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Raptor Craft [New] [Whitelist] [S1] [Hermitcraft-like]

Hello! Im TDFecliptic one of the two owners of Raptor Craft. Welcome to the Raptor Craft SMP, here at raptor craft we will stop at nothings to give you the best Minecraft experience of your life! We strive to have the greatest community we can! With our amazing state of the art application process rest assured that no people you wont want here will not be. Our community is jam packed with the best people and thats why YOU should become a part of it! At Raptor Craft although i may be the owner nobody is really in charge , because everyone is! Every decision, from small to large is one made by everyone. At Raptor Craft we will have meeting every 2 weeks and discuss things like, new members for the next season and story line events that are currently taking place within members videos that other members may want to join in with.

On Raptor Craft we are only offering 15 slots, 10 of these people will be making content/ videos about the SMP – NOTE – We aren’t forcing you we highly recommend it to boost the servers popularity – These videos will be made on either Twitch or YouTube (depending on what you prefer) and hopefully uploaded weekly. The other 5 slots are reserved for people who will not be posting any sort of content regarding the SMP but these people can always make content if they wish!

Raptor Craft is fully of Hermitcraft fans and is extremely similar to Hermitcraft itself. At RC we follow sets of rules that we think aren’t to strict but mostly involve using your common sense and a gentleman’s rule, like the Hermits do.

Here at Raptor Craft we are only offering 15 spots! And some are already taken so get yours fast with the discord link below:

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    Fisk’s Evolved

    This server, Fisk’s Evolved, will be returning soon, and there will be 2-5 suits added to the server via my HeroPack, and those suits will be exclusive to my server for my players to enjoy, so be sure to join it!

    All info on the server will be posted in my network, Divine Network’s discord: [url=”[​u][​color=#e74c3c][​/color][​/u]”][/url]

    If you all don’t know what Fisk’s Evolved is, it’s a server I made back last year. I had an idea, just like Tihyo combined his four mods to create the Legends mod, why not combine all of Fisks mods to create soemthing similar? I was surprised no one had thought of this before because it was brilliant. Just like the Legends mod offers Superheroes, Star Wars, Horror, and Kaiju; Fisk’s Evolved offers Superheroes, Star Wars, Transformers, Dinosaurs, and much more! It’s a very fun server and will be returning, release date is TBA, but lets just say Fisk’s Evolved will become Fisk’s Mega Evolved!

    Main features of the server:

    – A huge survival and open build world

    – PVP for the entire survival world

    – Claiming and ability to share claims with your friends

    – Donator ranks and purchasable suits, ranks, nicknames, etc.

    Our server also includes other features such as:

    – Interactive in-game auction house to sell and purchase items from other players.

    – Multiple cities to explore!

    – PVP arenas

    – Modded Mini-games!