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Runic Realms | 1.9 – 1.15 | Custom Fantasy MMORPG | NO MODS Required!

Welcome to Runic Realms! This is a full-on fantasy RPG in Minecraft! Don’t join this server expecting your typical SMP server with a few changes. This server has been in development for over 20 months, boasting a 6k x 6k fully-custom made map and over 75,000 lines of code to make it truly feel like a new game! NO MODS REQUIRED!

– [​50+] New items added through our server resource pack!
– [​5] Classes: Archer, Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Warrior
– [​5] Professions: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Enchanter, Hunter, Jeweler
– [​30+] Quests
– [​60+] Powerful Spells
– [​2] Challenging Dungeons
– [​1] Massive Raid

Available on Versions: 1.9-1.15

Paradise Runic Survival

Runic Paradise

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Runic Paradise is an old Minecraft SMP community which was dormant for a while – but we’re back! We have a good group of folks who have followed us all along and we’re happy to take on newcomers to expand our community.

The server is open for anyone to join, but new folks will need to be promoted after going through our quick tutorial.

Watch our new trailer:

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Visit our website at

What we offer:

  • Mob Arena!
  • McMMO!
  • Friendly staff who have admin’d and mod’d a SMP server before
  • Zero tolerance for griefing
  • Custom web-based tools to keep griefers out and find them if they do sneak in
  • Lockable chests & doors for all players
  • A global interface-based shop
  • Player-run chest shops
  • Protections to keep your buildings (but not you…) safe from explosions, fire spread, endermen, etc
  • A starting spawn town to explore
  • A starting city to settle into, sell from, etc
  • Several hubs spread around the map, connected via a convenient teleportation network so you can build in the environment you like best
  • A ranks system that lets you gain perks (and maybe responsibilities) as you grow with our community (or donate toward server costs)
  • So stop reading… and start playing! Anyone can login to the game server @ — but you need to post an introduction on our forums and agree to our rules before we promote you (so you can build!).

    Visit our website at
    Additional NotesSurvival server with long history is back in action! MCMMO, MobArena, PvpArena, Shops, economy, bukkit, worldguard, grief protection, experienced staff, teleportation network… and more! 🙂