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LifeTake SMP

LifeTake SMP!!!
Hey everyone! I have just opened up a java Minecraft server with the lifesteal plugin! In case you do not know, the lifesteal plugin is where if you kill someone, you can steal a heart slot off them and if you get killed by someone, you lose a heart slot. If you want to make a kingdom, have battles, get overpowered, then this is the server for you! DM to JOIN! Also that that is Discord And my Discord Username is Nath07an#0822

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Menacecraft Survival Server

Build in four survival worlds (easy, normal, hard, oneblock) or creative. Join our tightknit community of young and adult players and make new friends! Players are always looking out for each other. We have an expansive spawn point, online server map (Dynmap), custom ranks, McMMO, grief protection, robust trading post, economy system, jobs to earn XP and in-game money, randomly spawning dungeons, and weekly events.

The server owners are always adding new features and expanding the game. Jump in, stake out some land, and make friends! Join us on Discord:

• Survival (multiple maps)
• Oneblock Survival
• Creative
• Dungeons
• Custom Ranks
• Dynmap
• Loot Crates
• Grief Protection
• Economy and Jobs
• Team Building
• Custom Commands

We look forward to playing with you!

Connection Address:
Server Map:
Discord: [



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Citizens of Gaming – Towny 1.17

Welcome to Citizens of Gaming! We’re a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Towny, RTP, Set Homes, economy, and more!
[+] Free Fly Time
[+] LGBTQ* Friendly
[+] McMMO
[+] Multiple Sethomes
[+] Random Teleport
[+] Towny
[+] TPA / Player Teleport
[+] Free Ranks
[+] Economy Plugins
[+] Crates
[+] Shop
[+] Daily Rewards
[+] Always adding more to make it fun for players

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This modpack was designed so everyone can enjoy Stargate like in the TV Series in their own fun and creative way. You can build ships, travel in space, travel threw stargates of course two, form your own colony, etc.. If you play on the server you can Create a team or Join at team and play with others. Far warned you will be going up against everyone and everything out their. The modpack features a skill system similar to what RLCraft offers but not as pain stalkily hard. This pack was formally SwordPacks:Stargate, but I’m personally getting bombarded with so many modpacks to manage I’m discontinuing a lot of them to focus my attention on just two. Why the name change? Well with RACraft I can actually base the stargate modpack around the Egypt God RA. Which works out considering the movie Stargate is based on RA. So just going by a name I made up and having to figure out slogans etc. with SwordPacks, renaming it RACraft made my job so much easier. This modpack is server ready, so if you wish to make a server of your own please continue below for more info. width=374

~What is Stargate~

Stargate (stylized as STARGᐰTE) is a military science fiction media franchise based on the film directed by Roland Emmerich, which he co-wrote with producer Dean Devlin. The franchise is based on the idea of an alien Einstein–Rosen bridge device (the Stargate) that enables nearly instantaneous travel across the cosmos. The franchise began with the film Stargate, released on October 28, 1994, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Carolco, which grossed US$197 million worldwide. In 1997, Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner created a television series titled Stargate SG-1 as a sequel to the film. This show was joined by Stargate Atlantis in 2004, Stargate Universe in 2009, and a prequel web series, Stargate Origins, in 2018. Also consistent with the same story are a variety of books, video games and comic books, as well as the direct-to-DVD movies Stargate: Children of the Gods, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, and Stargate: Continuum, which concluded the first television show after 10 seasons.

In 2011, Stargate Universe, the last Stargate program on television, ended its run. Brad Wright announced that there were no more plans to continue the same story in further productions. In 2016, comic publisher American Mythology acquired the rights to publish new Stargate Atlantis stories set within the established franchise canon. This was expanded in 2017 to include new Stargate Universe comics as well, resolving the cliffhanger that ended the show. The predominant story arc thus ran for more than 15 years, including 18 seasons (364 episodes) of programming, and 22 comic book issues as of January 2020. However, a variety of other media either ignore this main continuity or resets it, while maintaining essential elements that define the franchise (mainly, the inclusion of a Stargate device). These include the 2002 animated series Stargate Infinity.

~Keep Updated~

There are a few ways to keep up with RACraft they are listed as follows:

Official Discord : Join us to keep in touch with updates, chat, and just have fun

Youtube Channel : Our Official Channel to promote RACraft to the world

Official Website : Coming Soon

width=75Join us on our Multi-Player Server!
The RACraft Team has partnered with BisectHosting!

BisectHosting offers quick, simple, and high-quality server hosting with over a dozen locations available across the world, ensuring low latency. After your purchase, the server is already configured and ready to use.
Use the code “stargate” to get 25% off your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers.
We recommend that you use at least 5GB to run the pack smoothly with 5-7 players.

~Copyright Notice~

All Credit Goes to their Authors/Creators for making the content I have posted

I am not affiliated with the makers of Stargate and therefore make it clear I do not own it.

Oldschool Team Pvp Teams


MysticPVP Is a Minecraft server thriving to bring back old fashioned team pvp! Come join us on our weekened beta testing where you can get free ranks FOR THE WEEKEND for beta testing!!!

116server Anarchy Best Economy Leveling Mcmmo Needstaff Nolag Norules Number1 Oldcombat Openworld Original Pve Pvp Survival Teams Top Vanilla

Vip Anarchy [Open-World] [No Rules] [Need Staff]

Join Vip Anarchy today for the most Awesome anarchy Minecraft experience. There are no rules, limited plugins, and a endless open-world to ensure maximum fun! Bring your friends, create a band of brothers, and fight the onslaught of unknown players!

Plugin List

– CleanWarps (Warping plugin where you set your own personal warps!)
– OldCombatMechanics (Lets take the fight back to 1.8.9!)
– McMMo (Build some skills!)
– McTeams (Create a Team and set Headquarters and Rally points! Destroy all others!)

Staff List

-bennessy (Owner)
-FohWohBih (Moderator)

*Looking For More!*

Join Today @!

Amplified Amplifiedworld Faction Factions Minigames Multiplayer Multiworld Pvp Raiding Teams

CambridgeCraft (Supports 1.16!)

Experience the ultimate amplified factions experience – Experience CambridgeCraft!

Our goal with CambridgeCraft is to create the ultimate OP Amplified factions experience for everyone to enjoy. Factions is currently live and in Beta, so now is the perfect chance for you to witness a multiplayer experience unlike any other! Join now and experience Amplified Factions!
For questions or help: While on the server, run the command /ccdiscord to get a discord invite.

Thank You!

Arena Battle Best Creeps Hero Kitpvp Magic Minecraft Moba Powers Pvp Server Team Team Pvp Teams Tower Towers

MOBA {3v3} + KitPvP – Team Towers!

Welcome to Team Towers Beta! A 3v3 MOBA Style Server With KitPvp and other minigames coming!

Play Hero Based gameplay with custom skins, models, powers – The Whole Deal!
Rank up your skill level compared to other players in competative pvp!

ip: Play.TeamTowers.Xyz

Hardmode Roleplay Rules Server Small Smallserver Smp Smpserver Survival Survivalserver Teams Vanilla Whitelist

Unnamed Smp Server

The Server is a whitelisted SMP server, though we currently don’t have a name for the server we will in due time figure something out ^^

if you want to apply for the server then click this link here:
Server Application

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SFGaming | Teams | Trackers | Soup Heals + Classic Raiding

SFGaming Presents The Brand New Anarchy Team Raiding Server.

There Is No Land Claim protection , You can Make a Team and Set a HQ / Rally Point.

Both can be used as a base or farm warp. You also get 3 set home’s by default along with /TPA.

PVP And Raiding is ENABLED So Build Secretly.

The Map Size Is 15,000 x 15,000 Blocks In Each World.

Mushroom Soup Will Heal 3.5 Hearts Instantly when consumed Like Old School Minecraft / MCPVP.

This Server used TRACKERS So you can find Bases To Raid. They Are Created Out of A Diamond Block, 4 Gold Blocks & Obsidian. You Can Only Build a Tracker in The Main World, Not The Nether.

At Spawn, Try Out The /Track All Command On Top Of The Diamond Block.

Every Day You Can Get Access To /Kit PVP Which Will Have Iron Armor, Soup And A Sword.

Come Join The Community And Check Out The Other Games We Play!