Amplified Amplifiedworld Semivanilla Survival Vanilla

Degenerate Loser Craft

Semi-Vanilla, Survival, Amplified world, Elytra, No teleporting. A fun little server for all to enjoy. Free of charge. Absolutely no pay to win aspects to it atall. See you there.

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CambridgeCraft (Supports 1.16!)

Experience the ultimate amplified factions experience – Experience CambridgeCraft!

Our goal with CambridgeCraft is to create the ultimate OP Amplified factions experience for everyone to enjoy. Factions is currently live and in Beta, so now is the perfect chance for you to witness a multiplayer experience unlike any other! Join now and experience Amplified Factions!
For questions or help: While on the server, run the command /ccdiscord to get a discord invite.

Thank You!

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⇐ CrystalVanilla ⇒

Un nuovo server tutto vanilla in un mondo amplificato! Nessun plugin che riguarda i giocatori, solo per la gestione del server, un mondo che sarà costruito dai player stessi! Affrettatevi ad entrare!

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Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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