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Fallout Salvation Remastered

Welcome to Fallout Salvation Remastered based on the Franchise Fallout. we are an SMP Server with a Twist Custom plugins , dedicated staff team , events and more. we regularly update to add more and more for the community to enjoy.

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Ventarra is a small 18+ server of about 20 active players, a handful of who streams. We have a permanent survival world (with a few changes),
but we also like to spice things up with special events, big and small, as well as minigames and challenges.
These tend to include non-vanilla elements and a lot is created from the ground up.

Feel free to message with any questions – no obligations.

Apply here!

Faction Fallout Falloutnewvegas Postapocalyptic Survival Towny Vanilla

WastelandMC Post Apocalyptic Towny

War, war never changes, the Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth, Spain built an empire for its lust for gold and territory, Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower, but war never changes.

October 23rd, 2077 changed the global landscape forever, the world isn’t what you once knew, and now, as a survivor of a destructive nuclear apocalypse, you must rebuild society with others, restore society to what it used to be, possibly even better. The road to rebuilding won’t be easy, others will be in your way, whether it be the horrors left behind by our own folly, or our fellow man trying to kill us, the road ahead won’t be easy. It’s said war never changes, but men do, through the roads they walk, what road will you walk?

WastelandMC is a 1.15.2 Java edition Post Apocalyptic Towny server launching on July 4th, 2020, using a 1:500 North American West Coast map with updating territory borders that can be seen on the dynamic map. The server features a player made economy, with features such as chestshops. Larp as your favorite Fallout Faction, or go your own way, in the Wasteland, the choice is yours.

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Jectile – Call of Duty and Zombies Minecraft Gun Server


The first genuine adaptation of Call of Duty in Minecraft.

Fight through waves of monsters using weapons, perks, skills and equipment.WeaponsImage

Unlock weapons and purchase them with Coins collected from monsters. In Zambies, we believe in slaying monsters in the most imaginative ways possible.

To illustrate what we mean, a monster can be defeated by:

  • A landmine detonated by a single shot from a Hunting Rifle.
  • Burning hot napalm fired from the nozzle of a Flamer.
  • Poisonous darts shot from one end of a Blowgun.
  • A Takedown, a special move that players can execute.
  • A Frying Pan. Yes, I believe you heard correctly.
  • With over 20 weapons each with their own unique characteristics, you will have more than enough to pick from when it comes to choosing your personal favorite!


    You have the option of bringing in a total of three special equipment into each match, all of which fall into one of the following categories:

  • Throwable: Items such as stun grenades, cluster bombs and airstrike-calling flares which can be tossed into tight spots!
  • Utility: Items with very strategic uses such as landmines and remotely-detonated explosives!
  • Support: Make your teammates love you with deployable Sentry Guns and Supply Crates!
  • Summoning: Request aid from a lumbering metal giant, or perhaps an angry cow that really, really loves to ram into things.
  • ClassesImage

    While a large majority of servers restrict players to predefined classes, you are given full control over the items you wish bring into each match. With an easy-to-use interface, picking an item is literally two clicks away!


    Largely inspired by games such as Fallout and Crimsonland, you may choose up to two perks. These perks grant special abilities and benefits (sometimes at a cost) that can drastically improve your performance!


    You earn a skill point upon leveling up that can be expended on upgrades that empower certain weapons, or on upgrades that improve your stats!

    Jectile is a first-person shooter Minecraft server that brings a fresh take on Call of Duty and zombie survival games.