Appliedenergistics Draconicevolution Freeroam Moddedserver Survival

The Dragon’s Den

This is a freelance server please be respectful and do not grief. You will spawn in adventure but chances are I will be on the server and I will put you in survival. This server contains 161 mods and requires the Curseforge modpack “Draconic Infinity” to join. If you need help joining join my discord Also the first few to join may get creative

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Galactic Traverse[Modded][Technic][Factions][1.7.10][Kits][PvP]

Up 24/7
No Lag
Few Banned Items

Modpack Link:

* Industrial Craft 2
* Ender IO
* Malisis Doors
* Warp Drive
* Matter Overdrive
* Applied Energistics 2
* ICBM Classic
* NuclearCraft
* Cooking For Blockheads And much more!

* Essentials
* Factions
* RandomTP
* Global Market
* Clear Lagg

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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