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Sphinx | Origins | Proxy-Chat | BetterEnd | Plus13



Hello there stranger! I’m Fox, one of the two owners of Sphinx.
Underneath this message you can read a few facts about the server and decide if it sounds like something for you, and if it does, please use the Discord link below!
  • The player base is mostly between 15 to 21.
  • Our staff team is fantastic and fair.
  • This isn’t a lore server, however, we do encourage player lore.
  • If joining; you’re required to be able to use voice-chats.
  • The server uses proximity-voice chat in-game.
  • We’re 100% LBGTQ+ friendly.
  • Anyone is welcome; furries, cosplayers, DreamSMP fans, extreme FNAF fans, and so on. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, and so on will not be tolerated on the server.

    Welcome From the whole staff team of Sphinx!

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    MegaModsSMP (origins) Discord Server Official

    Welcome to MegaModsSMP.

    This server is a server i created because of how much i enjoy minecraft and especially these mods (which are stated in the discord server)

    The owners username is 4XLS and i hope for you to join the server and have fun!