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Vanarchy – True Vanilla-Anarchy Experience! [Never Resets] [Anarchy] [PVP] [Survival]

Welcome to Vanarchy!
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Vanarchy is a new Minecraft community focusing completely on gameplay fairness and absolutely no pay-to-win mechanics. We take pride in running the latest Minecraft version alongside a Vanilla Anarchy experience.

The Vanilla Anarchy experience is unique in providing players with an anarchic environment with the safety and comfort of not playing alongside hackers, game-breaking exploits, dupes, or server-killing lag machines. Play the game as intended and have your own player-run economy while not having to worry about any game-altering plugins or mechanics such as teleportation and/or player-homes.

Our staff team is kept small to ensure the least human moderation possible. Meaning Vanarchy’s staff team will only interfere when needed to take care of any hackers and/or exploit users.