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Creatus-Craft is a Minecraft server in which we take the basic mechanics of Minecraft and add some spice to it! We have lots of plugins that increase the variety in things that you can do in Minecraft with custom dungeons and mobs, slime fun mechanics, and towny! We are a new server and excited to bring you aboard! Here are just some plugins that are included in our server!

  • In game ranks (No pay to win)
  • Aureliumskills (Skill tree)
  • Brewery
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Elitemobs (RPG and dungeons)
  • SlimeFun (Automation and machines)
  • Exotic garden (sf add-on)
  • Fluffy machines (sf add-on)
  • Cosmetics! (Not pay to win, earn cosmetics in game!)
  • Jobs
  • NPC custom shops
  • Towny
  • VeinMiner
  • Silky Spawners