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Just Another Tardis Server

Experience the unparalleled magic of the Just Another Tardis server in Minecraft. With Slimefun and captivating addons like Warfare, Tinkers, and more, dive into a world of endless possibilities. Forge towns, wage wars with the Towny and siege plugins. Engage in a thriving economy with server shops and player chest shops. Your adventure knows no bounds here!

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*server currently in closed beta but will be open soon*

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DoctorChosenCraft || MCMMO || Towny || Dropheads || Mob Arena ||

DoctorChosenCraft is a Towny central PVP server that utilizes both MCMMO & TownyWar. Players can use the towny plugin in order to protect their builds and set up towns/plots for their friends & other players. Difficulty is on HARD

DoctorChosen’s goal is to have a medium-sized, well managed SMP Minecraft server where friendly banter & competition/pvp is allowed + encouraged, while also having a safe place to work on massive build projects with your friends.

PVP is a key part of the server and combat logging is blocked by a 30 second timer upon being damaged by another player. If a player does not wish to engage in any form of PVP then players are encouraged to set up a secure town and claim all of your items and make sure town PVP is toggled off.

ChosenCraft SMP Server Rules/Info:

PvP is enabled in all areas besides spawn (players can decide whether PvP is on or not within their own towns)

No hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, or any form of 3rd party support besides things like optifine, minimap, etc. These are more serious offenses which will result in permabans.

No hate speech, Spamming, or any violent language that would be against Minecraft/Mojang TOS. Minor cursing/banter is fine as long as it doesn’t become overwhelming in chat, this is up to mods discretion.

No advertising

No griefing other player-made structures. Looting & Theft is okay but it must be unprotected This is to encourage more building from new players and improve the overall aesthetic & community of the server. (There are townywar plugins that will be used as a substitute for this that regenerate bases after war)

No Lag Machines or AFK Machines. Auto Farms need to be approved by a mod and will only be approved if they aren’t an exploit and cause minimal lag, Standard mob grinders are all okay as long as they are cleared regularly.


MCMMO Plugin info can be found here: [b][/b]

Towny Plugin info can be found here: [size=18px][b][/b][/size]

This server has dropheads! ALL mobs in the game drop heads (less than 1% chance for most mobs & player heads have a 2% chance of dropping)

Consequences for rule breaking:

The repercussions for breaking the rules depend on the rule broken and the conditions under which they are broken. Hate speech or Cheating will result in an instant ban, if done again it is a permaban. Less serious chat offenses will be handled with a player being muted.

The difference between misunderstandings and intentional malice is made very obvious in the server logs. Bad faith arguments will most likely be ignored.

In cases where it is less obvious, a decision will be made by the moderators as a group. All rules are also subject to this method. If a moderator is waiting on feedback from the others and they have reason to be concerned about the server while offending party is online, they may temp ban the offender with the reason: “Temp-ban: pending investigation”

Repercussions for breaking minor rules generally will follow this pattern: kick, temp ban, temp ban, permaban. Ban appeals can be submitted to the discord and will be addressed by a discord moderator.

Donor Perks Tiers/List

Type /buy in game or go to this link:

ALL Donations go towards helping keep the server up 24/7 as well as improvements to player count, reduction in lag, server events & are non refundable 🙂

Discord link for the community can be found here:


Actually Early Geopolitical Geopolotics Guns Modern Modern Warfare Pvp Siege Team Pvp Towny Townywar Townywars War Warfare

Modern Warfare MC

Modern Warfare MC is the first of many segments of this new, early access, warfare server.

Make teams and war others,
See everything on a live map!
Experience modern weapons.
Build a community.
Looking for staff.
Suggestions are actually viewed!


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Cascade Craft

Cascade Craft is a Towny Survival Server with a friendly community! Separate worlds for Towny War and Towny Peaceful. 2 Earth Maps! Plugins Include mcMMO, Towny, Jobs Reborn, and many more! Join our Discord for the most up-to-date information!

Attributes Awaken Beach Citadel Clash Destiny Nationbuilding Pvp Semivanilla Smite Tinker Tinkers Towny Townywar War



The world is strange. You awaken on a beach, gazing on the morning sun, faintly remembering a battle, of screams, of the song of swords clashing on metal, the thrill of the fighting… but it’s all faded now. There is nothing beside you. No sword to smite your foes, nor armor to save you from killing blows, but there is something… or someone, watching you. You’re sure of that.

Welcome to Ascentius, a world of lore, gods, custom items and classes, all for the sake of nation building, and of course, war! Join the heat of battle and create your nation, destroy your foes, and Ascend!

Will you answer the song of destiny?




  • In-Depth class tree with 30+ classes, skills, attributes
  • Tinkers Construct like Weapon and Armor making
  • Custom Enchants
  • Towny
  • War & PvP
  • Citadel
  • Live Action Lore
  • Non-P2W
  • Dimensions
  • Supply Drops
  • Rewards for forming groups

  • Categories
    1.16.5 Cities Conquer Economy Eth Owny Project Pvp Survival Together Towny Townywar Townywars Vanilla Wars

    Excalibur Project

    Native server in version 1.16.5 with the Towny plugin that allows you to create your own cities, together with TownyWars that allows war between cities.

    Build, conquer, prosper!

    Adventure Bluemap City Economy Mcmmo Overview Paperspigot Pvp Ranks Spawners Team Pvp Towny Townywar Townywars Wars

    The Everlasting Neverland

    The everlasting Neverland is a Towny server with Wars plugin!
    Join our server, and explore our huge custom map.
    Make allies, enemies, or friends to protect each other!

    Towny and TownyWars
    Custom recipes for many items!
    Custom Huge map with DynMap and BlueMap
    Economy and Auction House
    Join from 1.9.x to 1.16.x

    Comunidad Creativo Evos Hex Nuevo Oppriso Opprison Prison Proxima Skywars Survival Survivalrpg Town Towny Townywar


    Minecraft Network,
    – Gran comunidad
    – Towny
    – OpPrison
    – TownyWar
    – Proximamente: GAMES – Creativo
    – Pronto nuevos modos!
    -Staff activo

    Economy Geopol Harvest Nations Polfac Pot Potato Potatocraft Potatoeconomy Potatos Potatowar Towny Townywar War Zoo

    Potalia – Nations/Potato War

    Potalia – Polfac via Potatos

    This MC server is based on the economy of potatoes.

    In addition to the potato wars where people’s goal is to harvest as many potatoes as possible.

    Winner Gets Prize 😉


    Anarchy Economy Gems How To Get Leaderboards Mcmmo Newest Pve Pvp Relics Survival Towny Townywar Warz Warzone

    Towny Warzone

    Towny Warzone is the newest up and coming towny server that will has everything to suit everybody’s needs. Whether you are PVP-driven or love the game for the building, breaking, and playing survival, this server is for you. We have the best, cleanest Towny gamemode you’ll ever see, with simple and easy to understand instructions on how to get to the top of the leaderboards. Additionally, we bring our own unique twist to the table, with custom mobs, drops, relics, socket gems, jobs, etc. Join our community today, as you won’t find a better group of people to play Minecraft with!