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Altepec Java 1.17.1 server (not available)

Please don’t try to access to server yet. We are working on it!
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P.D.: When the project is 40%-60% complete, I will need help for build up to 20’000 houses, to give a sense of diversity. Later, I will decide if it can be in this server or by sending me the buildings.

Altepec is the official capital of Adagium, result of mutual cooperation between Gematia, Axis and Stravia. That is why it houses all the embassies, international organizations, and the nation government and its dependencies.

It’s a planned city built on a large meadow and next to the bay, it has an area of 49kmĀ². Its plan and urban design are inspired by places, like Brasilia, Songdo and Tenochtitlan.

Its buildings are based by international style and metaphoric architecture, and a lot of original ideas, which are a synthetic representation of each buildings function. Some interesting buildings are the national tower, stadium, cathedral, mayor’s palace, science and technology institute, art museum, and hospital.

The Altepec Subway (it’s really a “superway”, no underground), called Intervia, covers the transport service for population and important sites, with 10 coordinated lines and connections throughout the country. All railways pass over the ground level in color tubes.
Other transports are the international airport, able to serve crowded flights, and the passengers and container terminals of the port, which joins land and sea.

Altepec has green areas in every street and sector, to create a city in sinergy with its environment and develop creativity and imagination. The downtown is completely surrounded by a lake, where everyone can enjoy the amazing landscapes and take a boat ride. Further, there are a zoo, an acuarium, a large farmland and a natural reserve.