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MCBanters Minecraft Server

Supporting Both Java & Bedrock Clients

Still under construction, looking for staff, first world Anarchy Limited.

This world is only 2000×2000 blocks, what happens when it runs out ?

About MC Banters…
We are a multi world server bringing standard and new ideas
as we grow new things will come new worlds will come
please see each worlds info to pick the one for you.

We are Multi Platform, working for both Java and Bedrock
to help with this 99% of commands have been removed
and replaced with fully customized MCB GUIs
with this bedrock players can navigate the systems
with very little effort and typing complex commands
we hope you enjoy all the work done with our GUI.

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The SMP Without A Cool Acronym

Welcome to the SMP!

Our mission here is simple:

“SMPWACA’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by uniting people from diverse backgrounds through shared motivation, recreation, and development.”

We want you to have the best experience possible, so you can bond with friend, make new ones, and battle and build your way to the top! We don’t believe in pay to win mechanics, so supporting us gives you a few aesthetic changes, and some wonderful quality of life changes that don’t effect game balance (Such as access to inspect commands to see who placed what blocks and where!)

With higher quality plugins that focus on what we need, and lower restrictions on the things you love, we hope it’ll be your new favorite SMP!

Discord Server Information:

Everything in the server is intentionally designed to be as informative, and easy to work with as possible. If you find that we’re missing a channel you’d like, or have a suggestion for layouts, feel free to let us know!

Discord Server Boosters are always appreciated! As a token of our thanks, we offer these perks when you boost our Discord Server:

– Custom Role and Color of your choosing
– Custom Emoji of your choosing being added
– Access to Core Inspect (Find out who placed blocks and where)
– Early access to plugin tests or new worlds
– Priority for migration
– And more that we’re adding all the time!


Server Features:

We care about your experience in the SMP, that’s why this server is run on Bloom Hosting, a well known and reliable service. using the 24 GB plan, we have enough RAM to properly run the server without much issue at all.

Featuring VanillaTweaks datapacks, small additions have been made to help you throughout your journey, such as duraping, which informs you when tool durability is low, or a fun game of tag featured on Grian’s channel!

Essentials provides support for /home, /spawn, /tpa, and /back to all players, allowing you to converse and cooperate with your friends without all the hassle.

Moderators get all of the support they would need as well, with full access to The Core Project, Essentials jail access, as well as Inventory see, Enderchest see, and Inventory rollback.

Worried about thieves? Not to worry! We offer Lockette Pro, allowing you to lock your chests so only you and a set group of people can access them.

Oh. And we have the sitting plugin.

World Generation:

Great consideration was taken by our Senior Admin ItsADaisyy to find a high quality world seed that provides great locations for building, as well as convenient village locations.


We know SOMEONE is going to have an issue at some point in time. For that reason, we’ve included the support-ticket channel to assist. Just click a button, and instantly get access to a private chat with our staff team! No need to share your issues with the world, and once you’re done, just close it up and it’s archived in case we need it later!


We take staffing very seriously, which is why we have Staff Applications coming out at regular intervals to create the atmosphere for proper vetting, training, and deployment of staff. Staff have access to all the information and support they would need, and we take pride in our use of technology to make the process easier. Ban appeals are sent straight to an appeals channel, where people can look through and approve or deny them accordingly.

Community Involvement:

While the initial setup was done in quite a closed setup, most things will be decided by a vote, so people can give direct input on if they approve of a decision or not.


In order to facilitate an environment that unites people, we encourage you to bring your friends in, and have fun interacting with each other! Form a community that rivals none other, and have fun playing!

Once again, thank you for your support, and have fun!



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Android MC (a mc java server all running on my phone thats actually FAST!!!)

This is a mc java server running on my android phone via Quilt and it only has mods to improve performance, still 100% vanilla. this is the 2nd time i had to type this out

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1.19 NO RULES Survival/Creative

This is a 1.19 Survival/Creative server with NO RULES. Choose between two servers in the central hub, one with full creative mode access and the other with basic survival mode. Both servers run smoothly and have NO RULES. Bedrock compatible with port 19132 and the same IP.