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Magnus Malum


What kind of server are you looking for? Survival? Roleplay? Factions? RPG? PVP? Anarchy?
This server has a little bit of everything, for everyone.
(light-anarchy, tbh)

Magnus Malum is a world that brings out the true nature of people, if given the chance…

And we’ve geared this server for players to quite literally take over the world.
We have our own website with a tutorial, and our discord has one as well. They will give an informative guide on what the server has and how to use it. Check us out at or our invite code is: 73bm76z

But a quick summary:

This server is light-anarchy. The ONLY rules to this server is no racist remarks, and no ruining the integrity of the server. (Lag machines, Exploit/Hacking) Apart from that, we have geared the server for players to take over if they wanted to become the King or Queen of either their own kingdom, or their entire land. To start a Kingdom, you need a faction. There are 3 ways to gain a faction, and they are the same as how old kingdoms started. Buy a faction with your in-game wealth, gain a large following, or complete a legendary task.

This server is also RPG based. We use MythicMobs Premium and MMOCore Premium with custom classes and skills that will be added as time goes by.
It’s also RP based!
We include /me commands for roleplayers, but you won’t be kicked for things like “RKing” so be careful, and be wary when interacting with others.

Lastly, the Gods have not abandoned this world. They just choose not to interfere. Dungeons with insane loot and vendors will be added for players to explore, created by the Gods.

Some vendors sell collectibles as well!

What are you waiting for? Come check us out.