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ExperimentalSMP [Checkboard Biomes] [Custom Enchants] [1.18.2]

Welcome to ExperimentalSMP! I love Minecraft, however the standard vanilla experience is getting boring lately. SO, why not make things more interesting? That’s where ExperimentalSMP comes in. We offer a mostly vanilla experience, while at the same time using experimental world settings along with a few plugins to make the Minecraft experience a lot more interesting. Here’s some of the changes we have to offer:

Custom Enchantments

Our server uses ExcellentEnchants to add some variety in the games enchantments. There are several new enchantments for each type of gear, and even some added features such as allowing more enchantments on Elytra, as well as guaranteed enchantment spawning with villager trades.

Some of the enchantments include:

Electric (Bow): Has a chance to strike lightning where the arrow lands
Exhaust (Sword): Has a chance to inflict hunger on a landed hit
Bunny Hop (Boots): Gives permanent Jump Boost I, II, or III depending on level

Custom World
ExperiementalSMP’s main gimmick is it’s world. It uses custom code to generate a unique checkerboard pattern of every biome in the game (except end biomes) and creates a really cool effect. While some of the biomes are slightly buggy, the world generation is mostly vanilla in terms of Terrain. Not only that, but some aspects of the Nether are found in the overworld as well; Basalt Delta’s will leak into nearby caves, bastions and nether fortresses can be found all over the overworld, and Piglins and Hoglins will even sometimes found roaming caves.

Enderdragon Fight

The Enderdragon, now renamed Alduin, has been changed somewhat in terms of difficulty and rewards. Upon death, the Ender Dragon will now “drop” some valuables, such as iron, diamond, and even a piece of Ancient Debris. Not only that, but the amount of XP dropped is doubled. Finally, the Ender Dragon will naturally respawn at random intervals (for now).

Some other features we offer include:

– /tpa
– Rank-up system based on time played
– Minimal admin interference
– Discord server under construction