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Project Z Saga | 1.18.2 | MMORPG | Vanilla

Project Z Saga | 1.18.2 | MMORPG | Vanilla Minecraft Server

Project Z Saga | 1.18.2 | MMORPG | Vanilla Minecraft Server

Project Z Saga | 1.18.2 | MMORPG | Vanilla Minecraft Server


Hello, and welcome to Project Z Saga! Project Z Saga (PZS) is an immersive, Minecraft vanilla, MMORPG server currently in development, based on the world famous franchise, “Dragon Ball”, created by the legendary mangaka, Akira Toriyama. Unique in its own right, it provides a wide variety of quests following its own custom storyline, ranging from action filled, challenging PvE with distinctive combat mechanics, vast exploration, mental challenges, server-wide events and more to be discovered! By allowing you to create your own character and playstyle, we encourage you to explore the world and forge your own story! Choose your race, equip your strongest techniques, and grow in power to become the strongest fighter!

✪ Interactive 3D Animated Mobs!
✪ Custom 3D Resource Pack!
✪ A plethora of unique Races with exclusive Racial abilities!
✪ Dedicated Staff Team
✪ Interactive PvP & PvE!
✪ And more to be added!

We post sneak-peeks every now and then in the Discord server, and provide crucial information there, so make sure to join to stay up to date with the server, We hope to see you soon in the world of PZS!

Website: Coming Soon!

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Kublex is a Minecraft server network made for players, by players. Our main objective is to satisfy the community.

1.7.10 Accounts Custom Map Dbz Inca Jutsu Jutsus Modded Server Npcs Okami Schematic Schematica Survival Sus Tlauncher

Tsukuyomi World

Welcome to the Tsukyokami world(Under development currently, will be released soon) heres its what we can give you
-lore to follow with a meaning
– reincarnations
-rp situations
-custom npcs
-custom jutsus coming soon!!!
-custom map with dungeons with custom rewards
– schematica clothesand a lot more!!!
Make sure to join the discord!!
Note – Its a modded server , so you can’t join with vanilla make sure to use forge 1.7.10 to join and also only premium accounts , not cracked ones like TLauncher.

Thanking you,
Asahi , Head Admin of the server

1.9 Anime Arcane Ball Content Dbs Dbz Dragon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Block C Dragonblockc Faction Pvp Gon Saga

Dragon Block Arcane

This is a Minecraft Server based on Dragon ball Z anime using Jins Dragon Block C Mod includes DB and DBZ content as well with DBS, and GT saga in the following updates!

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Minecraft Modpack unpredictable

——————————-Modpack Origins——————————–
I grew up playing Minecraft Hexxit with my cousins was one of my best favorites modpacks after playing Minecraft Hexxit I got into Minecraft server hosting and eventually I found out Minecraft Hexplore-it by Minecraft universe and eventually hosting the servers for mine_my_own_bizz sadly Dropbox delete it all of the files probably related to to many downloads so I start onto the path designing my new mod pack unpredictable I also ended up using the Modpack to test plugins and develop better servers sadly EnviroMine is no longer being developed & mine_my_own_bizz is no longer active & I’m 31 years old now lol
——————————-download linkl——————————–…

400 Ball Customnpcs Dbz Dragon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Z Dragon Block C Dragonblockc Movie Movies Story Survival Ultimate

Dragon Block Ultimate

A Dragon Block C Server That Is In Need Of Staff And Players, We Have The Dragon Ball Z Story, DBZ Movies, Dragon Ball Super, A Mentor System, And Will Soon Have Dragon Ball GT And A What If Story. So Come Join Dragon Block Ultimate

Application Applications Creeper Dbz Discordsrv Limited Lore Plus Quick Sleep Sleeping Smp Survival Tree Trees


Hello! I’m plusPolar, the owner of PolarSMP! Currently, right now we are looking for STAFF and Members!

We have the following plugins:

-No Creeper Griefing

-One Player Sleeping

-One Hit Trees


-TP back to where you died

And many more!

Remember, staff applications are only open for a limited amount of time, so be quick! And have FUN!!!


Dbc Dbz Defeat Enchanting Legendary Leveling Mcmmo Monster Monsters Saga Simulation Techniques Training Transform Transformation


Welcome to DBCUltimate.
This server has the same concept as DBXV2 and DBZKK.
Can be included as “MMO RPG”
You need to train, you are leveling up as much as you train.
Learn new skills, techniques, Transformations, etc…
Your main goal is to complete the story line from Dragon ball – Dragon Ball Super (GT Included)

The saga system doesnt work. the sagas are simulations.
Multiplayer addition – Fight with friends against bosses and monsters that cant be defeated when you fight alone.
and earn Legendary Enchanting for strong weapons which can be very effiecient for your training and during your trip.

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HavenCore DBC Fusions

DBC Fusions
Status: Released
Hello There, Welcome to DBC Fusions a brand new DBZ Server. In this server we have …

– Openworld Saga
– Otherworld Training
– Regular Training
– Beginner Training
– God Training
– Mentors
– Some NPCs That Can Transform
– Raids
– Prestiges
– Custom Wishes
– Bosses
– And Etc

Dbc Dbc Zf Dbz Dragon Ball Z Dragon Block C Dragon Block Zf Essentials Industrial Industrialcraft Jrm Landclaim Modded Pvp Npcs Pvp Survival

Dragon Block ZF

A modded Dragon Block C server, that offers a different flavor of the mod.

Version: 1.7.10

-Custom NPCs 1.7.10d(29oct17)
-Industrialcraft 2.2.819
-Dragon Block C (Latest)
-JBRA Client (Latest)
-JFamily C (Latest)
-JRMCore (Latest)

Or Look for the modpack on technic: Dragon Block ZF