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Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] – Warrior Cats Roleplay

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Art Contest Event *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Our server is holding an art contest event until May 20th 2022! Gain points for drawing your own characters! Check out our Discord server for more information
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Warriors of Wandering Lights *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Warriors of Wandering Lights is a Warrior cats roleplay server with 5 fan-made Clans, loners, loner groups, and extra territories. StarClan has spoken to these cats, and together they must seek peace among each other. WOWL has plenty to offer, such as…
– Warriors-related economy.
– Custom plugins
– Custom designed weapons and resource pack
– Playtime given ranks
– Gatherings every Sunday at 5:00pm CST/ central
– FREE access to roleplay loners, rogues, dark forest cats, and kittypets
– Multiple character slots (up to 12 FREE)
– Highranks & staff given out to ANY RANK (via application)
– Playtime perks such as /fly, /feed, /heal, /editsign, and multiple sethomes

To learn more about our server, join us now!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Our Clans *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan is located on the edge of a cliff, where their dens are dug from old badger dens. These cats climb to get to their camp. Their Clan is located next to a river, yet they do not like water. These cats have ranging fur lengths. They have more muscle than average. These cats are slightly taller than average. They are usually gray, black, or brown, and are tabbies or pointed.
Leader – Brightstar (Solfxllen)
Deputy – Pythonstrike (R0ttenC0re)
Medic – Moonshine (St0rmySkies)
Medic apprentice – Dewpaw (Hedgiequeen13)

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan lives on a hill with a spread forest. They are surrounded by a lush forest that protects their Clan. Their camp and dens are ditch-like, the trees trickling into camp. These cats have thin or average fur lengths, and are taller than average. These cats are also usually gray, tan, or black, and can be tabby, pointed, or solid.
Leader – Palestar (Alycat42)
Deputy – Briarfield (MaloniPoni)
Medic – Flamefern (Doctorfroggers)
Medic apprentice – Shroompaw (fallinqvirgo)

Warriors of Wandering Lights [1.18.2] - Warrior Cats Roleplay Minecraft Server
This Clan is built within the roots of a large willow tree, and beside a lake. Their dens are carved from the roots of the tree. They don’t get rained on, but sometimes their dens flood. These cats have slick, usually fluffy fur, and are average height. These cats are mostly brown or tan, and are tabbies with white underbellies.
Leader – Frozenstar (Xyrus__)
Deputy – Eveningbreeze (lionchompers)
Medic – Cloudrain (akeshu)
Medic apprentice – Open!


This Clan hides in large grass hills, inside a gorge. Their dens are within tunnels and rocks, keeping the cats safe. Prey mostly comes right to them. These cats have fur lengths that range from short to long, and they’re usually shorter than average. These cats are also usually brown and tan, and are tabbies or solid.
Leader – Lynxstar (akeshu)
Deputy – Cottontail (chongyvn)
Medic – Thistlehollow (bunnykoo)
Medic apprentice – Tinypaw (lionchompers)


Formed from a group of loners, kittypets, and former Clan cats, EchoClan is new to Clan life entirely. Their Clan is located in a said to be haunted forest, abandoned many years ago by ancient beings. Crystals form from the ground, trees, and in caves. EchoClan builds their camp up with bush barriers. These cats can have any fur length, body type, ect… since most of them have unique origins.
Leader – Dawnstar (kaciecat)
Deputy – Stagheart (lionchompers)
Medic – Beebringer (R0ttenC0re)
Medic – Mistysong (MaloniPoni)

Ridge Colony

Ridge Colony is a group just outside Clan boundaries that have unique roles and morals. They live within a lush valley surrounded by tall mountain walls. Their territory is full of beautiful wild herbs and has plenty of prey. The cats living there, called valley cats, are typically friendly to newcomers of all kinds as per their valley code.
Manager (Head healer) – Fal (Sunfallen)
Manager (Head hunter) – Yuffie (akeshu)
Manager (Head guard) – Astram (pancakepuffypaw)
Manager (Head Coach) – Seurasoni (bunnykoo)
Manager (Head keeper) – Cadmus (St0rmySkies)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Our Staff *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Owner – kaciecat
Co-owner – St0rmySkies

Moderator – lionchompers
Admin – theturtlekid
Admin – akeshu
Head Moderator – R0ttenC0re
Moderator – bunnykoo
Moderator – MaloniPoni
Moderator – pancakepuffypaw
Moderator – SouthernSol
Helper – fallinqvirgo
Helper – Xyrus__

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