Blocks Button Cod Etho Fortress Iece Infinite Laim Near Ortal Pie Piece Portal Sethome Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server

/ sethome – infinitely
/ rg claim – 15 pieces of 15’000’000 blocks each
The portal to hell is always in a clean place with a fortress nearby.

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Back Cheat Cheating Fresh Gameplay Heat Hosted Mc Server Minimal Minimalistic Paid Powerful Pve Setup Survival

Nub MC Server

PVE Survival / No Cheating / Completely Free / No Spam / Mature

Old server brought back with a fresh map and new minimalistic plugin setup. Hosted on powerful and dedicated hardware that are already paid thus allowing for the free gameplay for everyone.

Users can easily protect their builds from griefing without the need for server staff.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Autorank Clearlag Combatlog Euro Europe European Factions Free Healthbar Noble Plugins Ranks Silkspawner Silkspawners


Were a new server and we wanna make an amazing community.

Healthbar, Vault, Silkspawners, Clearlag, mcMMO, Essentials, floAuction, Jobs, Cratereloaded, Factions, Autorank and Combatlog.

Autorank Ranks:
VIP: After 25 hours
Premium: After 50 hours
Noble: After 75 hours
Loyal: After 100 hours
Guard: After 150 hours

These 5 ranks are free and each rank gets their own kit.

Belgie Bus Dev Development Nen Offline Pixelmon Pixelmon Server Short Skyblock Skywars Skywars Server Survival Village Villager


Welkom op VillagerCity, de leukste server van Belgiƫ!
Joinen is volledig vrij, kom eens kijken, en misschien vindt het je er wel leuk!

Kingdom server: Online – Open to join
Survival server: Online – Busy in building
SkyWars server: Online – Open to join
SkyBlock server: Sometimes online – In development
Pixelmon server: Offline – will come online shortly

Address Cheap Disney Disneycraft Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Economy Minecraft Events Minecraft Marriages Minecraft Survival No Launcher Pvp Russian Minecraft

Disneycraft [1.8-1.16] Minecraft server


Friend! You got to the address!
With us you can get a charge of good mood!
We have:
————————————————– —
8.Cheap Donut
9.Good and responsive administration
————————————————– —-
What are you waiting for? Come on instantly to the server!
IP (1.8-1.16)

2.11 Citizens Construction Default Details Economy Etho Method Oce Pmc Pvp Roleplay Shopkeeper Shopkeepers Switch


Player will be able to choose jobs such as shopkeeper, supplier, mayor, or citizen (default).

Mayors: Can start towns. Must advertise and govern effectively in order to increase number of residents (Citizens, Shopkeepers, Suppliers). Must have knowledge of world-guard plugin commands for claiming town as well as setting up shops and homes to rent out to player residents. Must build their own town. May hire Construction players to help with building process. Mayors may expand town size multiple times for a fee. A mayor may not be inactive for more than 10 days in a row – results in a demotion (method for obtaining a replacement mayor has not yet been determined) Mayors may also switch jobs, but must pay a fine determined by the number of residents in their town. (The exact details on the fine have not yet been determined)

Actually Chat Easy Experienced Fun Kill Lux Medium Navi Pire Prison Red Talk Tea Tracker

Kill Tracker Luxury Prison

– Inspired by your everyday Prison servers, but a lot MORE.
– Medium sized server, its possible to actually talk to people instead of everyone spamming the chat so you cant be seen
– Easy to navigate
– Great for inexperienced players, Great for pros
– Join now for hours of fun.

Admin Builds Construction Control Discord Donate Hide and Seek Mcd Minecraft Hunger Games Minecraft Parkour Minecraft Spleef Mob Arena Rol Tga TNT Run

ArtGame 3.0 Minecraft Server

Description of the server Each player has his own world in which he builds.
Other players may come to the running worlds.
The administrator of the world can control the construction. Each player has his own world in which he builds.
Other players may come to the running worlds.
The administrator of the world can control the construction.

Axe Cheap Crate Donator Dropparties Economy Kens Pickaxe Prison Pvp Roleplay Starting Tok Token Tokens


BrickPrison is a really cool Prison server with allot of custom plugins.
Things that brickprison got:
– Tokens
– Crates
– Cheap donator rank (Starting from $1.50)
– OP mines (Best is 200Trillion a inv)
– TO OP Kits (5k pickaxes)
– Fortune on blocks
– 35 ranks +
– Good pvp
– OP Dropparties
we will hope to see you on there!

1.7 1.8 2.11 Dutch Eng English Friend Plugins Reward Rewards Riendly Sever Shops Survival Vote


This is a 1.8.x survival server with vote rewards, several plugins, a shop, friendly staff, English and Dutch