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Sword And Copper SMP | Create | Magic | Combat | Factions |

Welcome to the Sword And Copper modded SMP – A modded mix between create (and it’s many addons), combat overhauls (epic knights, better combat and create alloyed guns), various magic mods (most notably, iron’s spells and biomancy), exploration (when dungeon arise, twilight forest and few other miscellaneous structures), and many more changes, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of factions and territory control.

Oh yea, we also have simple voice chat installed 🙂

Join our discord to learn more, and if you decide so, leave your mark on the world, where time of Sword And Copper has finally come.


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Copper empires is a modded SMP server, with main feature being the create mod.

It’s on the 1.19.2 minecraft version, is also fresh new, and waiting for more players to join in!

Note that we also use a lot of create addons, veinminer, mod or two for more biomes, and ftb chunks and teams, so you can easily claim your builds.

Cracked/Non-Premium accounts will not be able to join.

Modpack link;

Forge loader link; (use recommended)

Discord server;


1. Absolutely no cheating. Using stuff such as xray will get you banned. Full-bright is allowed.

2. Spam (repeatedly sending same or similar messages) and flood (unnecessary extension of words, like; “heloooooooooooo”) will get you first warned, and if repeated, temporally banned.

3. Any lag machines, or other attempts at harming server’s performance without any actual intent to play, will get you banned.

4. Going around and killing players is frowned upon, but there will be consequences only if they wish to report you.

5. Claiming around/inside someone’s base/claim, without them agreeing to it, will get you punished. Please do not do that. This also applies to claiming spawn area.

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The Optimum SMP

The Optimum SMP [1.19.2] [Fabric Modded]
The Optimum SMP (TOS) is a small community Minecraft server that we wish to grow.The server is centred around the create mod, an amazing mod for automation and machinery in Minecraft.Currently we are a small server but really want to grow into an amazing server with many people.If you are interested in joining our amazing server please join below at:

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LegencySMP 1.19.2 server vanilla

Come play a great peaceful SMP, where you can do whatever you want, but watch out for foes who want to ruin your life! Thankfully, you are not allowed to hack or harrass or do anything either illegal or inappropriate.

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NIGHTCRAFT | 1.19.2 | SMP, Factions, Economy | SEASON 1


v1.19.2 JAVA

Young minecraft-server

What to expect from our community?


– Enhanced Survival-Multiplayer (SMP) experience
– Well-balanced economy coupled with a remote shop & auction
– NightPass with tiers and challenges to enhance Minecraft experience
– RPG-like skills, so you won’t be bored grinding on the server
– Competent in-game and in-discord support, monitoring the server
– Always night coupled with Hard mode, makes survival challenging
– Factions, with their respective missions and abilities
– Support for Premium and Non-premium Minecraft versions

– Ability to make good friends with similar interests

Hope we see you there (if you’re visible :D)!

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Melou SMP | 1.19.2 Survival

Welcome to Melou SMP! A Vanilla Survival community SMP with two worlds – a seasonal one to keep things high paced and a longterm world where you can build forever.

Melou SMP | 1.19.2 Survival Minecraft Server

► 1.19.2
► Java
► IP:
► How to join:

► Two worlds
► Lands plugin
► Beautiful spawns
► Welcoming community
► Discord:

► Keep the chat in English.
► PVP is only allowed when the other person agrees, randomly killing people who are minding their own business is pointless.
► Please note that this is a community server, any disrespect or rudeness leads to a ban.

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The Enderman Society ┊Hermitcraft-like Semi Vanilla SMP ┊JAVA 1.19.2 ┊Season 4!

Welcome to The Enderman Society MC!

We are launching Season 4 on the 7th of October 2022!

We are driven to provide a friendly, engaging and fair Minecraft community for everyone. Our server is intended to be a place to have fun alone or with your friends.We are a Minecraft semi-vanilla server with a friendly community, districts and big projects in mind. We aim to offer a true-to vanilla survival experience, adding a few quality of life vanilla-tweaks.

  • Friendly & helpful community with over 200 members!
  • Active owners & mature staff team
  • PVP is toggleable
  • Gaming & Shopping District (currency being diamonds)
  • Whitelist Only
  • Live Map of our 18k x 18k Map
  • Grief protection against griefers and hackers!
  • Come join us today and meet our awesome community! Join us on Discord!

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    AuroraMC | 1.19.2

    AuroraMC is a claiming semi-vanilla server, we are an anti-p2w server.



    We hope to see you soon!

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    Valiant SMP (Whitelisted)

    Casual Vanilla SMP (Java Edition)

    Note: You must join the discord provided below in order to get whitelisted into the server

    I recently started a Java Minecraft SMP with a few friends and randoms and would like more people. I am looking to have an always expanding player base to interact with one another and make the server feel alive. I’ve had issues in the past with greifers and speedrunners and am looking for casual players. The server is very community centered, with almost all players living around spawn, making shops, and interacting. As of now, we have around 7 active players, and at any given time there’s 2 people online. I would love to bump those numbers up so I can put on server wide events and competitions. If you’re interested please join the discord with the link provided so I can get you whitelisted

    I hope to see you on the server.