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Elemental Network | Towny | Skyblock | Creative | Slimefun

Hello there, welcome to Elemental Network! You’re looking at a new, thriving network of high quality servers!
WIth 4 fantastic gamemodes, you can be guaranteed to not get bored anytime soon!

**NEW** Skyblock and Ultimate Survival modes now open! Fight harsh temperatures and conditions in Ultimate Survival and build the island of your dreams on our Skyblock server!

Our server has one of the most up to date and feature packed Towny servers on the market, featuring the newest 1.16.3 update and great plugins such as: Towny, Lottery, Chestshop, Slimefun, Jobs reborn, Auction House, Stock Exchange and the ability to run your own company! With an economy that’s not too easy but doesn’t take hours of endless grinding to get anywhere, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the experience. With many pre existing towns from our current players, you can join and help with theirs or start your own!

Creative, a place for Minecraft’s best architects to let loose and build amazing contructions! With a custom ranking system and dedicated flatworld, build your way up the ranks to earn cool new perks!

Ultimate Survival is our newest gamemode. We wanted to go back to basics with a simple survival server with none of the fuss of Towny or Factions, however to make it interesting we gave it a twist. Nights and Days are now both 45 minutes each, food now spoils so make yourself a farm and watch your food! Mobs are now RPG style with levels and attack abilities which are unique to their level. Harder and more challenging mining and cave exploration! Your character now has a temperature so monitor to make sure you aren’t too hot or cold! With many of these features, it is certainly a challenge, but a fun one at that!

We hope to see you online soon for an experience you won’t forget! From our amazing servers, community to our very helpful and experienced staff, you sure won’t regret giving us a try!

Thanks, Oswin and Kayleighh

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Slime Girls Minecraft Server

It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person.

They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw she can barely move. Patches of slime gather above her naked chest. Her heart stops and then she starts. This is like the different sensations she had in her “Minecraft dungeon” that she was alive and now an adult. The sensation of finally being naked and true. A refreshing sense of liberation. The pleasure is something her brain cannot fathom. A pleasure so intense that it is almost unbearable.

Slimes taming a bunny monster girl inside the villagers jail in Minecraft.

Bunny girl likes having slimes around when her toiletries need to be cleaned up. They want to clean off her soft cotton panties and holes so she lets them slither around her hands before they do so. She probably hates the fact that they are slippery and pucker her hands around, but it feels great! That is, until she smells them and they have to be washed. She can’t get enough of slimes. They are so dirty and slimy, but she doesn’t mind it. She loved to get to clean off the slime off her mouth! The carrots add even more magic to the futa transformation.

Slimes successfully tamed a bunny.

Slime girls are different from regular girls in boob size, pussy color, and/or breast development.

But boobs do not mean that a slut is a slut, but it does mean that a girl who is smaller than average is less likely to be part of a community. However, if there are exceptions to this rule, we’ll need to find them. (i.e., fat girls who still support the lifestyle of having sexual relations and we have not yet identified an example of a fat slut!)

Furthermore, not all fat girls are big breasted. Other things besides boobs can indicate a fat girl’s power, especially the ability to manipulate men in various ways. But no matter how many other traits these girls might have, large breasts are still slimes favorite.

Slime monster girl and Alex playing with each other in Minecraft.

Some girls pretend to be real but ive seen a lot of girls who look pretty but act bad as if they are fake. I felt this really affected me, I was able to save some girls from shifting into slimes a while ago but honestly it makes me not want to give up just because it’s difficult, as the slimes are getting more active they make me harder and harder, this is sad. She even forced my hand to touch her big bazoongas and had no shame like she had something on her mind.

Steve touching slime girl on a Minecraft server.
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RealmportalMC (Vanilla 1.15.2) / Modded Minecraft
Is looking for new members who want to be part of a welcoming and
friendly community. 24/7 Server. Dedicated machine. Minimal lag.

We offer several game types on the network. Creative, Survival, Skyblock,
Minigames, CivsRPG, And possibly more in the future. We try to not reset
worlds too often. We are stable and don’t plan on going away any time

The Game Types:

3 256 by 256 plots. Nearly unrestricted worldedit and voxelsniper
(including brushes and copy/paste). custom skulls, an armor stand editor
and various other utilities.

Due to recent poll results, the Survival server will likley be reset
for the 1.16 update. However, We are looking for community feedback on
which types of mechanics should be added.

Skyblock on RealmportalMC is heavily centered around Slimefun; which
adds many new features to the game, from New Weapons and Items to
jetpacks and nulcear reactors.

Realmportal has some of the standard games you may see on other
minigame servers such as bedwars and Paintball, but we also have some
more unique games such as our snowball fight with grappling hooks.

Brings town based survival to a whole new level.
Survival/Economy/Towns/RPGMMO Plus a touch of Factions all in one. Build
structures to perform automatic tasks, Explore and collect new items,
fight custom monsters, choose your government type and work together to
run your town the way you want to. Choose from different classes each of
which have unique abilities. Bringing friends will help you succeed, as
town population affects certain aspects of gameplay.

The Rules:

> PG Subject Matter / No Swearing / No NSFW (We want everyone to feel welcomed)
> No Griefing/Raiding/Stealing (We can see who was responsible and roll it back)
> Don’t Cheat (It ruins the fun for everyone)
> Don’t Harass Others (You want to be respected; so do others.)
> General Abuse (No lag machines, flooding chat, using crash exploits, etc)

Additional Information:
We like to hear feedback from the community. If you have suggestions, Please let us know.

If you have questions, or need assistance finding your way. Just ask. We will be glad
to help.

Connect at:

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Voyaci – Skyblock 1.15.2 – Jobs | MCMMO | Slimefun

Voyaci is a newly created skyblock server, we have slimefun, MCMMO and many other neat features, 24/7 uptime and easy to reach staff

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