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Riley’s Gym

Riley’s Gym
Riley’s Gym is a small network of servers that currently hosts two game modes.


Server Red – Dwarves Vs Zombies
Our version of Dwarves Vs Zombies is based on the Bruce’s Gym era for DvZ (2013) mainly remade as nostalgia for older players. (Credit goes to BruceWillakers/Robert Moran, the original creator of DvZ)

Server Blue – Demonica (In development)
Demonica is an RPG that is currently in development and will still be for a while. Builder applications for the open world are open to anyone who can show skill and passion in building fantasy/medieval themes.

Class Classes Creative Disguise Dvz Dwarf Dwarves Minigame Public Pvp Server Survival Team Team Pvp Zombies

Dwarves Vs Zombies – DvZ Server – The LihP Network

DvZ Server – Dwarves vs Zombies – PvP mini game – Pubic Server

Play Minecraft as a monster! You will look like the monster and have it’s abilities.SummaryThe PvP game mode DvZ involves two teams, the dwarves and the zombies. The dwarves must defend their three shrines and prevent the zombies from conquering them, the game ends when the zombies conquer the final shrine or the last dwarf falls. The zombies are assisted by many monster classes each with unique abilities and disguises.

Recent changes
New dwarf classes, you can now be one of many dwarves including Blacksmith, Alchemist, Lumberjack and Tailor. Earn dwarven gems while playing and gain weapon upgrades from other classes.

New Mini-games MVM, MVD and a random Party server!

Summary: Action packed Team based PvP Game!

Dwarves vs Zombies itemsImage Spellbook, right click to cycle through available spells, left click to use a spell.
Image Teleport tool, when stood at a wall of dwarven stone simply right click.
Image Repair tool, just stand still and left click to repair all your items.

Dwarves vs Zombies Commands/Play – Explains how to use items.
/Info – Full Game information.
/Rules – Learn them to stay in the Game.
/Credits – See how the Community have helped.
/Donate – Learn how you can help the Community.Links
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4. Type /reward in game.

You will need to join using Minecraft 1.8 to play PvP games like DvZ.