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Welcome To IndexPvP!

IndexPvP is a United Kingdom based and hosted server that features multiple fun servers for you to play on, make friends with and interact with other players.
We currently have Skyblock and KitPvP servers ready to release and also have many more to come in the future.

Server is currently in beta, so if you do join and find any bugs within any gamemode, please report it to an owner!


4gb Anarchy Atapacks Civ Civilzation Datapack Datapacks Factions Hardcore Lifesteal Pvp Raiding Season 2 Survival Territory

BlinkSMP x IgniteSMP

We are ignitesmp x blinksmp. We are a 24GB server with many plugins and datapacks to make your experience enjoyable! We are new, so please come check us out! We have started season 2 which has a theme of island civilzation, where there is limited resources and people can create nations to defend their territory!

Please come check us out!

April Ars Bed Bedwar Bedwars Coming Creative Day Ming Mon Nda Prison Survival Upcoming Wars

Manor Network

Manor Network
We are a new upcoming Minecraft server!
We have bedwars, SMP and much more!

When? Monday, April 18th @ 1:00 PM EST

/d/ /e/ Cards Creative Human Minecraft Update Minecraft Updates Mini Games Seed Sèrie Streamers Survival Twice Vanilla Whitelist

RTC Minecraft

Hello everyone!

RTC Minecraft is a small-ish server that has been active for over 8 years! We have a survival world (vanilla, with some plugins), creative world, and a mini-game world. The survival and creative worlds are open for playing at all times. We update our survival world seed fairly regularly, usually coinciding with major Minecraft updates. We recently have updated our survival world to 1.18.2 for our 7th world seed.

We get together twice a week on Friday and Sunday evenings (8pm EST) to play games on the server. The games are all custom built on the server but heavily inspired by games that you have likely seen played by youtubers and streamers. We also regularly have big event games throughout the year, including an ongoing king series. We also do Cards Against Humanity fairly regularly, and we will occasionally have some other games going as well.

We are open to anyone joining, and we’re a pretty lax group in general. However, this is an adult server, so mature themes are discussed at times, and we expect everyone to be treated respectfully. We do have some rules, which you will need to verify that you’re ok with when you join our discord.

If you’re wanting to join, please fill out the google form link below, which will also give you a link to our discord.

Hope to see y’all soon!

Account Add Ate Aternos Cent Des Enter Rip Ron Strong Survival Multiplayer Tron Trong You Your

l-StrongZ- Minecraft server

Server owner “l-StrongZ-” has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Anarchy Aus Bedwar Bedwars Channel Current Economy Gamemode Gamemodes Hub Mini Games Minigames Pvp Skywars Survival

Elq Hub

Play a lot of minigames in this server! this server is new and currently just have 2 gamemodes (Survival and Bedwars) but we will try to make more gamemode soon…

Cross-Play Curse Curseforge Detail Detailed Economy Nitro Pve Pvp Roleplay Sponge Spongeforge Tail Wind Windows

The Holy War

Player Version : Java Edition ONLINE ( PC | Windows | Mac | Lunix )
Game Version : Curseforge Modpack [ 1.12.2 ]

Server Version : Spongeforge ( Mods & Plugins )

Detailed description coming soon!

1.18.2 Bedrock Edition Bedwars Cross-Play Cube Duel Duels Kitpvp Lifesteal Ports Pserver Pvp Pvpserver Survival Survival Games

Cubeless Network

Cubeless is a 1.16-1.18.2 Duels pvp server that supports both Java, and bedrock edition! if you would like to join from bedrock, use the ip and port stated here: port: 19132

Application Going Lose Minimal Minimalistic Pixelmon Pixelmon Smp Pride Rui Rust Short Survival Towny Trust Whitelist

Raid Den

We are a better than vanilla private pixelmon SMP- we take pride in the community, which we have built on trust through a short but efficient application system in which the candidates are looked at with care to ensure that the server is not ruined by griefing -this allows for a minimalistic number of server plugins to keep the server as close to survival as possible. In order to apply you need to fill out a application form by either going to the website link or joining the discord then the form will be available there!

Cars Explosives Factions Gun Guns Learn Living New Items Nuclear Peace Planes Spice Survival Twist Ucl

The NuclearNoteblock

A different take on the faction style with multiple clans competing for glory or living in peace. We offer a unique twist on the faction/survival take with custom items to spice up game play including guns, planes cars, explosives and more. With new items and updates every few weeks, there is much to explore. Come chat with fellow players through discord with our unique interface that allows for discord and minecraft text to be sent to each other.