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Archaic SMP

Welcome to the Archaic SMP!

The Archaic SMP is a Towny server with numerous custom features, frequent updates, and a friendly, non-toxic community! Our main goal is to provide a friendly place for people to play Minecraft together! Not only that, but we have numerous custom features which enhance the experience!
Also, feel free to check out our Discord!

Archaic SMP Feature List

  • Custom Overworld, Nether, and End generation, as well as custom structures in the Overworld and Nether! The nether also features custom monsters accompanying the structures!
  • Land claims to prevent griefing (Towny).
  • A webmapso that players can more easily locate towns near them to form alliances / join another town, and so that players can access various other features!
  • Opt-in warfare, so that disinterested players can simply go “neutral” (opt out), thereby preventing them from declaring war, but also allowing them to avoid war declarations themselves!
  • A Powerful anticheat to make sure that you can play without disturbance from hackers and other cheaters!
  • A Player-driven economy, with no server-run shop, instead relying on players to create their own shops (powered by BossShop Pro + Playershops)
  • A custom skills system (similar to MCMMO, albeit more balanced and user-friendly)!
  • Unique, balanced custom enchants with a focus on quality over quantity (received just like any other vanilla enchantment! No fancy GUIs or overcomplicated menus)
  • Frequent content updates, and near-immediate bug fix updates
  • Slimefun to encourage grinding / long-term activity and give veteran players more things to do beyond netherite!
  • Custom Crafting, allowing players to craft various unique items!
  • Streamer Benefits, ranging from twitch drops to additional permissions (/nick and such like that)
  • No Pay to Win, Premium, or any other form of donating money for in-game benefits!
  • Active and helpful staff team!

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    | Kingdoms United | Towny | 1.16.4 | Slimefun | Open Beta

    Kingdoms United is a Towny Server, we hope to see you join 😀

    Myself + My Roommate have been working on a server for roughly 2-3 months now on minecraft, we are in closed beta currently, and have decided to move to Open Beta! Nothing is subject to wipe, we just ask that bugs are reported via discord. Thanks for checking us out!

    The server is called Kingdoms United we offer/are:

    – 1.16.4 Minecraft Version

    – Towny Server (Building up settlements, and inviting other players to live within your town)

    – Resource World

    – Slimefun (Custom crafting)

    – Custom Crates

    – Custom Ranks

    – No Towny World Resets

    – Nether + End + Resource World Resets

    – Quests

    Soon to be added:

    – Dungeons (Whole map dedicated for it, in process of building.)
    – More Quests for the Dungeons World



    Creative Flatworld Jobs Lottery Mcmmosurvival Mcmmotowny Shopschestshop Slimefun Slimefunskyblock Slimefuntowny Stockmarket Survival Survivalserver Temperature Towny

    Elemental Network | Towny | Skyblock | Creative | Slimefun

    Hello there, welcome to Elemental Network! You’re looking at a new, thriving network of high quality servers!
    WIth 4 fantastic gamemodes, you can be guaranteed to not get bored anytime soon!

    **NEW** Skyblock and Ultimate Survival modes now open! Fight harsh temperatures and conditions in Ultimate Survival and build the island of your dreams on our Skyblock server!

    Our server has one of the most up to date and feature packed Towny servers on the market, featuring the newest 1.16.3 update and great plugins such as: Towny, Lottery, Chestshop, Slimefun, Jobs reborn, Auction House, Stock Exchange and the ability to run your own company! With an economy that’s not too easy but doesn’t take hours of endless grinding to get anywhere, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the experience. With many pre existing towns from our current players, you can join and help with theirs or start your own!

    Creative, a place for Minecraft’s best architects to let loose and build amazing contructions! With a custom ranking system and dedicated flatworld, build your way up the ranks to earn cool new perks!

    Ultimate Survival is our newest gamemode. We wanted to go back to basics with a simple survival server with none of the fuss of Towny or Factions, however to make it interesting we gave it a twist. Nights and Days are now both 45 minutes each, food now spoils so make yourself a farm and watch your food! Mobs are now RPG style with levels and attack abilities which are unique to their level. Harder and more challenging mining and cave exploration! Your character now has a temperature so monitor to make sure you aren’t too hot or cold! With many of these features, it is certainly a challenge, but a fun one at that!

    We hope to see you online soon for an experience you won’t forget! From our amazing servers, community to our very helpful and experienced staff, you sure won’t regret giving us a try!

    Thanks, Oswin and Kayleighh

    Apex Ask Data Earth Earthmap Helpful Link Pvptowny Realistic Shop Slime Slimefun Slimefuntowny Survival Towny


    Slimefun server with towny, shop, realistic Earth map, and much more!
    Server with a small but very and active and helpful community.
    Join us on discord to ask any questions you might have!!! 🙂

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    Dwarven Craft

    Dwarven Craft is a new server which focuses on unique combination of plugins, that is Slimefun and Towny! The server is very fresh so we expect to find a lot of glitches, and breaks in our plugin configuration, but we hope you join us on this adventure, as either a Dwarf, or a staff 😀

    Barrels Buycraft Chestshops Customenchants Cyt Discord Donorranks Dropparty Dungeons Dungeonsbosses Economy Envoys Events Exoticgarden Forums Ingameranks Jobs Jobstowny Lockedchests Mcmmo Mcmmotowny Mypet Mypets Mythicdrops Mythicmobs React Slimefun Slimefuntowny Slimexpansion Store Supplydrops Survival Towny Townyeconomy Townypve Townypvp Townyserver Townysurvival Trading Voteparty

    CraftYourTown | Towny | Jobs | mcMMO | Slimefun | Dungeons

    CraftYourTown – The most advanced Towny Server

    What makes us unique you ask?

    • Tons of Custom Items

    • Heavily Optimized (20 TPS)

    • Challenging Dungeons

    • Economy (fully player-based)

    • Events on a regular basis

    • Custom Barrels

    • Custom Player Shops

    • Re-coded Slimefun (No lag/bugs)

    • Envoys (Crate Drops) per hour

    • Custom Banks

    • Quests (Basic and In-depth to suit you)

    • Lucky Blocks

    • Jobs (well balanced!)

    • + Much more!

    Why join us instead of another server?

    We’ve been around for 3 years, we know exactly what we’re doing. We do
    huge monthly content updates to keep things fresh and exciting. CYT has
    gone under extreme situations and has always managed to pull through.
    It’s destined to succeed.

    Links – IP Address – Forums – Discord – Twitter