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Cuboid Craft

A new 1.15 Survival server with all 1.15 features!

CuboidCraft is a survival server with grief protection, we dont allow griefing, so your builds are totally safe.

We have good rewards for voting, with each vote, you get $1000 in game and a vote key which gives you a chance at in game money, EXP, or valuables.

We have plugins here to prevent scamming, cheating, etc. and land claims as well. You can do /withdraw to withdraw money from your balance, and do /trade with other players to make sure you arent getting scammed.

We are a new server trying to build an active community and larger, friendly staff team. We welcome all new players! Since this is a new server, we also are open to suggestions and if you report any bugs or your suggestion is used, you will be rewarded!

There are plenty of unexplored areas of the map, and the map size is 20k by 20k, type /wild to teleport to a random location and get started!

We have McMMO, and a Jobs system. To see jobs, do /jobs browse and /jobs join to join one, you can level up your McMMO Skill as well as your job skill, and as you level up your job, you can make more and more money.

We also have player-made chest shops here, player warps so you can set your own warp to a shop, Mineable Spawners, we have Cosmetic Effects for players, and Crates that you can open!

Even more features are coming soon!