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This is a modded Roleplay MInecraft server with economy,democratic elections, Cities ,business etc. we accept Cracked Minecraft Players

More Informations on Discord server. Have Fun:)

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Sympervia Tech

This server uses the sympervia Tech modpack which has a fully functional tech tree. It includes several mods to make the pack better and to fill the tech tree in. I personally have played several hours already and had lots of fun. So join the server as soon as you can and have some fun with me.

here is the IP:

here is the pack:

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Z Server SMP

General Info

Online since May, 14, 2011.

Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close active community. We are a amazing server with a nice community and awesome looking map. If you have any other questions ask.

All the useful info is on the website.