsorting and trading with /trade