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Barone’s Minecraft At War 2 Factions

Welcome to Minecraft At War 2!
This is a faction based pvp modded server with the world war 2 functions and tatics, it features from guns to ships and planes it also has barricades and concertina along with a lot of ambientation in the custom resourcepack this server is the best try to bring you back to the days of Scotteh Boeh HaG minecraft factions and TheMCJarhead’s FoB series, so pick your gun and give a try at this war between nations of all over the world of minecraft.
You can exchange survival normal items such as stone or dirt for money and then buy weapons and resources to make your faction HQ bigger and stronger to destroy the enemy!

Atention: The modpack can be downloaded at those links and platforms:
my own launcher found in our discord:
MaW 2 Discord Server
and a manual instalation download which can be found on discord too.