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The Optimum SMP

The Optimum SMP [1.19.2] [Fabric Modded]
The Optimum SMP (TOS) is a small community Minecraft server that we wish to grow.The server is centred around the create mod, an amazing mod for automation and machinery in Minecraft.Currently we are a small server but really want to grow into an amazing server with many people.If you are interested in joining our amazing server please join below at:

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I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying playing Minecraft and are considering joining the XyCraft server! Minecraft is a very popular game that can be played in many different ways, and finding a server that you enjoy can be a lot of fun. If you like the XyCraft server that you are looking to playing on, I would recommend trying out some of the other game modes and features that this server has to offer. There might be other aspects of the game that you will enjoy just as much, if not more. Regardless, it’s always good to try out new things and have a variety of experiences. Enjoy your time on the server!
“Craft What’s Yours”.

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Have you always been struggling to find a good server to play on? No need to search any further, you’ve found it, we’ve got it all – Great Community, Good support, Optimization, Cross-Play Support, NightPass.


Join us and have fun!

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Anarchy 19.2 OneManWolfPack 24/7 Minecraft 19.2 java Here is a server to play on if you feel like it. I havent set anything up really its just kinda anarchy rn do whatever you want lol eventually it prob will be made into an actual server but it should be online practically. This isn’t technicaly related to my youtube channel but someday it may be lol.

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Vegan Minecraft

For those Omnivores and Vegans out there. If you are interested in Minecraft come check out our Vegan Minecraft server!We live a Vegan lifestyle in Minecraft and we even made our own datapack so that you can make all vanilla items from Vegan ingredients.We have almost 200 members and are constantly growing.Come join us!



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NIGHTCRAFT | 1.19.2 | SMP, Factions, Economy | SEASON 1


v1.19.2 JAVA

Young minecraft-server

What to expect from our community?


– Enhanced Survival-Multiplayer (SMP) experience
– Well-balanced economy coupled with a remote shop & auction
– NightPass with tiers and challenges to enhance Minecraft experience
– RPG-like skills, so you won’t be bored grinding on the server
– Competent in-game and in-discord support, monitoring the server
– Always night coupled with Hard mode, makes survival challenging
– Factions, with their respective missions and abilities
– Support for Premium and Non-premium Minecraft versions

– Ability to make good friends with similar interests

Hope we see you there (if you’re visible :D)!

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All the mods included are vanilla+ and offer biome overhauls, new biomes, expanded tools & armor, seasons (farming is different for each season), QOL changes, & server management (land claiming & server commands like teleporting). Since there are no extra blocks included with this pack, it makes it really easy to look nice with any resource pack of your choosing without anything looking out of place. I recommend turning off the in-game music, Mizuno’s texture pack, & BSL shaders.


Notable mods included: Incendium, Nullscape, Serene Seasons, & Terralith

Need an amazing server on but don’t know where to find one? Create your own with Bisect Hosting! Click the image below!

LavenderCraft Minecraft Server

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The Conquest SMP ⚔ – ( Whitelist )

Hello! Welcome to the Conqust SMP, An SMP where you can crush your rivals, make clans, and build an Empire, go to war with other Nations / Clans / Factions, and Become the Best in the Server, I, The Owner of the server have been looking for a Pure Vanilla Minecraft Server, However, they seem to not exist, accept for now. We are a VERY VERY VERY New Server and would like your help to build the Community, Thank you, and I will see you on the server 🙂

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Rox Anarchy! NO RULES! Hacking Allowed!!

Rox Anarchy is a Minecraft anarchy server that redefines what it means to be hardcore. Join and be aware of what you see as this is no ordinary Minecraft server, so don’t think it will be. Connect and enter the world of Rox Anarchy for real unfiltered anarchy!

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Valiant SMP – Casual and Community Driven

Vialiant SMP is a very casual vanilla survival server on Java 1.19.2 with an active and growing player base with a handful of quality of life plug-ins and data packs. Valiant SMP prides itself in its ability to welcome all kinds of players and bring them into the thriving community. Valiant SMP’s main focus is community and interactions with one another, with shops spreading across the spawn town and people helping one another.


Valiant has been an active server for almost 2 months with around 20 active players. We have active moderators, active admins and an active owner. We have a discord server where you are very easily heard when you have any questions or concerns.


Valiant is constantly growing both player wise and software wise, and the community has a say in every single addition in plug-ins or data packs.


I hope to see you online soon. Please join the discord listed below to gain access as Valiant is a whitelisted server to prevent any wrong-doers from getting easy access.