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Night Survival

Fun Survival Game With Tons to do!

– latest minecraft survival
– updated alot!
-no pvp
– more!

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100 Atomic Cool Hosted Istop Pal Pay Payout Payouts Paypal Pot Pvp Rewards Skyblock Vote



AtomicSky is a new skyblock server with lots of really cool features and events. New events are hosted everyday. Vote for us everyday to recieve additional rewards that could potentially win you istop.

Istop 1: $100 PayPal
Istop 2:$50 PayPal
Istop 3:$25 PayPal

200 Builders Creator Creators Elves Grief Prevention Navi No swearing Pride Pve Ssl Survival Swearing Tpa Vanilla

Etherea Survival

Welcome to Etherea, a server dedicated to builders, explorers and creators.

We are a semi-vanilla server trying to make it easy for you to start playing. The spawn is a very simple, but useful place. Walk no more than 200 blocks, and you can start building.

The server uses plugins like Grief Prevention to protect your work on our server, as well as commands like spawn and home, making it easier to navigate the server.
We also have a TPA plugin, so you can play with your friends without the hassle of searching for one another.

We pride ourselves on keeping the community friendly. No swearing is allowed. Be sure to read our rules.

You can join our Discord server at:

Can’t wait to see you play on Etherea!

1.14 1.9 2.11 Cheat Fur Furr Furry Heat Hybrid Official Survival Survival Minecraft Survival Minecraft Server Towny Vanilla

Bingocat Server

This is the official Bingo Cat furry rp community server. This is a survival Minecraft server running on 1.14.3, this server is a hybrid between Towny, Anarchy, and Furry RP. We don’t have any anti cheat or anti grief plugins yet.

Active Staff Added Economy Fps Hub Mature Nether Pve Pvp Sell Semi Semi Vanilla Survival Trade Vanilla

Kevins Semi Vanilla Survival Server

Mature Survival Server. Grief protection and active staff. Player shops, buy sell and trade items. Nether hub that your base can be added to if you wish.

1.14 Ask Aternos Cheat Edit Has Heat Lea Mini Please Problems Roble Rule Survival World

Minicraft Survi

Minicraft: Survival 1.14.3
If you have any problems ./msg Michaluniek

Please don’t ask for OP

This server has:
World Edit

only 1 rule
Don’t cheat 🙂

Anything Aternos Call Chests Everything Function Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Pvp Sign Steal Survival Suvival Towny Yes


This is a survival server called Minepxl. It’s really fun to come here play suvival with your friends, and yes- you can lock your chests from other people so that they won’t steal anything! But not only chests, almost everything that has a function. Just place down a sign on the block you want to protect!
If you really like our server, please vote for us! (:

You are always welcome to Minepxl!

Admin Anarchy Anarchy Server Beast East Eset Map Pvp Reset Resets Rule Sets Survival Tmc Vanilla


Overgrown is a new anarchy server that is about as vanilla as it can be. No rules, no admin and NO map resets.

Breeding Gym Gyms Jump Launcher Legendary Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Pve Reforged Riding Shiny Starter Survival Technic

mapixel – Pixelmon server

Breeding Enabled, Shiny Starters, Survival, Riding Enabled, Legendary Spawning, Gyms, Player Gyms, Events

Website –
Discord –

See you all on the server! 🙂

Updated to latest Pixelmon version Pixelmon 7.0.6!

We recommend you use the Technic or AT launcher for installing Pixelmon Reforged as it’s the easiest way to make sure it’s running correctly!

If you have any issues please contact us via the website or jump on our Discord server!

400 Economy Extra Hosted Hosting Hut Levels Minehut Minehut Server Pve Roleplay Slime Survival Unlock Vanilla


a simple but fun survival server hosted by the minehut server hosting website. it contains slimefun wich adds more than 400 extra items in the game wich can be unlocked with exp levels

Anarchy Anarchy Server Indonesia Mean Multiplay Proper Property Protes Pvp Ram Sea Secure Survival TERA Vanilla


Anarchy Server for SEA.
Minecraft Server with no rules.
Welcome to Itera Indonesia!

Itera Indonesia is an Anarchist Minecraft server.

Which means there are no rules when playing on that server.

There is no such thing as a house protest at grief, or stolen property.

Secure each base and gear up to repel intruders.

Itera Indonesia will always be a vanilla survival that provides a unique experience in playing multiplayer.

8.2 Adventure Core Dventure King Lag Looking Minecraft Vanilla Ores Ram Sol Survival Usa Vanilla Venture

Exotic | Vanilla Survival

Looking forward too find players that’d like to adventure with other players on this wonderful Minecraft Vanilla server! We have a Discord server as well! We have a few active players. There should be absolutely no lagg if you’re in the USA. We have 8GB of ram with 2vCores!

1.20 Alliances Fat Forever Hardcore Medic Potion Potions Pvp Raiding Respawn Sleeping Spawns Survival Unforgiving


RustMC is an unforgiving gamemode based on Rust. The gamemode puts players in a 500 blocks^2 world, without any hostile mobs and lets them free. You can grief, fight other players, build, form alliances and more. What you do, is up to you. The mode is made to be unforgiving, with health regen only possible through medicine, potions, bandages and sleeping, no coordinates on F3 and fully random respawns. You also have Slowness II and Mining Fatigue II on you, forever, causing you to mine and walk at a slower pace. For more information, recipes etc. check out the commands /recipes and /tutorial in game. Have fun!
The current server IP is :

Acid Date Exciting Galactic Games Hiring Island Keep Land Paw Ring Sign Skyblock Spawn Way

Galactic Games

A fun and exciting SkyBlock server with acid island on the way. Fun, we will continue to fine-tune the server, and we will continue to keep it up-to-date. Hiring staff: use the in-game sign at spawn.

Adventure Alia Dventure Economy Gts Gym Ita Italia Italian Italy Looking Pixel Pixelmon Poke Venture


An Italian Pixelmon server! We are looking for Staff !!
Server discord ->
Here u can find an adventure server with Gts plugin, Gym Leader!
A lot ef event and more…. Join in our server!

Biggest Default Economy Empire Hanks Jack Rich Riche Roleplay Roleplay Server Ruins Strategy Survival Thanks Towny

The Voyage Within

This is a Towny Roleplay server with quests, shops, ruins and many more. The goal is to have the biggest town and be the richest player. There are many ways to earn money such as Jobs, or Quests. When you join, you can join one of three default towns. Each town has its own benefit which can change up your strategy, what you have access to and where? You can then create your own town and build an empire. But remember, you can’t do this by yourself. Special thanks to Jack (Quintessic) for significant help creating Celest. The rest of our staff team can be found on our website.

Bug Cube Cubecraft Etho Home Know Nline Online Pvp Sethome Setup Skyblock Tpa Ultimate Voting

Cubecraft Survival

This server is for the ultimate survival experience.
No plugins other than /tpa, /spawn and /sethome.

Newly started server, be a part of a new community.

Voting not setup yet, but comming soon, as well as ingame ranks.

No need for any game knowledge, our staff will gladly help with any questions, and any bugs you might experience.

Dev Development Elo Feed Gaming Mana Manage Management Minecraft Survival Server New Minecraft Pve Share South Survival Vanilla

New South Gaming

Join our new Minecraft survival server! New South Gaming! Its still in development so come on and get started and share your feedback! – NSG Management!

1.8 1.8.9 Aternos Best Build Building Dev Games King Kings Kitpvp New Owner Vip Viper


xVipersMc The Best server in Mc try it
join in it and have fun in our games
we have 2 Owners
and the best Sr.Dev and Dev
we have a new building for games

Minecraft Servers to Join

The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

Minecraft Servers List

A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

Minecraft Servers Survival

Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

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Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!